Westwing Guide to Murano Table Lamp

Westwing Guide to Murano Table Lamp

The lamp offers warm and intimate lighting. The lamp of murano is indicated for all the environments of the house that need a sophisticated and exuberant project. Murano is an Italian city that became highly known for its artisan craftsmanship made with glass in a detailed and very beautiful way.The piece brings this feature, with the bright and highly sophisticated base, leaving every space in the house flawless.

Westwing Guide to Murano Table Lamp

Be it romantic or contemporary, the lamp of murano can raise the quality of the décor without leaving aside a quality light. Check out the inspirations Westwing has put together and make your home a true decorating experience!

Murano Table Lamp: Featured Sophistication

The details make all the difference in a decorating project. Well-lit spaces that offer warmth need well-worked elements that harmonize with the furnishings of the environment. For you to achieve a sophisticated and elegant result, the murano lamp is a great option following hetongdiy.

The lamp of murano is a delicate and refined item. Its base is made of glass or crystal, with curved shapes and full of lush details. Colorful, milky or sparkling, it can bring a unique beauty to the surroundings in a balanced way.

The advantage of murano lampshade is that it can be used in various decoration styles in a very harmonious way. This is because its curves and details are discreet and offer bespoke beauty.

The table models are able to combine with elements of wood, metal and even acrylic, offering ideal charm for each type of environment.

Decoration With Murano Table Lamp

Because it is a unique element, the lamp of murano can be used in several environments. The room where the lamp is most used is the bedroom, where the object offers comfort for the moments of reading before bed. Leave the lamp on the bedside table and opt for a base of the same color chart of the furniture to accompany the decoration.

In the room, the tip is to combine with other objects also made in murano, like the chandeliers. Among the high colors are blue, black and chrome, such as silver and gold. The lamp shade can be placed under the side table or side table to create a very intimate lighting effect, ideal for lighting at night and creating an atmosphere of relaxation.

The tip for choosing the right color is to think about how you want it to stand out: whether it matches the other furniture or make it a highlight in the décor. Check out more Westwing tips and get inspired!

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