Yalongwan and Yabuli, China

Yalong Wan – a crescent-shaped bay 25 kilometers from Sanya – the focus of five-star hotels, a place conducive to a luxurious vacation (however, here you can find housing at more affordable prices). The climate of Yalunwan, located in the same latitudes as Hawaii, provides vacationers with an average annual temperature of +26 ° C, and at least 7 hours of sun every day.

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How to get there

From Phoenix International Airport, located 35 kilometers from Yalongwan, a taxi ride will take less than an hour and will cost 100-150 CNY.

From Sanya, you can get to Yalunvan by bus in forty minutes and 5 CNY, or by taxi in half an hour and 60-70 CNY.

The beaches of Yalunvan

The beaches of Yalongwan, seven kilometers long, are rightly considered the best on Hainan Island – white quartz sand, a wide coastal strip (50-60 meters) and surprisingly clear water of a calm sea. The beach is surrounded by mangroves and shady palm trees. Five islands located opposite the shore protect bathers from changing currents. The southern edge of the bay rests on the picturesque rocks, on which sea birds nest.

The beach is so large that it does not seem crowded even with all its popularity. High water transparency (visibility reaches 8-15 meters) and a coral reef located near the bay make Yalunvan an ideal place for snorkeling and diving.

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Cuisine and restaurants

Yalongwan’s numerous restaurants offer local and international culinary delights. You will find Vietnamese, Thai, Korean and Japanese restaurants in the first and second line hotels, and many new restaurants are located in the shopping area. True, the situation obliges, and prices in Yalunvan are higher than in Sanya.

Every day, fishermen supply the restaurants and eateries of Yalongwan with a fresh catch of crabs, lobsters, shrimp and lobster fish. Only live fish is valued, which, in front of you, will be cooked in a hot frying pan in just ten minutes.

Excursions, activities and sights of Yalunvan

The main attraction of the resort is the Central Square, decorated with a 27-meter column, many sculptures and fountains. The square houses the Seashell Museum, the first and largest in China. Once here, you will feel like you are in the depths of the world’s oceans. High-class equipment demonstrates amazing inhabitants of the deep sea to visitors. In the museum building there are many shops selling original souvenirs.

On the waters of Yalunvan Bay, you can take a boat trip on a submarine, during which you will get acquainted with the bewitching and mysterious world of coral reefs and its inhabitants.

Butterfly Gorge is a picturesque park where butterflies flutter among tropical vegetation and land on visitors. Here, in their natural environment, more than two thousand species live, among which Teinopalpus golden and Butanitis are considered the most beautiful.

As befits a high-class resort, Yalunvan offers tourists tennis courts, a golf course, swimming pools in every hotel, fishing, diving and nightly entertainment programs. In the theater hall of the Universal Resort Hotel, you can watch a musical show directed by Shen Chen, director of the Beijing Olympics events. The enchanting performance “Phoenix” is a fusion of music, dance, light and amazing costumes.

The resort’s nightlife is concentrated in bars, music parlors or around the pools of luxury hotels, tourists go to Sanya for a more dynamic experience.

Yabuli, China

The Yabuli mountain range has been praised by Chinese poets since ancient times. Monks went here to purify their souls, and here, next to the enlightened monks, members of the imperial family and the Manchu aristocracy had fun hunting. Today, many Chinese ski and snowboard enthusiasts come to these places to spend a weekend or a whole vacation.

Yabuli is the first in China and the largest in Asia, a well-equipped ski resort with modern infrastructure, built in 1996 to international standards for the Third Winter Games of the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, the ski base and the recreation area adjacent to it are divided into two parts: the ski resort itself and the venue for sports competitions. With favorable weather, the season in Yabuli lasts from November 20 to March 20. The ski complex of the resort has marked trails with a total length of about 30 km and off-piste slopes.

Yabuli looks very original: almost all of its hotels, cottages and hostels are stylized as windmills from different countries and eras.

Tracks of Yabuli

The resort boasts 15 pistes ranging in length from 1000 to 5000 meters of difficult, intermediate and beginner levels – plus another cross-country track. The sports venue includes nine downhill runs, seven cross-country ski runs and six lifts – one suspended cabin for six people and five “chairs” with wind protection. There are also jumping and freestyle jumps.

On Yabuli, among other things, there is also the longest alpine route in Asia – as much as 5 kilometers. Well, the local summer toboggan run is generally the longest in the whole world. Coming from the top of the mountain, it has a length of 2680 m and 48 turns.

Prices vary depending on the number of hours and the difficulty of the route. So for two hours, resort guests will need to pay 140 CNY. If you decide to conquer high mountains, the price for two days will be 900 CNY. It is also worth considering other expenses in advance, including ski rental or instructor services. Sports equipment rental – 80 CNY per day.

Entertainment and attractions of Yabuli

Two restaurants (including Chinese cuisine), bar, night club, disco. You can practice mini-golf, tennis, ride horses and dogs. For the comprehensive relaxation of dear guests, the resort has a sauna, massage, bowling, billiard room, game room and shooting range.

Yabuli, China