Siofok and Santod in Hungary

Siofok is one of the most popular resort centers not only on the south coast, but on the whole Lake Balaton. There are many hotels, private villas and cooperative dachas, numerous beaches, Hungarian chards and international restaurants, patisserie cafes, many night discos and a myriad of shops and department stores. There is also a summer theatre, folklore programs and pop music concerts. The city is often referred to as the “nightlife capital” of Hungary. However, a little outside of Siofok, you can enjoy relaxing walks in nature or do active sports on the beach.

The village of Santod is located opposite the Tihany peninsula, a kilometer from it there is a baroque manor built in the 18th century with a huge wine cellar. This is Santodpusta, a popular arena for large summer parades of horseback riding and other equestrian sports. Check jibin123 for customs regulations and visa requirements of Hungary.

How to get there

Siofok is not only a major shipping hub, but also a road transport hub, it is located about 180 km from Budapest on a branch of the M7 highway. The city is not a major railway junction, however, trains stop here: Budapest – Venice, Chop – Zagreb and Chop – Venice. The last two are not permanent, their availability depends on the marketing considerations of transport companies.


Balaton, the Hungarian Sea, is rich in charming, truly resort towns, the rest of which is full of a sea of ​​emotions, fresh impressions, and carefree entertainment. Siofok, as a resort, began to develop immediately after the end of the Second World War. The resort was formed in a complex way, so now it looks very harmonious: the greenery of squares and parks alternates with residential and official buildings, hotels and boarding houses are geographically close to the seashore.

Beaches and activities

The sandy coastline belonging to the city stretches for 15 km along the shore of the lake and offers vacationers well-maintained beaches, where there are all kinds of opportunities to play sports or just lie in the sun. For those who want a greater variety of experiences, it will be interesting to take a bike ride around the resort, renting a bike for this.


The embankment is a continuous series of restaurants, cafes, shops, bars, nightclubs. There are so many places, and they are so diverse, that anyone who wishes will find an opportunity to spend their leisure time in accordance with their passions. For example, the nightclub “Palace” offers visitors three dance floors, the center of attraction of which is every night the most famous DJs from European countries. Cocktail bar, striptease club, restaurant with a garden are always full of visitors who want to actively spend not only days, but also nights of relaxation.


Siofok hotels are numerous, most of them are comfortable and modernly equipped. Those of them that are in close proximity to the shore of the lake, as a rule, have their own beach. The level of hotels is different, and if mid-level hotels generally offer approximately the same – standard – set of services, then fashionable hotels offer their guests thermal water pools, conference rooms, Internet access throughout the territory, their own kitchen offering various options menu: Hungarian, Asian, European, vegetarian. Despite the fact that hotels do not experience a shortage of guests, most of them provide significant discounts on the cost of living when booking early.

Entertainment and attractions

Siófok is divided into two parts by the Sió River, from which the resort takes its name. In no way can Siofok be classified as a faceless resort town with only beaches, a promenade and a large number of catering establishments. The city is picturesque and has its own identity. Its center is Freedom Square, it is decorated with the tallest building in the city, the water tower. Adjacent to the side is another square, Main.

It is interesting with the exposition of works by the famous Hungarian sculptor Imre Varg. The composition “Women with Umbrellas” (“Walking in the Rain”) has become one of the visiting cards of the city, many tourists take pictures for memory next to these figures full of expression.

There is also a museum of the sculptor, where you can get to know more about his work. A native of Siofok was also Imre Kalman, whose operettas are loved all over the world and whose museum can also be visited during your stay in this city. The resort offers an extensive and varied concert and theater programme: organ concerts and ballet performances, shows by popular pop singers and circus performances take place almost daily. Every year the first week of July is held under the sign of the traditional folklore festival “Golden Shell”, which gathers participants from all over Hungary.

In Santoda, as mentioned above, the estates of the 18th century, which were built by Benedictine monks, have been preserved. Not so long ago, they were restored, and on their basis the tourist entertainment complex Santodpusta was created, which has become one of the centers for attracting tourists. Here you can get acquainted with architectural sights, see expositions that often replace each other, taste Hungarian wine, and take part in a folklore festival.


Being one of the largest harbors of Lake Balaton, Siofok offers its guests boat trips and sailing yachts, as well as using high-speed cruise ships to get to other coastal cities. The port has its own meteorological station, which allows you to very accurately determine the weather for the near future and, depending on it, decide on the departure of ships from the harbor.

Santod in Hungary