South Carolina Area Codes

South Carolina is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. The state is limited to North Carolina to the north, Georgia to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

National Historic Landmarks

Along with North Carolina, South Carolina was part of the British colony “Carolina”, named after King Charles II of England. However, in 1712 the colonies separated. In this region, important battles took place during the period of the American Revolution, in 1776. After the independence of the United States, South Carolina was elevated to the status of State on May 23, 1788, becoming the eighth American state.

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South Carolina is known by the name The Palmetto State; a reference to the abundance of palm trees in the region. The main rivers that bathe the state are the Rio Santee, Pee Dee and Savannah rivers. It has a subtropical climate, with mild winters (average of 8ºC) and hot summers (average of 25ºC).

Although the state has a small territorial extension, it is one of the largest textile producers in the United States, in addition to being the second largest tobacco producer in the country. For this reason, the manufacture of these products is South Carolina’s main source of income. Among other important sources of wealth for the State, we can mention trade; the provision of financial, personal and real estate services and agriculture as well.

The largest ethnic groups present in South Carolina are African-Americans, Americans, Germans, English and Irish. The capital and largest city in the state is Columbia.

Map of Area Codes in South Carolina

Area Code Map of South Carolina

South Carolina consists of the following area codes. Click on the area code to show the cities in that area code.

South Carolina Area Codes by County

The area code of 803 is used in the following 20 counties:

  1. Aiken, SC
  2. Allendale, SC
  3. Bamberg, SC
  4. Barnwell, SC
  5. Calhoun, SC
  6. Chester, SC
  7. Clarendon, SC
  8. Edgefield, SC
  9. Fairfield, SC
  10. Hampton, SC
  11. Kershaw, SC
  12. Lancaster, SC
  13. Lee, SC
  14. Lexington, SC
  15. Newberry, SC
  16. Orangeburg, SC
  17. Richland, SC
  18. Saluda, SC
  19. Sumter, SC
  20. York, SC

The area code of 839 is used in the following 11 counties:

  1. Bamberg, SC
  2. Columbia, SC
  3. Hampton, SC
  4. Lancaster, SC
  5. Lexington, SC
  6. Newberry, SC
  7. Orangeburg, SC
  8. Richland, SC
  9. Richmond, SC
  10. Sumter, SC
  11. York, SC

The area code of 843 is used in the following 19 counties:

  1. Beaufort, SC
  2. Berkeley, SC
  3. Charleston, SC
  4. Chesterfield, SC
  5. Clarendon, SC
  6. Colleton, SC
  7. Darlington, SC
  8. Dillon, SC
  9. Dorchester, SC
  10. Florence, SC
  11. Georgetown, SC
  12. Hampton, SC
  13. Horry, SC
  14. Jasper, SC
  15. Kershaw, SC
  16. Marion, SC
  17. Marlboro, SC
  18. Orangeburg, SC
  19. Williamsburg, SC

The area code of 854 is used in the following 14 counties:

  1. Beaufort, SC
  2. Berkeley, SC
  3. Charleston, SC
  4. Chesterfield, SC
  5. Colleton, SC
  6. Darlington, SC
  7. Dillon, SC
  8. Dorchester, SC
  9. Florence, SC
  10. Horry, SC
  11. Jasper, SC
  12. Marion, SC
  13. Marlboro, SC
  14. Williamsburg, SC

The area code of 864 is used in the following 14 counties:

  1. Abbeville, SC
  2. Anderson, SC
  3. Cherokee, SC
  4. Greenville, SC
  5. Greenwood, SC
  6. Laurens, SC
  7. Mccormick, SC
  8. Newberry, SC
  9. Oconee, SC
  10. Pickens, SC
  11. Saluda, SC
  12. Spartanburg, SC
  13. Union, SC
  14. York, SC