Utah Area Codes

Utah is one of the fifty American states. Located in the Rocky Mountain State Region, it is limited to the States of Nevada to the west, Colorado to the east, Arizona to the south and Wyoming and Idaho to the north. Due to its strategic geographic position, Utah is one of the most important transportation and telecommunications centers in the western United States.

Colorado Plateau in Utah

Like many states, Utah was first colonized by the Spanish, who were not interested in the region. With the independence of Mexico, it became part of the country in 1821. After the Mexican-American War, the territory was annexed to the United States in 1848.

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The first Americans to settle in the region were Mormons, members of a religious group called Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and who still have a large presence in it. The state was created in 1850 by the American government.

The largest lake in the United States is located in Utah: the famous Great Salt Lake. Due to the fact that it does not have drains, its waters are saltier than those of the Pacific Ocean. The state still has a significant desert region and another one covered by forests. Average temperatures in the same range around 20 ºC in summer and -2 ºC in winter.

Salt Lake City is the largest financial center in the state. The main source of wealth for it is tourism; Utah’s main attractions are the various ski resorts and the Great Salt Lake. The transport and telecommunications sectors also make a significant contribution to the state’s economy.


Not far to the east of the capital of Utah – Salt Lake City, the Brighton ski resort is located in the Wasatch Range, whose snow quality is ranked among the best in the world. However, the snow is also characterized by an extraordinary quality – it is dry, light and fluffy. It thus creates a great terrain for lovers of riding in powder. You don’t even have to worry about falling here, because this kind of snow guarantees a soft landing like a duvet. There is also enough of it to last the entire winter season, which only ends in mid-April. The weather in Brighton is often beautiful and sunny, but it can turn into a blizzard in no time. There are many other famous ski resorts scattered in the mountains around Brighton, such as Alta, Park City, Deer Valley, Solitude and many others. The Brighton ski area offers slopes of all lengths and levels of difficulty, so it can satisfy both children and beginner skiers, as well as the most demanding professionals. A daily ski pass here is significantly cheaper than, for example, in the areas in California, it costs $50-70 for an adult. The season ticket is sold in the form of a card and classic turnstiles work here. Accommodation that is located close to ski terrains is also cheaper. In addition to its own accommodation facilities, several restaurants, sanitary facilities, rental shops, shops and ski equipment service as well as a ski school are available to visitors in Brighton.

Map of Area Codes in Utah

Area Code Map of Utah

Utah consists of the following area codes. Click on the area code to show the cities in that area code.

Utah Area Codes by County

The area code of 385 is used in the following 7 counties:

  1. Davis, UT
  2. Morgan, UT
  3. Salt Lake, UT
  4. Summit, UT
  5. Utah, UT
  6. Wasatch, UT
  7. Weber, UT

The area code of 435 is used in the following 24 counties:

  1. Beaver, UT
  2. Box Elder, UT
  3. Cache, UT
  4. Carbon, UT
  5. Daggett, UT
  6. Duchesne, UT
  7. Emery, UT
  8. Garfield, UT
  9. Grand, UT
  10. Iron, UT
  11. Juab, UT
  12. Kane, UT
  13. Millard, UT
  14. Piute, UT
  15. Rich, UT
  16. San Juan, UT
  17. Sanpete, UT
  18. Sevier, UT
  19. Summit, UT
  20. Tooele, UT
  21. Uintah, UT
  22. Wasatch, UT
  23. Washington, UT
  24. Wayne, UT

The area code of 801 is used in the following 7 counties:

  1. Davis, UT
  2. Juab, UT
  3. Morgan, UT
  4. Salt Lake, UT
  5. Summit, UT
  6. Utah, UT
  7. Weber, UT