Sony Xperia Xz1: High-End Smart Phone with Extensive 3D Camera

New IFA, new Xperia: In addition to the compact Xperia XZ1 compact Sony in Berlin had still the Xperia XZ1 in baggage. It is a high-end smart phone with small tees, which is marginally below the Xperia XZ premium to attract the model can be. This constellation could heave up the Xperia XZ1 price performance hit.

Sony Xperia Xz1: High-End Smart Phone with Extensive 3D Camera

Like Sony, there are visually any major changes to the previous version. The manufacturer remains faithful to its straight design language. Everyone can stop what he wants, but the Xperia XZ1 is not ugly. In times of rimless displays à la Galaxy S8 or G6 does the design although somewhat frumpy, for it but also more robust, as we show you in the following Hands-On Video:

This is also evident in the choice of materials: aluminium can scratch though, does not break but in such ugly way of glass. In addition, that the Xperia XZ1 from a block is milled. Thus, there is virtually no gaps or seams, the processing is uncompromising. Only the front is covered with Gorilla glass 5.

The measured 5.2 inches in diagonal full HD display, Sony appends the tags “HDR”, “TRILUMINOS” and “X-Reality” which is located under the Corning glass. The bottom line that probably mean that the display is extremely gorgeous. May be not revoked at the first glance also which, however only a prolonged test report will determine the final judgment.

Sony Xperia XZ1: Camera captures even 3D scans

A large focus is traditionally on the camera Sony. That is the case that takes the enabled up to 960 fps camera of Xperia XZ premium and more features added for the Xperia XZ1. So, about the camera app can make a 3D scan and save for processing in 3D programs or printing via 3D printers. Also added an improved burst mode, the 10 frames per second at full 19 is MP, that the sensor supports, can absorb and focus in real time following a possible object.

In comparison, has been almost läppisch the 13-MP front-facing camera, has wide angle in the range but at least. The quality of the recordings should be fit. Similar can be said about the inner workings of: A Snapdragon 835 by Qualcomm, 4 GB RAM and a data memory total 64 GB are the key data-should fit. With a view on the price, the whole package is more than fitting. Oh, and there is also a slot for a microSD memory card.

Sony Xperia XZ1: Technical data at a glance

Sony Xperia XZ1: Price and availability

The pre-installed operating system is probably also of interest. Sony not to splash and equips the Xperia XZ1 factory 8.0 Oreo with Android-laudable! Who now thinks that the Smart phone from in return only to the Christmas sales on the market, is wrong: sales in Germany to run to end of September. The retail price is 699 euro. Available options are the colors black, blue, silver, and pink.