Taa and Laamu Atolls, Maldives

The atolls of Laamu and Taa are located in the central part of the Maldives, tourism is just beginning to develop there, and this has its own charm. Of the 82 islands of Laamu Atoll, only 12 are inhabited, in the southeast of the resort, no one lives on most of the picturesque islands of Taa.

The local population is engaged in agriculture, mainly fishing. Recently, tourist routes have been laid here, one hotel has been built on each of the atolls, and some of the local residents are already working in the tourism business.

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When is the best time to go

The weather in the Taa and Laamu atolls, as well as throughout the Maldives, is beautiful all year round. The average annual air temperature is +28 °C, while it almost never rises above +32 °C and does not fall below +25 °C, so it is not too cold or too hot here. The water temperature in the ocean also never goes below +26 °C. From May to October, there are rains and winds, but this does not interfere with rest, since the showers are usually short and occur mainly at night. The high season is the period from November to February – at this time it is sunny and calm.

How to get there

To get to the Taa and Laamu atolls, you first need to fly to Male. A flight from Moscow will take from 9 hours one way, excluding transfers. Then you need to transfer to a local airline plane and fly to Kaddhoo Airport on Laama (about 55 minutes), and then by speedboat directly to the hotel.

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The only hotel on Taa Atoll is Regent Maldives 5*. These are several secluded villas with outdoor showers, swimming pools, a terrace with sun loungers and other attributes of comfort and luxury. On the common area there is a 50-meter lagoon pool, a spa, a yoga room, a souvenir shop, a small library and a restaurant whose signature dish is grilled seafood. There is also a rental point for almost any equipment for water sports: diving, water skiing, snorkeling, windsurfing or parasailing.

The only hotel on Laamu Atoll is located on the island of Olhuveli – Six Senses Latitude Laamu 5 *. On its territory there are several bars, restaurants and cafes (the basis of the cuisine is seafood), an outdoor pool with water slides, a spa center, a beauty salon, a sauna, a gym, sports grounds, as well as rental equipment for water sports and equipment for B-B-Q. Most villas have access to their own beach, but some (two or three for the entire hotel) take a little walk to the coast. In the near future, it is planned to build several more hotels on neighboring islands, as the flow of tourists to Laamu Atoll is growing every year.


All the beaches in the Maldives are like a postcard about heavenly pleasure: fine white sand, a wide coastline, and all this is surrounded by palm trees and picturesque seascapes.

Most of the beaches in the Maldives belong to hotels, there are two of them on Taa and Laamu – one hotel for each atoll. These beaches are equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, there are beach bars, diving equipment rentals and other entertainment. All other beaches are clean and beautiful, but sunbeds can be a problem. However, in a nearby bar or cafe, beach equipment is likely to be rented for a small fee or as a free addition to a drink from the bar. This, of course, does not apply to uninhabited islands, where you will have to sunbathe and swim “savage” without additional amenities.

Topless sunbathing and alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited on the Maldivian beaches.

Diving and surfing

Many tourists specially come to Taa Atoll with an excursion to dive. There is an amazingly beautiful underwater world, a lot of living creatures and coral formations that are too small to be considered islands. The hotel has a dive center where you can take a couple of lessons, rent equipment and order underwater photography.

Laamu attracts anglers and surfers. There is a unique place in the southern part of the atoll: at any time of the year, even in the absence of winds, there are excellent and moderately steep waves that smoothly end near the shore. In the western part there are very beautiful lagoons where tourists come to snorkel, and in the southeast there are shallow reefs popular among beginner divers.

Faafu and Dhaalu atolls

Faafu Atoll has about 23 islands, of which only five are inhabited. Its interior is similar to Ari with lots of coral reefs (and great diving opportunities, of course). The only local hotel, Filithiyo Island, is located on Filithiyo Island. This atoll began to function as a resort only in 1999.

Dhaalu, located 5 km from Faafu Atoll, was recently discovered by tourists. The main island here is Kudahuvadhoo (Kudahuvadhoo), quite large, with developed infrastructure and a population of as many as 1,500 people. The island of Velavaru, where a tourist center has recently been opened, was once inhabited by several species of sea turtles (velaa means “turtle” in the local language). Now their numbers have been drastically reduced, and they are rare guests on the island. But the coral reef around Velavaru will surely delight lovers of snorkeling and scuba diving.

How to get there

The atolls are located 120 km southwest of Male Airport. A hydroplane covers this distance in 30 minutes.

Entertainment and attractions

Daala even has its own attractions – the ruins of ancient Buddhist monasteries and an ancient mosque made of carved coral stone. And Faafu boasts its island of Nilandu with seven Hindu temples and a mosque that is over 800 years old.

Taa and Laamu Atolls, Maldives