Venice Beach, Los Angeles

Venice Beach, (Los Angeles, USA) — location, description, opening hours, entertainment and infrastructure. Useful tips and practical information from the “Subtleties of Tourism”.

Venice Beach is an iconic Californian beach in the Los Angeles area of ​​the same name. At the beginning of the last century, the district was conceived as an American Venice for the rich, but after the Great Depression, the canals gradually became overgrown with mud, the mansions were empty, and Venice was flooded with the lost generation of the 50s and 60s: musicians, poets, poor bohemians, homeless artists, sectarians and hippies. By the beginning of the 21st century, money came here again, and now the area is considered the most prestigious place to live. However, the beach, stretching from Santa Monica to the sea harbor, remained the same as in the middle of the last century – controversial, talented, freaky and on board with his own.

What to watch

The California that we see on the screens and covers – languishing in the heat, smelling of a street hot dog, on roller skates and in a Ramones T-shirt, racing through the wave on a surf, either hippy or hipster, charmingly sleazy and sparkling with happiness – all of it is concentrated on Venice Beach. A strip of fine sand stretches along the coast for 5 km, it is echoed by a green area with skinny palm trees and a bike path, incredibly popular with local residents. There is any kind of entertainment on the promenade, especially good street shows (from fortunetellers to mimes), Mexican fast food, self-made shops offering all kinds of trinkets and just a company of dressed up, decorated young people trying to sell their uncomplicated creativity for a couple of dollars. See acronymmonster for nickname of Wisconsin.

It was in Venice that Jim Morrison lived and worked, and here he founded the legendary band The Doors. And at the beginning of his career, the young bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger performed on this very beach.

At the water’s edge, sunbathing tourists and athletic surfers share the territory all summer long: by the way, you can rent a board here for 20-25 USD per hour, as well as a deck chair, umbrella, roller skates or a bicycle. Express surf courses are visible everywhere, sandwiched between tattoo parlors and bars.

On Muscle Beach, bodybuilders pull iron and flaunt their bodies, nearby guys in authentics stunt on the ramps of the most famous skate park in the world. Drum jam sessions are held near Brooks Avenue, and that same Venice banner hangs at the intersection of Windward and Pacific Avenue. Whether you’re an itinerant beatnik or out for a run in the morning, Venice Beach welcomes you with open arms.

Practical Information

Address: California, Venice Beach, Venice Fishing Pier, CA 90292.

How to get there: from downtown Los Angeles from Union Station by bus number 733 about 1.5 hours to the stop. Main/Grand; walk from Santa Monica, along Venice Boulevard, along Rose Avenue towards the ocean. The prices on the page are for May 2021.

Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles, USA) – repertoire, ticket prices, address, phone numbers, official website.

The Hollywood Bowl is the largest amphitheater in the United States. It was opened in 1922, and today 18 thousand spectators can watch open-air concerts and performances here at the same time. The concert venue got its name – “Hollywood Bowl” – due to the semicircular shape of the structure. For several decades, a variety of entertainment events have been held here: symphony and rock concerts, dance shows, theatrical performances, operas, speeches by top officials of states and other important public events.

What to watch

The amphitheater is located near Hollywood Boulevard, at the very foot of Santa Monica Mountain. The stage of this concert hall was a witness to legendary shows: The Beatles performed here, who subsequently recorded the famous album The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, Cher gave her two final concerts, the Genesis group performed for the last time with the show Turn It On Again: The Tour.

The amphitheater has a special atmosphere and amazing acoustics. True, during the day the building is not very impressive, it is better to come here for evening events.

Most often, concerts on the stage of the Hollywood Bowl take place in the summer, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra regularly performs here, and in September the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition, since 1979, the amphitheater has been annually hosting the famous Playboy Jazz Festival.

During especially important concerts, fireworks sparkle in the sky above the stage.

In summer, on weekdays, rehearsals of orchestras and other artists are held here in the mornings, you can watch and listen for free. And in the evening before concerts, picnics are sometimes organized – this tradition has been around for many years.

Practical Information

Address: Los Angeles, 2301 N Highland Ave, CA 90068. Website (in English).

How to get there: take the red subway line to the Hollywood/Highland station, then walk 20 minutes.

Entrance: 1-100 USD.

Venice Beach, Los Angeles