Wow! Pockets with Wau Effect

A lot of charm, dignity and intelligence, balanced, cheerful and lively. ” This is the official character description for Pugs. Many have come to this dog: Emperor from China, Joséphine de Beauharnais (wife of Emperor Napoleon), Jackie Kennedy, Karl Lagerfeld and designer colleague Valentino and Patricia Riekel (editor Burda Style Group and editor-in-chief Bunte) and and and…

Even years ago, the Munich PR-Grand Dame Uschi Ackermann has fallen in love with her little round head. Your Sir Henry is now something of a media star, has even launched its own website, an aid organization for sick and endangered Dogs, a book written – er… paws – A nursing line for his brothers and sisters brought to market. And now also a handbag made of leather collection. I especially find the shopper with Sir Henry looking over the bottom, looking and extremely tragenswert.
A proverb says: A dog is a heart on four legs. And we can now also hang on.
Would you like to be in the summer with a bag like this? Pugs definitely seem to have a great fashion-interested fan community because there are t-shirts, slippers and underwear and even stockings with the cute motif. Animals are just beastly announced: Kenzo first grabbed the tiger on shoes and sweatshirts (and then the eyes), everywhere we encounter animal prints and now also pugs.
We proudly introduce:Sir Henry. So stylish you can lead a pug walk
The shopper Variant. My favourite! In the bag, by the way, there is a smaller pocket with shoulder straps, which you can easily button out. See here:… and this is the original: Sir Henry with mistress Uschi Ackermann