Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia

The most carefully landscaped tourist area in Tunisia, Yasmine Hammamet stretches for 6 km south of the city of Hammamet. Everything here is subordinated to the needs of tourists, and everything is designed for an ideal, complete and carefree holiday. There are no residential areas, but in the vicinity of any hotel there are a lot of souvenir and grocery stores, cafes, restaurants and discos. In Yasmine Hammamet, you can walk along the sea along a 1.5-kilometer promenade generously lined with fluffy Mediterranean vegetation, visit the largest amusement park in the country, dine on seafood on the street of restaurants in the port of pleasure yachts, and ride in an open carriage-kalesh. And of course, treat yourself to thalassotherapy treatments in one of the many marine spas.

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How to navigate

Yasmine Hammamet is the southernmost district of the resort area of ​​the city of Hammamet. Although there is no clear division into separate areas in Hammamet (the hotels lined up one after another along the coastline), the beginning of Yasmine is considered to be the marina – the yacht port. If you go to the seashore in Yasmine Hammamet, on the left, the Hammamet Bay will curve like a crescent, ending in a cape with a medina fortress – this is an old Arab city and the residential center of Hammamet. On the right hand, the coast of Yasmine will continue, behind the Hasdrubal Thalassa 5 * hotel, turning into an uninhabited one – and so on for the next 40 km, to the recently opened Enfid Airport.


You can move around Yasmine Hammamet on foot – the distances here are small, from the marina to the last hotel – about 6 km. In addition, comfortable and wide sidewalks are available for walking.

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To move around the area, you can use the services of ordinary yellow taxis. A trip within Yasmin will cost no more than 10 TND per car. The same taxis can take you to the central and northern Hammamet and the city of Nabeul (15 km from Yasmine). Pay the fare on the meter (make sure the driver turns it on when boarding) and count on about 10-15 TND to the center of Hammamet and 20-25 TND to Nabeul.

In Yasmine Hammamet, everything is subordinated to the needs of tourists, and everything is designed for an ideal, complete and carefree holiday.

A very convenient and inexpensive way to travel between Yasmine, the center of Hammamet and Nabeul is the white and red buses of the SRTGN municipal company. Buses-“accordions” of route No. 115 run every half hour from 7 am to 1:30 am in summer and until 22:00 in winter. Travel time from end to end of the route is 45 minutes (fare 2 TND), from Yasmin to the center – 25 minutes. Landing – at the back door, here you pay the fare to the conductor (you need to name the destination), exit – through the front. Nimble minibuses of route No. 120 run once an hour from 8:15 to 22:15 in summer and until 19:15 in winter (departure from destinations at a quarter of every hour). They are a little more expensive – 3 TND from Yasmine to the city center of Hammamet. You can find out the exact timetable and see other routes atSRTGN website.

You can also drive around Yasmine Hammamet and beyond on open calèche carts drawn by a pair of horses (12-14 TND per circle; you need to agree in advance), tourist trains and tuk-tuks (5 TND from Yasmine to center; the cost also needs to be discussed upon boarding).

The prices on the page are for September 2022.

Entertainment and attractions of Yasmine Hammamet

The tourist medina of Yasmine Hammamet is a complex of buildings, covered markets, stylized houses and mosques, every corner of which is “copied” from some Tunisian landmark – for example, the Black Gate of Mahdia or the Sidi Bou Said Cafe “On the Mats”. There is a lot of entertainment here, from shops, restaurants and cafes to painting hands and feet with harkus (traditional black pigment) and taking pictures with a live fennec fox. There is also a casino on site. Among other things, you can live in this fairy tale: the two-story buildings of the Diar Lemdina hotel are scattered along the streets of the medina.

In summer, the Yasmina medina is open until late at night – do not miss the opportunity to walk along the beautifully lit streets.

Amusement park

Carthage Land is located side by side with the tourist medina (the entrance to it is marked by sculptures of elephants with soldiers from Hannibal’s army) and consists of three thematic zones. The first includes 20 attractions for children and adults, from going down in a fragile boat on a stormy river to wandering in the labyrinths of a lost city. The second zone is given over to the power of water entertainment, this is the Aqua Land park. Well, the little ones will be delighted with the Ali Baba park: a children’s labyrinth, horses, trains and cars. On the opposite side of the entrance to Carthage Land, there is an attraction dedicated to the life and exploits of the pirate Hayreddin Barbarossa – a boat trip along an underground river, on the banks of which the main milestones of a pirate’s life are very realistically presented. The local sculptors especially succeeded in grimacing those dying in an unequal struggle with Barbarossa.

Entrance fees to Carthage Land depend on height (below or above 1m 30cm) and the number of zones visited. Three zones (Carthage Land, Ali Baba and Medina Voyage) will cost 36 TND and 29 TND respectively, and separately Aqua Land – 29 TND.

For adults, an introductory Medina Voyage program is offered, which includes a visit to the Crossroads of Religions and Civilizations Museum, an attraction about Barbarossa, the Thousand and One Nights Palace (the world of Arab fairy tales), and the Tunisian Odyssey, a light and music performance about the history of Tunisia.

On the territory of the tourist medina, although it is tourist-oriented, but the real traditional hammam Hammams of Medina Mediterranea is located – with red-green striped columns, straw mats and low benches in the cold hall, high vaulted ceilings and marble tables in the hall with warm and real steam from vats of water boiling under the floor in the steam room. The staff is helpful and will wash with knowledge of the matter. There are also various body wraps and massages.

For ice fans, there is a Blue Ice skating rink in the building of the Karthago Hotel – nothing outstanding, but the ice is real. You can rent skates.

Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia