US 412 in Arkansas


US 412
Get started Siloam Springs
End Brighton
Length 292 mi
Length 470 km
OklahomaSiloam Springs




Mountain Home

Ash Flat




US 412 is a US Highway in the US state of Arkansas. The road forms an east-west route through the north of the state, from the Oklahoma border at Siloam Springs, through Springdale and Paragould to the Missouri border. A significant portion of the route is double -numbered with US 62. The road is 470 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

US 412 in Oklahoma enters the state from Tulsa at the town of Siloam Springs. The road then has 2×2 lanes and runs for 40 kilometers to the town of Springdale. In Springdale, the connection with Interstate 49 first follows. Here you also cross the US 62 and US 71, which are double-numbered here. The road then enters a more mountainous area, the low Ozark Mountains. This area is quite densely forested and US 412 runs for about 100 miles through a sparsely populated area with only a few villages on the route. At Alpena, the US 412 merges with US 62, which followed a parallel but slightly more northerly route via Rogers. The road has 2×2 lanes from here and is in an area quite far from other main roads. From Bear Creek Springs the road is also double numbered for 20 kilometers with US 65.

One then passes through the town of Harrison, one of the larger towns in northern Arkansas. Just past Harrison, US 65 continues toward Conway and Little Rock, and US 62 and US 412 continue east. This area is fairly flat, a kind of wide valley with hills all around. Later you will come back to hilly area and it will take a lot of kilometers to the next bigger place. One passes a short distance from the large Bull Shoals Lake, a large reservoir. The most important place is reached after 75 kilometers, namely Mountain Home. Then you cross the reservoir Norfork Lake, after which the landscape becomes a bit flatter again. Then you pass through a friendly rural area which is sloping with the occasional forest. It takes about 100 kilometers to the next big intersection, namely with theUS 167 coming from Batesville in the south, then a short double numbering of 15 kilometers until Cherokee Village. Here, US 63 from West Plains in Missouri merges into triple-numbering. At the village of Imboden, the roads split, US 63 and US 412 continue together towards Hoxie and Jonesboro, while US 62 continues alone to nearby Pocahontas.

US 63 and US 412 then head southeast to Hoxie, about 20 kilometers away, where the two roads split. US 63 heads toward Jonesboro and Memphis, US 412 heads east. This is where the US 67 crosses. US 412 then runs straight through a flat area to the east and after 50 kilometers reaches the town of Paragould, where it crosses US 49. Near darana follows the border with Missouri, and US 412 in Missouri continues in the far south of that state toward Caruthersville and Dyersburg in Tennessee.


Created in 1982, US 412 ran from Dyersburg, Tennessee to Walnut Ridge in Arkansas, so it only ran in the far northeast of the state. In 1989, US 412 was extended across Arkansas and Oklahoma to Woodward, Oklahoma. US 412 is important for tourism in the Ozark Mountains, but through traffic is mostly on US 62, which means US 412 is double-numbered for large stretches in central north Arkansas. The western part has been widened to 4 lanes over a fairly large part between the border with Oklahoma and Huntsville. 4 lanes continue around Harrison, Mountain Home, Ash Flat and the easternmost section to the Missouri border from Walnut Ridge.

In 1947, the bridge opened over the Black River in Black Rock, northwest of Walnut Ridge. The bridge is relatively high, with a long bridge on the east side. This bridge was replaced between 2013 and 2015. On June 19, 2015, the new bridge opened to traffic.

At Paragould, US 412 originally ran through downtown. A 17-kilometer-long southern ring road has been constructed in two phases, as a single-lane road that will largely remain outside the built-up area of ​​the region. On January 20, 2015, Paragould’s southeastern bypass opened. In September 2020, the Southwest Bypass opened.

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At Springdale comes a north bypass. The first section runs between AR-112 and I-49 northwest of Springdale and is run as a freeway with Interstate Highway design requirements. Planning for this bypass began in 1996 and a draft EIS was established in 2002. However, lack of funds put the project on hold for years. In early 2015, $101 million was made available for the first phase, which opened on April 30, 2018 under the temporary State Route 612 number.

Traffic intensities

10,000 vehicles drive daily near the Oklahoma border at Siloam Springs. There were 17,000 vehicles between Siloam Springs and Springdale and 31,000 vehicles in Springdale itself. Further east, 3,500 to 6,000 vehicles drive between Springdale and Harrison and 3,000 to 5,000 vehicles continue through northern Arkansas, which is double-numbered with US 62. Only from Walnut Ridge is US 412 no longer double-numbered with other US Highways and counts 4,000 vehicles to Paragould and 8,000 vehicles between Paragould and the Missouri border.

US 412 in Arkansas