Tennessee Area Codes

Tennessee is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. The state is limited to Kentucky and Virginia to the north; North Carolina to the east; Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi to the south; and with Arkansas and Missouri to the west. Tennessee is known as The Volunteer State, due to the military spirit of its population.

Virginia partridge - one of the symbols of the state of Tennessee

The Tennessee region was sparsely populated and belonged to the state of North Carolina. After its population grew significantly from the 1750s, it separated from North Carolina in 1796. Tennessee was elevated to the status of State on June 1, 1796. After joining the Confederate States of America in the American Civil War, it was readmitted as an American state in 1869.

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Along with Missouri, Tennessee is the state with the largest number of neighbors: eight states. Missouri, Cumberland and Tennessee are its main rivers; about 55% of its territory is covered by forests. The state also has several artificial lakes, known as the Great Lakes of the South. Tennessee has a humid subtropical climate, with average temperatures of 26ºC in the summer and 3.5ºC in the winter, varying very little from region to region.

The state’s economy is based mainly on the service sector. Among other important sources of wealth, we can mention tourism, the manufacturing industry and agriculture. The largest ethnic groups present in it are Americans, African-Americans, Irish, English and Germans.

Map of Area Codes in Tennessee

Area Code Map of Tennessee

Tennessee consists of the following area codes. Click on the area code to show the cities in that area code.

Tennessee Area Codes by County

The area code of 423 is used in the following 29 counties:

  1. Bledsoe, TN
  2. Bradley, TN
  3. Campbell, TN
  4. Carter, TN
  5. Claiborne, TN
  6. Cocke, TN
  7. District Of Columbia, TN
  8. Greene, TN
  9. Hamblen, TN
  10. Hamilton, TN
  11. Hancock, TN
  12. Hawkins, TN
  13. Johnson, TN
  14. Knox, TN
  15. Loudon, TN
  16. Marion, TN
  17. Mcminn, TN
  18. Meigs, TN
  19. Monroe, TN
  20. Morgan, TN
  21. Polk, TN
  22. Rhea, TN
  23. Roane, TN
  24. Scott, TN
  25. Sequatchie, TN
  26. Sullivan, TN
  27. Unicoi, TN
  28. Van Buren, TN
  29. Washington, TN

The area code of 615 is used in the following 17 counties:

  1. Bedford, TN
  2. Cheatham, TN
  3. Davidson, TN
  4. Dekalb, TN
  5. Dickson, TN
  6. Hickman, TN
  7. Macon, TN
  8. Maury, TN
  9. Montgomery, TN
  10. Putnam, TN
  11. Robertson, TN
  12. Rutherford, TN
  13. Smith, TN
  14. Sumner, TN
  15. Trousdale, TN
  16. Williamson, TN
  17. Wilson, TN

The area code of 629 is used in the following 11 counties:

  1. Bedford, TN
  2. Cheatham, TN
  3. Davidson, TN
  4. Dickson, TN
  5. Maury, TN
  6. Montgomery, TN
  7. Robertson, TN
  8. Rutherford, TN
  9. Sumner, TN
  10. Williamson, TN
  11. Wilson, TN

The area code of 731 is used in the following 20 counties:

  1. Benton, TN
  2. Carroll, TN
  3. Chester, TN
  4. Crockett, TN
  5. Decatur, TN
  6. Dyer, TN
  7. Gibson, TN
  8. Hardeman, TN
  9. Hardin, TN
  10. Haywood, TN
  11. Henderson, TN
  12. Henry, TN
  13. Lake, TN
  14. Lauderdale, TN
  15. Madison, TN
  16. Mcnairy, TN
  17. Obion, TN
  18. Stewart, TN
  19. Tipton, TN
  20. Weakley, TN

The area code of 865 is used in the following 12 counties:

  1. Anderson, TN
  2. Blount, TN
  3. Cocke, TN
  4. Grainger, TN
  5. Hamblen, TN
  6. Jefferson, TN
  7. Knox, TN
  8. Loudon, TN
  9. Monroe, TN
  10. Roane, TN
  11. Sevier, TN
  12. Union, TN

The area code of 901 is used in the following 5 counties:

  1. Fayette, TN
  2. Hardeman, TN
  3. Henderson, TN
  4. Shelby, TN
  5. Tipton, TN

The area code of 931 is used in the following 37 counties:

  1. Bedford, TN
  2. Cannon, TN
  3. Cheatham, TN
  4. Clay, TN
  5. Coffee, TN
  6. Cumberland, TN
  7. Decatur, TN
  8. Dekalb, TN
  9. Dickson, TN
  10. Fentress, TN
  11. Franklin, TN
  12. Giles, TN
  13. Grundy, TN
  14. Hardin, TN
  15. Hickman, TN
  16. Houston, TN
  17. Humphreys, TN
  18. Jackson, TN
  19. Lawrence, TN
  20. Lewis, TN
  21. Lincoln, TN
  22. Macon, TN
  23. Marshall, TN
  24. Maury, TN
  25. Montgomery, TN
  26. Moore, TN
  27. Overton, TN
  28. Perry, TN
  29. Pickett, TN
  30. Putnam, TN
  31. Robertson, TN
  32. Rutherford, TN
  33. Stewart, TN
  34. Van Buren, TN
  35. Warren, TN
  36. Wayne, TN
  37. White, TN