The Siege Hunting Tents with Fly

The Siege Hunting Tents with Fly

Como mentioned it there are different forms of fishing equipment to fly tents, however it stands out for the fun and effective fishing fish seen (direct visual contact with the fish) and to get to this situation is necessary to make certain steps which will undoubtedly give us a greater opportunity to capture previously. I mention the word hunt that I believe is most accurate to define this task, with the obvious differences in each category, however they have many similarities, especially in the stalking technique to “hunt” for the dam it is necessary to see it. For this you will need to know the area to fish as well as possible as a hunter must recognize the territory where you intend to hunt, in the tents to the extent of our fly fishing possibilities will try to identify the signals that the environment, water space and the same tents we provide.


The Siege Hunting Tents with Fly
First we have to make sure that our equipment is in optimal conditions, from our shank Assembly until the knot of our fly, the detail can be the difference for catches.

We previously ask the strategy to follow, seeking thereby optimizing our time and create more likely of fishing. So we will first seek spaces for low or shallow waters or failing seek carp feeding near the shore, the transparency of the water play a factor important since it will be easier to see the tents however similarly them in clear waters we will see more easily, this condition is not an indispensable requirement since there are different ways to realize their presence either in clear or turbid water such as caudal and dorsal fins out of the surface, “clouds” of Earth removed under the surface very similar to fishing for bonefish in deeper waters (fishing on muds), bubbles moving etc. For this maneuver will have to be extremely cautious, sighting our prey we will go very slowly looking for the best angle (to her) to launch our fly, making the lowest possible noise, taking care with the shadows of our body and equipment, Glitters or sparkles that could alert our friends, always trying to be more to the surface of the water to get a better view at this point I want to emphasize that this option may not always be and there will be occasions in which we will have to crawl to not be seen, or in the same way a shrub or tree can serve us den to get closer without being seen. As visual contact with the tent we will not lose her view for no reason, usually happen that an instant that lose it sight of not to see return, similarly closer we will try to bring our body and our low Shank the squat possible is incredible the perception of carps feeding near the shore even more talking about large tents. Personally this part of fishing for carp with fly is the most exciting, see it and slowly come to be at distance for our lance more precisely will make our heart to beat faster and adrenaline go up to the maximum. Finally at this point as general suggestion is recommended to assist sites with low air pressure, no swimmers or fishermen from shore fishing, since the (wild) carp instinctively stay away from these conditions, and the help of a guide or a viewer to greater height will always be a better choice of fishing.

Other variants (techniques) to fish CARP with equipment for Moscow to.
As mentioned previously the tents have eating habits and for fly fishing can be found these signals. Tents to go looking for their food and snorting in the background can give clear signs of their presence, the first is that feature “cloud” of Earth removed underwater, which often changes tone indicating that the fish is by removing the bottom in search of food, will also see that this spot of land under water will be pulled becoming more intense in the site where you will find the tent , imagine in a path of have where your car is leaving a cloud of dust that becomes more subdued and disappears to move away, as happens with tents when they will move for food at the bottom of the water, if they find a good feeder will see how the riot under water is notorious, is will be the best time to launch our fly , trying to sense the position of the tent, especially the sense in which this oriented front to position our fly and this can be engulfed assuming that our fly left the movement generated by the panting of the tent. Another signal arises when carp feed at greater depths and not noticed the disturbance of Earth, is the presence of bubbles that come to the surface, which form when the CARP chugs and removes the bottom in search of food, this bubbling has very clear features to to differentiate it from “bubbles” of the natural movement of sediment in the water they are larger and are moving along the surface, as when a diver is submerged in the water. In this situation we will only have to do a few simple calculations to position our fly in the best way, we will try to determine the depth that is carp and the speed with which it is moving, our lance will have be come looking for this intercept trajectory that we assume carrying the tent, we have the advantage that we don’t see in this situation and we can try to catch it with greater freedom and thereby try to position our fly fishing as well as possible. Certainly is a technique that requires a bit more expertise and patience, but it worth it, there is also the element of surprise, since a good carpones can be attached with a bit of luck. In both techniques unlike fishing fish seen, it will be advisable to change our team for best performance; We will need to fly with greater burden, as well as longer leaders and preference of fluorocarbon to achieve this a better collapse and take advantage of its near-invisibility, the use of a bite indicator will surely be useful. In the case of bubbles moving deeper lines with recessed tip (sinking tip) may be beneficial

Priming the area.
Before that all I want to emphasize that this technique has something in common with the carp fishing, to Prime the area to fish, then it would be a merger of carp fishing with fly fishing, a technical hybrid by describing it in some way, which is far from being pure, however it ceases to be effective and can motivate beginners fisherman.
As seen fish or intuiting your position will be need to know where the camping tents are the best sites to Prime are the inputs of water, with low spaces, fosas water with very little current, so the same conditions that would be made to Prime with carp fishing. To Prime a site with tents or other outdoor equipments and feasible to catch them with this technique will be needed that carp this accustomed to this type of food, if it doesn’t match the hatch of the trout fishing is effective. Be sure to know what this used to eat carp on that site and Prime with that. Is Prime both in surface as in the bottom of the water, deception is to launch our angling for fly insect, grain, seed, bread, etc. ball Which feed or any attached that emulates this bait. Personally I prefer to use this technique in places where the CARP has a habit that give food, mainly on the surface. This technique is without doubt of the mentioned three that requires less skill and can be useful to induce children to fly carp fishing, as well as teach them the treatment after a screen shot as well as its release (C & R). Normally this type of fishing is carried out in areas of water where fish is used to seeing us such as urban and artificial lakes, private ponds and parks. Spaces of wild water (dams, rivers and Lakes) I recommend try other options already mentioned (seeing the fish, sensing its position and bubbles).

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