Transportation in Florence, Italy

Florence is 10 times smaller than Rome in terms of area, there is no need for metro and trains. In addition, almost all iconic places are collected in a small area, the movement of which, by the way, is limited. Take note of this if you are used to renting a car while traveling. In Florence, it is useful only for out-of-town trips. And it is easier to drive through the streets of the city by bus, tram, taxi, cycle rickshaw or rented transport.

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Municipal transport

Buses in Florence are represented by hundreds of routes, which is impressive, given the modest size of the city.

4 routes of eco-friendly electric buses pass through the conditionally closed center of old Florence. They are distinguished by an unusual appearance and letters in the number: C1, C2, C3 and D.

The main transport company – ATAF – has a unified system of tickets and subscriptions for buses and trams.

Look for tickets and subscriptions in the special ATAF hall at the Santa Maria Novella railway station, as well as in bars, tobacco and newsstands. Tickets are also sold from the driver. You can also order an SMS ticket, but you will need an Italian SIM card.

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Museums by bus

The Firenze Card opens the doors to 67 museums in Florence for 72 hours. Bonus – free travel on buses and trams for the duration of the card. The price of pleasure is 85 EUR per person. The prices on the page are for August 2021.


Recently in Florence, the first and so far the only tram line, which was closed in 1958 for being “out of date,” was restored. It connected the Santa Maria Novella station with the commune of Scandicci on the outskirts, and not so long ago it was extended to the airport! Now it is the tram that is the most economical way to get to the air hub. A ticket costs 1.50 EUR, you can buy it at the machine at the bus stop, the tram will take you from the airport directly to the city center (to the Santa Maria Novella station).

The first tram leaves the line at 4:30, the last one goes to the depot at 0:30. Runs every 4-6 minutes.


Taxi fares are about the same. During the day they ask for 3.30 EUR for landing, the minimum rate is 5 EUR. From 22:00 to 06:00 landing 6.60 EUR, minimum per trip 8.30 EUR. On holidays 5.30 and 7 EUR respectively. For the fourth and further passenger for another 1 EUR, for a piece of luggage the same amount. Calling a taxi by phone is considered an additional service, the cost is up to 2 EUR. Ready rates – 20 EUR to the city center from the airport, 10 EUR between city stations. Kilometer trip – from 0.10 EUR. Call a taxi or look at the parking lots: it is difficult to catch a car on the street.

From the airport and back

An alternative to a taxi is the VolaInBus shuttle. Look for these buses at the Gallery station, BusItalia bus station and the airport terminal stop. One way ticket: 5 EUR, both ways: 8 EUR. Opening hours – from 5:00 to 0:30.

For a day around

From Florence you can make a day trip to Tuscany, visiting Siena, Pisa or the Tyrrhenian coast. The bus station is within walking distance of Santa Maria Novella. A trip to Siena by bus takes an hour, a ticket costs from 8 EUR. It is easier to get to Pisa and the coast by train, travel time is 1–1.5 hours, ticket from 10 EUR.

City bus number 7 will take you from Piazza San Marco to the town of Fiesole with a rich archaeological area and excellent views of Florence.


For some time now, slow, but environmentally friendly cycle rickshaw transport has been developing in Florence. The maximum number of passengers is two adults or an adult and two children. A 15-minute trip will cost 22 EUR for two, and an hour walk will result in 45 EUR. Although, if you’re lucky, you can also ride for free: the movement is actively attracting volunteers to its ranks. Look for rickshaws near the market in the San Lorenzo area.

Excursion tours

The City Sightseeing Open Bus double-decker red buses familiar to tourists are at the service of the city. Three routes operate: year-round A and B and line C, available from April to November. Adult day ticket for A+B+C: 23 EUR, 2 days: 28 EUR, 3 days: 33 EUR. Children are half the price, there are family packages. Audio comments in Russian are available. Tickets are accepted on city buses and trams.

City tours on segways from 65 EUR. Rafting tours on the Arno from 25 EUR. From May to September, you can book the most romantic tour – a ride on the Florentine gondolas. 75 minutes, from 39 EUR per passenger.

Motor scooters, segways, bicycles

The compactness of Florence and the limited traffic in the central part of the city are conducive to renting a small transport. A day of renting a moped or motorcycle costs from 50 to 75 EUR. There are companies offering to rent a Segway.

80 km of cycle paths in Florence – a great reason to rent a bike! Price per hour: from 2 to 5 EUR, per day: 10-17 EUR. The municipal rental program has the most affordable prices: pick-up stations are located at the Santa Maria Novella station and on Via Ghiberti. Rental hours at Santa Maria Novella Station from March to October: Monday – Saturday: 8:00 – 19:00, from November to February: 10:00 – 17:00. Via Ghiberti rental hours from March to October: Monday – Saturday: 9:00 – 18:00, from November to February: 10:00 – 17:00. Sunday is a day off. Also, rentals may not work on national holidays.

A tricycle can be rented from the same cycle rickshaws for 80-120 EUR, depending on the season.

Transportation in Florence, Italy