Sights of Basel, Switzerland

According to SOURCEMAKEUP, Basel has everything the real culture lover could wish for. With more than 40 examples, the city has the most museums in Switzerland. But, the charming city center with its many boutiques, shops and varied architecture are also a reason to travel to Basel. The University City is located in the northwestern part of Switzerland. Germany and France are literally a stone’s throw away when you visit the three-country point. The Rhine divides the Swiss city into two parts, including Kleinbasel and Altstadt. With over 175,000 inhabitants, Basel is the fourth largest city in Switzerland and, partly due to its location and the abundance of sights, is frequently visited by tourists. Some highlights include the Basel Minster, the Rathaus and the old city tower Spalentor. Both in the summer and in the winter months, Basel is a favorite destination for a city trip or cultural-historical holiday.

Top 10 sights of Basel

#1. Art Museum Basel

The Kunstmuseum in Basel is highly recommended for lovers of old and contemporary art. Within the museum you will find a large collection of works of art by Monet and van Gogh, among others. It is therefore not for nothing that the Kunstmuseum in Basel can be counted as one of the best museums in the EU. This imposing museum consists of a number of buildings. In addition to the main building, you can also admire works in the associated Kupferstichkabinett, as well as in the Museum fur Gegenwartskunst where you can view more contemporary works. Exhibitions are also held regularly at the Basel Art Museum.

#2. Altstadt

The Swiss city of Basel has a well-preserved Old Town where you can not only see, but also feel the characteristic atmosphere of yesteryear. You will find this medieval part of the city near the Rathaus and the Münsterplatz. This old part exudes cosiness and authenticity. You can wander through narrow streets and at the same time visit one of the many shops and boutiques. In the Altstadt of Basel you will also find plenty of nice terraces and restaurants. Behind the cathedral you can also enjoy a beautiful view over the Rhine. This is partly due to the height difference between the Altstadt of Basel and Kleinbasel.

#3. Basel Minster

The Munster is a large cathedral which is decisive and characteristic for the cityscape of Basel. The 1000 year old cathedral is built in Gothic style and has two recognizable towers. The towers of the Basel Minster can also be climbed, giving you a good view of Basel and the Altstadt. In the Minster of Basel you can see impressive decorations, with the vaulted ceiling of the building striking. But, the beautiful stained-glass windows are also more than worth a visit. If you still want to enjoy a nice view but prefer not to climb the towers of the Minster, you can also go behind the cathedral on the Pfalz.

#4. Zoo Basel

The Basel Zoo has existed since 1874. This means that it can officially call itself the oldest animal park in Switzerland. Zoo Basel covers over 11 hectares of land. The buildings on the property are subject to fine architecture. This appearance has made the zoo one of the most important sights in Basel and Switzerland. Within the Zoo you can enjoy various animal species such as giraffes, elephants and tigers. In addition to various animals and impressive architecture, the park also has beautifully landscaped walking trails. If you want to visit the Zoo in Basel, it is therefore good to spend a whole day here.

#5. Rathaus

The Rathaus of Basel is characteristic of the city. Not only because of its imposing size, but also because of the rich decorations on the facade and its tower. The Rathaus has a striking red color and is located on Basel’s Marktplatz. The building also has a courtyard that is definitely worth a visit. In addition, guided tours are regularly organized in which you can participate. You can therefore admire the Rathaus from the inside. The building is home to the administration of Basel and symbolizes the battle that used to be waged between the inhabitants of the city and the episcopal administration.

#6. Drielandenpunt

Basel is of course the city of the Drielandenpunt. Here you can be in Germany, France and Switzerland almost at the same time. The point is located on an island in De Rijn. There are many shipping companies that provide several daily boat trips to the Drielandenpunt. At the point you can also admire the huge artwork made of metal. This is placed to symbolize the coming together of the three countries. Near the Drielandenpunt in Basel you can also admire various dialects and poetry. You can also enjoy the beautiful view of the Rhine and the Dreiländerbrücke if you take a seat on the terrace of the associated restaurant.

#7. The Rhine

Basel is inextricably linked to the river Rhine. This river also ensures the division in the city between Kleinbasel and Altstadt. The quay that is connected to the river is a place where you can enjoy a nice meal or a drink. There are therefore more than enough beach bars from which you can choose. Swimming in the Rhine is also a highlight. Partly because of the fast-flowing water of the river. Not only tourists take advantage of a refreshing dip during hot days, but the Rhine is also a favorite meeting place for the people of Basel. During the summer season, the quay is decorated with tropical palm trees and lazy hammocks for a nice lazy afternoon in the sun.

#8. Spalentor

The Spalentor in Basel is also called the Spalentor. It is one of the old city gates that the city has known and dates from 1400. The Spalentor is actually a gate tower which gave access to France. You can find the tower in the botanical garden of the University of Basel. In fact, the tower now only serves as a landmark for the city. Together with the St.Alban-Tor and the St.Johanns-Tor which also withstood the expansion of Basel in the 19th century. The Spalentor is a nice sight for tourists, and belongs to both the national and cultural heritage importance of the Swiss city.

#9. Mittlere Brucke

The Mittlere Brücke spans the River Rhine and is an important landmark for the city. The bridge has a medieval appearance, but was radically renovated in 1905. The appearance of the bridge built in 1226 has been preserved, but the construction is now made of stone instead of wood. A replica was also made of the Mittlere Brücke chapel. This chapel bears the name Kappelijoch and symbolizes the place where criminals used to be convicted and executed. The Mittlere Brücke is a famous landmark. Not only because of the special appearance of the bridge, but also because from the bridge you have a panoramic view of the city of Basel and the river below.

#10. Tinguely Fountain

The Tinguely Fountain can be found on the Theaterplatz in the center of the city. The fountain takes its name from its designer, Jean Tinguely. The fountain is shallow and features various works of art that each move in their own way. This spectacle is therefore more than worth a visit if you are visiting the city of Basel. Around the Tinguely Fountain you will find various places where you can enjoy the peace or a nice picnic. To honor the artist in a special way, you can also visit the museum of the same name, which is located next to the fountain. The museum exhibits various special works of art by Jean Tinguely.

Basel, Switzerland