Windows Phone 8.1-Apps Are Updated Automatically

With Windows Phone 8.1 comes a much sought after feature: Automatically updating apps.

Windows Phone 8.1 is still only available to developers enrolled in Microsoft’s developer program, but one of the new things we have observed at the review of the system, is the automatic update of apps.

In Windows Phone 8 and earlier showed a small number of Large-sliding valve, how many apps that needed updating. By pressing the Large, was presented with the apps that need updating, and subsequently asked for more pressure to approve the rights.

That is not the case in Windows Phone 8.1-Here is updated automatically by default all apps. If you do not want this automatic update, it can be disabled in Settings in the Store.

When apps have been updated, you will be made aware of the performance, with a message in the Action Center, where the number of updated apps appear. If you press the message in the Action Center sent it on to the historical information about updates in the Store.

Microsoft must have high praise for implementing automatic updating in Windows Phone 8.1 – It may not sound like much, but it has removed a small nuisance in everyday life.


Windows Phone Apps Update

Windows Phone Apps Update