Visa to Singapore

Singapore is an exotic country where many tourists dream of being. This city-state combines Asian flavor and modern architecture, ancient traditions and impressive technology, a small territory and an abundance of all kinds of entertainment and recreation.

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Russians need a visa to travel to Singapore. The exception is holders of diplomatic and service passports (provided that the trip lasts no more than 90 days). It is relatively easy to obtain a permit, and for up to 96 hours you can enter without a visa, subject to transit conditions.

Singapore Tourist Visa: General Information

Do they give multivisa? give for 5-9 weeks
Term of receipt from 7 working days
Validity limit 6 months from date of entry
  • The cost of a regular visa

30 USD

  • Express visa

from 50 USD

  • Visa fees

from 2000 RUB

Visa types

Singapore issues the following types of visas to Russians:

  • transit visa-free entry for 96 hours;
  • tourist;
  • student;
  • working;
  • business;
  • dependent – it is issued to spouses and children of business visa holders.

Visa-free transit entry

Citizens of Russia can visit Singapore on a visa-free transit entry. In this case, the trip cannot exceed 4 days, and all of the following conditions must be met:

  • the country must be crossed in transit, that is, a tourist can arrive from any other state and go to the next one within 96 hours;
  • on hand must be paid tickets to the next point with a clear date;
  • if a visa is required for the country of destination, it must be obtained in advance;
  • You can enter Singapore by any mode of transport;
  • you can leave Singapore only by plane, cruises are not considered the basis for visa-free entry;
  • The validity of the passport is 6 months from the date of departure.

Transit travelers cannot under any circumstances extend their stay in the country.

In addition, the customs officer may ask for a hotel reservation in Singapore, documents confirming the availability of funds for the trip and a certificate of employment. Especially often these papers are asked from young women (under 31 years old) who travel without a husband or parents.

Applying for a visa yourself

To obtain a visa, travelers must apply to accredited visa centers, their list can be found at the office. Embassy of Singapore website. You can submit papers in person or through an official representative for whom a power of attorney is issued.

In addition, some representatives (for example, Pony Express) offer the production of an electronic visa. In this case, all papers are sent in scanned form.

The application can be submitted no earlier than 30 days before the intended trip. It is necessary to bring the entire package of documents at once, incomplete sets will not be accepted.

Singapore visa documents

Required documents for obtaining a visa to Singapore:

  1. international passport

Valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into the country, as well as a copy of the page with biometric data and a photo;

  1. Copy of Russian passport

Copies of all completed pages are needed; when submitting documents, it is important to have the original passport with you;

  1. Questionnaire

The form can be found at website of an authorized representative, data should be entered in English, each applicant is required to personally sign the questionnaire;

  1. Photo

One photo 3.5×4.5 cm in size (see photo requirements below);

  1. Flights

Paid and confirmed round trip tickets;

  1. Booking a hotel

For the entire stay;

  1. Help from the place of work

Certificate from work with the prescribed position and salary, the seal of the organization and the signature of the head;

  1. Financial guarantees

Bank statement received no earlier than 60 days before the submission of documents. Individual entrepreneurs and LLC managers can provide an extract from the company’s current account;

  1. Marriage certificate

Necessary for spouses who travel alone, as well as people who have different surnames from their husband or wife;

  1. Visa fees

Pay in cash in rubles;

Applicants receiving a study, work or business visa must also provide documents confirming the purpose of the trip (invitation from the university, work contract, etc.). Tourists under 31 years of age traveling on their own must attach an approximate budget for the trip, the program of stay in the country and a signed copy of the application for granted leave. When submitting documents, you must sign an agreement on the processing of personal data.

It is recommended to take out medical insurance, you can do it online. Despite the fact that the policy is not included in the mandatory list of documents, in case of health problems, treatment can be very expensive.

After the decision to issue a visa is made, the applicant will receive a response to the e-mail. The visa must be printed and presented at passport control.

Visa processing for children

A separate package of documents must be submitted for each minor, even if the child is entered in the parent’s passport. In addition to the above, you will need to provide a birth certificate and permission to leave the child.

According to the Singapore border crossing rules, children can travel with one of the parents without written permission from the second, but if the accompanying person is a third party, then this document will be required. However, the rules for leaving Russia are different: a child traveling only with mom or dad must obtain permission from the second parent, a young tourist leaving with other adults must receive permission from both. If one of the parents has died or is deprived of rights, then the permission is given by the remaining one.

Photo Requirements

When submitting documents, you must provide one matte color photograph 3.5×4.5 cm in size without a frame, taken on a white background. The photo must be fresh – no more than 3 months. Facial features should be clearly visible, the color of the skin, hair and eyes, according to the rules, is fully consistent with reality. It is desirable that the ears are open.

Any jewelry that covers parts of the face, as well as hats, is prohibited. You can leave only those worn for religious reasons, but on condition that they do not interfere with the identification of the individual. Eyeglasses can be worn if they do not cover the eyes. There should be no other people or objects in the frame.

The length of the head from chin to crown is approximately 30 mm (70-80% of the area). The photo is taken from the front, the gaze is directed to the camera, there is no smile.

Consular fee – 30 USD

When submitting documents, you must pay a consular fee – an amount equivalent to 30 USD. Money is paid in cash in rubles. Some accredited companies allow credit card payment on site. In addition, most authorized representatives charge a service fee (2000 RUB per application). In case of refusal of a visa, fees are non-refundable. The prices on the page are for October 2022.

Visa processing and validity periods

The standard visa processing time is 7 business days. In some cases, this time is extended, so you need to apply in advance, but not earlier than a month before the trip.

Multiple entry visas are issued for 5-9 weeks. However, you can stay in the country continuously for no more than 30 days. At the entrance to the passport they put a stamp with the date, you need to leave Singapore no later than a month later.

Visa to Singapore