US 40, 422 and 522 in Pennsylvania

US 40 in Pennsylvania

US 40
Get started West Alexander
End Addison
Length 82 mi
Length 132 km
West Virginia




According to CITYPOPULATIONREVIEW.COM, US 40 is a US Highway in the US state of Pennsylvania. The road forms an east-west connection in the southwest of the state and runs from the West Virginia border through the town of Washington to the Maryland border. The route is 132 kilometers long.

Travel directions

At West Alexander, US 40 in West Virginia enters the state from Wheeling and then continues east through an area of ​​hills and forests parallel to Interstate 70. After about 15 miles, you reach the town of Washington, a junction of two highways, I-70 and Interstate 79. It also crosses US 19, which runs parallel to I-79.

US 40 runs through downtown Washington, then veers southeast and no longer parallels I-70. West Brownsville crosses State Route 43, the turnpike to Pittsburgh. SR-43 also continues to Uniontown and Morgantown, but is interrupted a bit by US 40. At Uniontown one also crosses US 119. The road then rises over a short distance about 400 meters and has 2×2 lanes. The road then runs through a wooded area to the east and crosses Youghiogheny River Lake, a reservoir in the river of the same name. Shortly thereafter, the border with Maryland follows and US 40 continues in Maryland towards Cumberland.


US 40 was created in 1926. The route has not changed in Pennsylvania since then. The road is of little importance to Pennsylvania and only crosses part of the southwestern part of the state, where it passes two towns, Washington and Uniontown. This route is largely also accessible by highway. The western portion is parallel to I-70, the middle portion to I-70 and PA-43, and the rest is not directly parallel to a freeway, but also not of major importance.

US 422 in Pennsylvania

US 422
Get started Hillsville
End King of Prussia
Length 271 mi
Length 436 km

New Castle

Rose Point









King of Prussia

US 422 is a US Highway in the US state of Pennsylvania. The route consists of two parts, from Villa Maria to Ebensburg in western Pennsylvania and from Harrisburg to King of Prussia in eastern Pennsylvania. Between Reading and King of Prussia, US 422 is a highway to the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The routes are together 436 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 422 on the Ohio-Pennsylvania border.

Western Pennsylvania

US 422 at Indiana in western Pennsylvania.

The road crosses the Ohio-Pennsylvania border at Villa Maria and is a regular main road there. It crosses State Route 60, a highway from Pittsburgh in the south to Sharon in the north. Then you pass through the regional town of New Castle. US 422 then passes through rural area with quite a bit of forest. Portersville crosses both US 19 and Interstate 79. After that, the road is a motorway for a few kilometers. US 422 also forms a short highway around Butler. From Butler to Kittanning, US 422 continues as 2×2 divided highway. Around Kittanning the road is again a motorway for a while and one crosses the State Route 28, a highway toPittsburgh, as well as crossing the Allegheny River. Thereafter, US 422 continues southeast as a single-lane highway. The next larger town is Indiana, around which US 422 forms a somewhat longer highway. The area then becomes more hilly and you reach US 219. Here, US 422 ends at US 22, the highway to Altoona.

Eastern Pennsylvania

The road begins again in Hershey, a suburb of the state capital Harrisburg. Here US 422 runs more or less parallel to US 322 and Interstate 76. US 422 passes through villages and the town of Lebanon from time to time and is not really a fast route. The area here consists mainly of monotonous agricultural land. One then reaches the larger town of Reading, which has a small conurbation. Here one crosses US 222 and Interstate 176. Then a short section that is not a highway begins, before a final highway to Philadelphia begins at Pottstown.

Pottstown is one of the furthest suburbs of Philadelphia, 70 kilometers from downtown. The highway is called the Pottstown Expressway and has 2×2 lanes. One then comes deeper into the urban area and the highway meanders through the wooded suburbs. It goes under Interstate 76 and then ends at US 202.


US 222/422 at Reading.

US 422 was created in 1926 from Cleveland to Ebensburg. In 1927, the eastern part from Reading to Philadelphia was added. In 1932, the eastern section was extended westward from Reading to Harrisburg and shortened slightly to US 322 at Hershey in 1961. The eastern terminus changed from Philadelphia to suburban King of Prussia in 1985.

In western Pennsylvania, the highway sections around the various towns opened mainly in the 1960s. More bypasses followed in the 1970s, making US 422 a fairly fast route.

Between 2012 and 2018, a two-mile section of US 422 in Pottstown was reconstructed to contemporary design requirements, with new bridges and a wider roadway. The project cost $74 million and was completed on November 1, 2018.

US 522 in Pennsylvania

US 522
Get started Warfordsburg
End Selinsgrove
Length 127 mi
Length 204 km



Fort Littleton

Mount Union



According to ASK4BEAUTY, US 522 is a US Highway in the US state of Pennsylvania. The road forms a route with a northeasterly course in the south and center of the state. The road runs from the Maryland border through Lewistown to Selinsgrove where it terminates at US 11 / US 15. The route is 204 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 522 in Maryland crosses the Pennsylvania border at Warfordsburg, double -numbered with I-70. After a few miles, US 522 exits from I-70 and continues northeast through a heavily hilly area. After about 30 kilometers you reach the town of McConnellsburg, where you cross the US 30. A little further on, at Fort Littleton, one crosses I-76. The road then heads north and crosses several steep ridges. After about 50 kilometers you reach the village of Mount Union, where the US 22from Altoona. Both roads are then more than 30 kilometers double-numbered and run along the Juniata River to the northeast. You then reach the town of Lewistown, where US 22 turns off and US 322 leaves State College towards Harrisburg. US 522 is then another 60-kilometer, two-lane rural route to Selinsgrove, on the Susquehanna River. The road ends here at the intersection with US 11 which is double numbered with US 15.


US 522 was created in 1926. The route has not changed significantly in Pennsylvania since then. The route is quite secondary in character compared to many other US Highways in the state and does not visit important places and is therefore not developed to a high standard.

US 522 in Pennsylvania