West Virginia Area Codes

West Virginia is one of the 50 American states. Located in the central-eastern region of the country, it is limited to Pennsylvania to the north, Ohio to the north and west, Kentucky to the west, Maryland to the north and east, and Virginia to the east and south. Until 1863, the region of present-day West Virginia made up the State of Virginia. The separation occurred during the American Civil War, when the pro-abolitionists separated and founded the new state.

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Virtually all of West Virginia is marked by the presence of mountainous regions, since the state is fully inserted in the Appalachian Mountains. The humid subtropical climate is predominant, with average temperatures of 22ºC in summer and 1ºC in winter.

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West Virginia has the second lowest per capita income in the United States. The provision of community and personal services, commerce, the manufacture of chemical products and agriculture are the main sources of income for the State. Its capital and largest city is Charleston.

Map of Area Codes in West Virginia

Area Code Map of West Virginia

West Virginia consists of the following area codes. Click on the area code to show the cities in that area code.

West Virginia Area Codes by County

The area code of 304 is used in the following 55 counties:

  1. Barbour, WV
  2. Berkeley, WV
  3. Boone, WV
  4. Braxton, WV
  5. Brooke, WV
  6. Cabell, WV
  7. Calhoun, WV
  8. Clay, WV
  9. Doddridge, WV
  10. Fayette, WV
  11. Gilmer, WV
  12. Grant, WV
  13. Greenbrier, WV
  14. Hampshire, WV
  15. Hancock, WV
  16. Hardy, WV
  17. Harrison, WV
  18. Jackson, WV
  19. Jefferson, WV
  20. Kanawha, WV
  21. Lewis, WV
  22. Lincoln, WV
  23. Logan, WV
  24. Marion, WV
  25. Marshall, WV
  26. Mason, WV
  27. Mcdowell, WV
  28. Mercer, WV
  29. Mineral, WV
  30. Mingo, WV
  31. Monongalia, WV
  32. Monroe, WV
  33. Morgan, WV
  34. Nicholas, WV
  35. Ohio, WV
  36. Pendleton, WV
  37. Pleasants, WV
  38. Pocahontas, WV
  39. Preston, WV
  40. Putnam, WV
  41. Raleigh, WV
  42. Randolph, WV
  43. Ritchie, WV
  44. Roane, WV
  45. Summers, WV
  46. Taylor, WV
  47. Tucker, WV
  48. Tyler, WV
  49. Upshur, WV
  50. Wayne, WV
  51. Webster, WV
  52. Wetzel, WV
  53. Wirt, WV
  54. Wood, WV
  55. Wyoming, WV

The area code of 681 is used in the following 50 counties:

  1. Berkeley, WV
  2. Boone, WV
  3. Braxton, WV
  4. Brooke, WV
  5. Cabell, WV
  6. Calhoun, WV
  7. Clay, WV
  8. Doddridge, WV
  9. Fayette, WV
  10. Gilmer, WV
  11. Grant, WV
  12. Greenbrier, WV
  13. Hampshire, WV
  14. Hancock, WV
  15. Hardy, WV
  16. Harrison, WV
  17. Jackson, WV
  18. Jefferson, WV
  19. Kanawha, WV
  20. Lewis, WV
  21. Lincoln, WV
  22. Logan, WV
  23. Marion, WV
  24. Marshall, WV
  25. Mason, WV
  26. Mcdowell, WV
  27. Mercer, WV
  28. Mineral, WV
  29. Mingo, WV
  30. Monongalia, WV
  31. Monroe, WV
  32. Morgan, WV
  33. Nicholas, WV
  34. Ohio, WV
  35. Pleasants, WV
  36. Pocahontas, WV
  37. Preston, WV
  38. Putnam, WV
  39. Raleigh, WV
  40. Randolph, WV
  41. Ritchie, WV
  42. Roane, WV
  43. Taylor, WV
  44. Tucker, WV
  45. Wayne, WV
  46. Webster, WV
  47. Wetzel, WV
  48. Wirt, WV
  49. Wood, WV
  50. Wyoming, WV