US 34 and 385 in Nebraska

US 34 in Nebraska

US 34
Get started Haigler
End Plattsmouth
Length 381 mi
Length 613 km







Grand Island







According to CITYPOPULATIONREVIEW.COM, US 34 is a US Highway in the US state of Nebraska. The road forms a long east-west route through the south of the state, running from the Colorado border through Grand Island and Lincoln to the Iowa border. The route is double -numbered with US 6 for a considerable distance and also shares with US 281 and US 75. US 34 is 613 kilometers long in Nebraska.

Travel directions

Near Haigler, US 34 in Colorado enters the state from Fort Morgan, in a barren and rolling area without much agriculture. The road then runs a short distance from the Kansas border to the east. East of Max one crosses the time line between the Mountain Time Zone and the Central Time Zone. The road then continues a little further from the Kansas border and merges with US 6 at Culbertson, the road from Sterling , Colorado. Both roads then start with a double numbering of about 225 kilometers. It also descends slowly, following the valley of the Republican River. The first town is 140 kilometers after the Colorado border, the regional town of McCook. Here one crosses the US 83. Then 60 kilometers follows to the village of Arapahoe, which is located at the intersection of US 34 and US 283. Not much further on, US 136 begins at Edison, a secondary east-west route that runs closer to the Kansas border to Beatrice.

US 34 then bends a bit to the north and the area is still farmed with circular irrigation, it’s too dry here for regular farming. In Holdrege you cross the US 183. The road then continues on its route east, starting the 50-mile road to Hastings. The area is slowly transitioning from circular irrigation to normal farming. The road here also has long straights. In the town of Hastings, US 34 turns off to Grand Island in the north, and US 281 from Great Bend in Kansas joins US 34. US 6 then continues its long monotonous road east through the plains. US 34 has 2×2 lanes for approximately 30 kilometers between Hastings and Grand Island.

US 34 at Lincoln.

Just before Grand Island crosses Interstate 80. On the south side of Grand Island, US 34 turns east and runs parallel to I-80. US 281 continues north to O’Neill. One then crosses the Platte River and the distance to I-80 is 3.5 grid patterns, so 3.5 miles. The area is flat and extremely monotonous with only agricultural fields and a single village, such as Aurora. At the town of York you cross the US 81. The road then proceeds slightly further from I-80, 5.5 grid squares.

One then reaches the city of Lincoln, also the capital of the state. Here one crosses the Interstate 80 and the US 34 is then double numbered with the Interstate 180. In the center, US 34 turns east, crossing US 6 again, as well as US 77. From Lincoln to US 75, the road follows a 40-mile route without a single bend. Between Union and Plattsmouth, US 34 and US 75 are double-numbered. After Plattsmouth one crosses the Missouri River, also the border with Iowa. US 34 in Iowa then continues toward Burlington in the east of that state.


US 34 was created in 1926, but at the time it ran no further west than Council Bluffs, Iowa, just on the border with Nebraska. US 34 was extended west to Grand Island in 1935, and on to Colorado in 1939. The route has not changed in Nebraska, the 1935 change from Council Bluffs to Plattsmouth took place in Iowa.

In 1929, the Plattsmouth Bridge opened over the Missouri River on the border of Nebraska and Iowa. This is a toll bridge. It was bypassed on October 22, 2014 by a new 2×2 bridge over the Missouri River 5 miles to the north.

Traffic intensities

US 34 is a minor thoroughfare for traffic that cannot take I-80, but is very quiet, especially in western Nebraska with just over a thousand vehicles per day. The double numbering with the US 6 is slightly busier with between 2,000 and 3,000 vehicles. The section from Hastings to Grand Island has 9,000 vehicles and is therefore 2×2 lanes wide. The section parallel to I-80 has between 2,000 and 4,000 vehicles, and about 1,400 vehicles east of Lincoln.

US 385 in Nebraska

US 385
Get started Julesburg
End chadron
Length 186 mi
Length 299 km






South Dakota

According to ASK4BEAUTY, US 385 is a US Highway in the US state of Nebraska. The road forms the state’s westernmost north-south route, running from the Colorado border at Julesburg to the South Dakota border at Chadron. The route is 299 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Near the village of Julesburg, US 385 crosses the border into Nebraska in Colorado. One then drives at an altitude of about 1,100 meters over the High Plains. One crosses the Interstate 80. Shortly thereafter, the road merges with US 30, which runs parallel to I-80. This double numbering takes about 40 kilometers to the town of Sidney, where US 385 turns north. US 30 continues straight towards Cheyenne. US 385 then begins a straight route to the north, where limited farming takes place. After about 60 kilometers you reach the shallow valley of the North Platte River. In Bridgeport you cross the US 26.

The road then begins a route through a more remote part of Nebraska, through the western foothills of the Sand Hills, an inhospitable hillside area. From Alliance you come back to a flatter area with agriculture, which takes about 50 kilometers. Then you enter an area with shallow canyons. You then reach the town of Chadron, where you cross the US 20. The road then begins its final miles to the South Dakota border, through uninhabited land. The area here is barren and slightly sloping with prairies. One then reaches the state line, after which US 385 continues in South Dakota towards Rapid City.


The current US 385 was created in 1958. The road was numbered as Highway 19 between 1925 and 1958. In Nebraska there was later a small adjustment at Alliance, where the route first went over what is now State Route 87, a stretch of approximately 30 kilometers. In 1991, the northern half of the route was designated as part of the Heartland Expressway.

Traffic intensities

Due to the lack of larger places, the road is quite quiet. It is the only road in the wider region in some places, so that all north-south traffic goes along this road, so that the intensities are still between 1,500 and 3,000.

US 385 in Nebraska