With These Beauty Tricks You Look All Week Radiantly Beautiful

You have very little time during the week for your beauty rituals, want to come but still bright fresh? With these six tips you look the top all week.

The weekend and especially the Sunday are there to relax and rest. The delivery service what order delicious, turn on Netflix and the legs on the couch set-perfect. But wait! There can be a but a little beauty-spa day. We show you five small beauty tricks and tips, from which her all week something from you!

1) Peeling For The Glow

Once on the weekend you should rub off the dead skin cells with a scrub. A gentle enzyme Peel suitable Fürs face. So the skin is beautiful and the makeup is better during the week.

2.) Intensive Treatment For Hair

Just when the cold temperatures and dry air, our hair need a little more care. An intensive treatment that we shampooing after kneading in the hair, repairs and protects against split ends. And hair builds up so that it shines throughout the week and look healthy.

3.) Self-Tanner For The Fresh Look

Also a round because we interact with on Sunday already the hair with an intensive treatment, we can apply self-Tanner in waiting. Previously beautiful Peel (have we already according to point 1), so that the skin is also butter-tender. The self-Tanner is applied once fine clean, we have a delicate complexion well the whole week afterwards.

4.) Defined Eyebrows For The Perfect Expression

Even if currently dense and bushy eyebrows are mega said: A little form needs each brow and so she should be plucked once a week in the form of. Very easily, the eyebrows can be pluck after taking a shower, because the pores are open.

5.) Manicure Manicured Nails

Gel coatings (such as Essie) up to 7 days-keep assuming it takes a little time when applying. Two thin layers of paint on the fat-free (!) Nail brush and then a topcoat over it. 15 minutes the series on Netflix relaxed track and already the nails holding the whole week. There are indeed not so fast the scratches in a nude colored paint.

6) Mask For The Jets Complexion

A mask once per week simply good for the skin and helps maintain a radiant complexion. New trendy are sheet-masks, which places her like a second skin on your face and get off after approximately 15 minutes. Who requires more moisture: for the overnight masks are the proper care. They are so designed that they should be applied only once per week and the skin supple feels good the rest of the week. Here you can read through once again about the trick, as it looks better in the morning, you.