Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

On the beaches of the most famous resort town on the east coast, Trincomalee (or simply Trinco, Trincomalee), the weather is sunny all year round. There are many small bays scattered along the coast, protecting swimmers from the wind, and the city itself is hiding in an ideal closed natural harbor. The busiest beaches of Trincomalee, which stretch for 6 km, are Uppuveli, 6 km from the city center, and Nilaveli located behind it. They can be reached by taxi or rickshaw.

The history of Trinco remembers the occupation of the Dutch, the French, and the British. The city itself, divided into areas of Tamils, Muslims and adherents of other faiths, simply cannot leave you indifferent. Each attraction here, be it a Buddhist, Hindu temple or a mosque, requires its own approach: language, dress code, rules of conduct. These seemingly incompatible shrines somehow coexist in Trinco, giving it a charming and exciting atmosphere of the East.

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How to get there

From Colombo to Trinco, there are simple regular buses (7 hours, 345 LKR) and more comfortable air-conditioned buses (6 hours, 600 LKR), depart every 45 minutes. In addition, the capital can be reached by train (night, 9 hours on the way, departs from Trinco at 20:00).

From here you can also get to Kandy (6 hours, leaves at 14:30).

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Trincomalee beaches

In Niaveli, in addition to the beautiful sandy beach, the ruins of hidden British military bases from the Second World War (in which bats now live) will be of interest. In addition, here you can rent a boat and go to Pigeon Island, go diving and snorkeling. Or to another island – Coral Island, which is located a few kilometers north of Niaveli. You won’t be able to land on the beach, but enjoying one of the best dive sites in Sri Lanka is easy.

But the more comfortable and popular beach in Trincomalee is still Uppuveli. Here is a memorial and a cemetery for those who died during the Japanese air attack in April 1942.

Every half an hour there are buses from Trinco to the beaches. To Uppuveli in 26 LKR and 20 minutes, Niaveli – 30 LKR and 45 minutes. A tuk-tuk to Uppuveli will cost 250 LKR (300 LKR at night), Niaveli – 250 LKR.

8 km from the beaches there are seven hot springs Kanniyai (Kanniyai Hot Springs), where you can swim. The local waters are said to help with arthritis and rheumatism.

Entertainment and attractions Trincomalee

In the city you can see Fort Frederick, which is still used for defensive purposes. At the top of the fort is Mount Swami and an ancient Hindu temple (Swami Rock and Tirukoneswaram Kovil Temple), which can be visited every day from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. From there, a beautiful panorama of the coastline and the city opens up.

13 km from the city are the amazing ruins of the Velgam Vihara complex, built in the first century. Here you can see the remains of a large dagoba (mausoleum) and two small Buddha statues. Since 1934, this place has been considered an archaeological reserve of Sri Lanka.

Trincomalee, Sri Lanka