US 4 in New Hampshire


US 4
Get started Lebanon
End Portsmouth
Length 107 mi
Length 172 km




US 4 is a US Highway in the US state of New Hampshire. US 4 forms an east-west route through the south of the state, from the border with Vermont at Lebanon via the capital Concord to the port city of Portsmouth. US 4 is 172 kilometers long in New Hampshire.

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Travel directions

US 4/202 at Concord.

US 4 is a mostly single-lane east-west route. US 4 often runs parallel to highways for a relatively short distance, namely Interstate 89 between the border with Vermont and Concord and State Route 101 further to Portsmouth. Only the Durham bypass is a short 3 mile freeway. The US 4 also lifts along on Interstate 393 at Concord. The US 4 runs through hilly to slightly mountainous rural area with moderately high hills up to almost 1,000 meters.

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US 4 was created in 1926, after which the route in New Hamsphire was no longer modified. Due to the construction of alternative highways, the throughput of US 4 decreased.

US 4 in New Hampshire