US 29 in North Carolina


US 29
Get started Grover
End Pelham
Length 155 mi
Length 250 km
South Carolina

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US 29 Business

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According to CITYPOPULATIONREVIEW.COM, US 29 is a US Highway in the US state of North Carolina. The road forms a diagonal north-south route, from the South Carolina border through the heavily populated Charlotte to Greensboro corridor to the Virginia border. Part of the route from Greensboro to Danville has been developed as a highway. The road is 250 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 29/70 at High Point.

The US 29/74.

At the village of Grover, US 29 in South Carolina from Spartanburg enters North Carolina parallel to Interstate 85, then heads east along I-85 to Kings Mountain, before crossing over to US 74. the highway runs east from Asheville, through the town of Gastonia. Here one crosses US 321, the 2×2 highway from Columbia to Hickory in the north. US 29 and US 74 then run through an urban corridor toward the city of Charlotte, then cross the Catawba River. Shortly afterwards you cross the Interstate 485, the ring roadfrom Charlotte. US 29 then runs past the airport and is a six-lane main road.

One then passes through downtown Charlotte, where one intersects Interstate 77, the highway from Columbia to Cleveland. US 74 then exits downtown toward Monroe, and US 29 runs northeast on Tryon Street, intersecting Interstate 277, the small ring road around downtown. On the northeast side of Charlotte, it crosses I-485 again, and the road continues to Concord, where US 29 merges with US 601 coming out of Monroe. Both roads are then equally double -numbered until the connection with Interstate 85, where US 601 merges onto I-85 eastwards, and US 29 cuts through the town of Kannapolis, which then silently merges into the town of Salisbury. US 29 is the main underlying link on the urbanized corridor between Charlotte and Greensboro. At Salisbury, you cross US 601 again, which runs as a secondary route to Mount Airy in the north, and then merges with US 70 from Statesville, after which US 29 and US 70 follow I-85 for a while, until Lexington, where the roads merge into US 52, the highway to Winston-Salem. However, the US 29 and US 70 do not go that far, they go through the center of Lexington towards High Point and Greensboro.

Both roads then form an underlying 2×2 trunk road, past Thomasville and through High Point, a town of 102,000 inhabitants. US 29 and US 70 form a highway here past the city, and it crosses US 311, the highway out of Winston-Salem. Thereafter, US 29 becomes a 2×2 trunk road again, then merges with I-85 for a short double-numbering to the south end of Greensboro, where I-85 exits toward Durham in the east, and US 29 becomes a 2×3 freeway lanes to downtown Greensboro. Interstate 74 crosses here, which runs south to Rockingham. The US 29 then runs over the Interstate 40along the south side of Greensboro, whereupon the road turns off and forms a highway east of downtown. US 70 then exits, paralleling I-40/I-85 to Durham and Raleigh. North of Greensboro, US 29 becomes a 2×2 trunk road, and a little further on it becomes a highway again, about 35 miles to the Virginia border. US 29 in Virginia then continues past Danville to Lynchburg.


According to ASK4BEAUTY, the predecessor of US 29 was NC-205, a state route over which US 29 was routed in 1926. The northern terminus at the time was US 74 at Kings Mountain, so it ran just a few miles through the state of North Carolina. In 1932, the route was extended north to Virginia.

Numerous upgrades have been made to US 29. It was immediately one of the most important roads in North Carolina. Already in 1938 a diversion of the places Kannapolis and China Grove opened, in 1952 a new route opened around Lexington and Thomasville and in 1957 a new route opened between Thomasville and Jamestown, already covering a substantial part of US 29 between Charlotte and Greensboro. upgraded.

Circa 1957-1958, Reidsville’s western bypass opened in the north of the state. Reidsville was later bypassed on the east side by a new freeway that opened in 1973. In 1980-1982 the freeway was extended from Reidsville into Virginia.

The southern portion of US 29 was later bypassed by Interstate 85. The section between Lexington and Jamestown at Greensboro was signposted as “Temporary I-85” for a long time, because the actual I-85 only opened in 1984. However, US 29 was not a freeway between Lexington and Jamestown, but a 2×2 divided highway with only incidental grade separations. Today, US 29 south of Greensboro no longer plays an important role for through traffic. Several grade separations were built on the section between Greensboro and Reidsville in the 1960s and 1970s, but this is not a full-fledged freeway.

Originally, US 29 joined I-85 at Concord with a cloverleaf cloverleaf . This was reconstructed into a diverging diamond interchange in 2019-2020, which opened on November 24, 2020.


US 29 / US 158 at Reidsville.

The section from Greensboro to the Virginia border at Danville is to become part of Interstate 785 in North Carolina in the future.

Traffic intensities

3,000 vehicles drive daily at the border with South Carolina, after which the volumes increase to 10,000 to 20,000 vehicles per day between Kings Mountain and Charlotte due to the high activity in this corridor. In Charlotte, usually around 25,000 vehicles a day drive on city roads. After that, around 25,000 vehicles a day will also be driving at Concord and Kannapolis. After that, 13,000 vehicles a day drive to Salisbury, after which the intensities drop to 2,500 vehicles at the height of the Yadkin River.

A busier route then follows, with 22,000 vehicles on the Lexington bypass and 14,000 vehicles between Lexington and High Point, peaking at approximately 35,000 vehicles on the High Point passage. The busiest route is along Greensboro, where up to 65,000 vehicles travel per day. Thereafter, intensities gradually drop from 50,000 vehicles on the outskirts of Greensboro to 20,000 vehicles at Reidsville and 15,000 vehicles to the Virginia border.

US 29 in North Carolina