Sibenik, Croatia

Sibenik is one of the most colorful cities in Central Dalmatia. Founded in 1066, it has several very famous monuments of history and culture – the Cathedral of St. James, 31 meters high, the fortress of St. Anne, the “Rector’s Palace”. The narrow winding streets of the Old Town, ancient buildings, pavements made of stone polished over the centuries have turned this amazing city into an open-air museum.

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In general, Sibenik will delight first of all fans of the “excursion”: this is not a resort town. You can also hunt small game here, go rowing or sail on a yacht, diving enthusiasts will not be disappointed either. Every summer, the International Festival of Children is held here and the “Summer Organ School” is opened.

Phone numbers

8-10-385-22-phone number

How to get there

The ancient Croatian town of Sibenik is currently one of the most popular resorts in this country. It is located at the mouth of the Krka River, on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. The nearest international airport in Split from Sibenik is only 60 km of excellent highway, so the transfer is not problematic.

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A bit of history

The city was founded in 1066 by the Croatian king Petar Kresimir IV, and, besides being a resort, the city is well known to experts in European architecture: the Cathedral of this city was built according to a technique unique for those years, it was assembled from huge stone slabs. The magnificent building combines the features typical of both the Romanesque style and Gothic motifs. To this day, this cathedral is a unique testimony to the ingenuity of bygone generations, their creativity and the highest artistic taste. The Cathedral is the semantic center of the city and one of its symbols.

Hotels and restaurants

There are enough hotels in Sibenik to take everyone on vacation, but it makes sense to book a room, as well as in any resort in the world, in advance, then the price can be much lower, and the variety of offers is much wider.

The restaurants and cafes of the resort offer first-class cuisine: international, European, Asian and local dishes harmoniously complement each other. Shopping in Šibenik can also be interesting: numerous shops offer not only things of famous brands, but also products made in local workshops in small, sometimes only a few pieces, batches.

Sibenik beaches

All beach hotels are located about 6 km from the center of Šibenik. The local beach is sandy.

Spa and treatment

In 2002, a thalassotherapy center was opened in one of the Sibenik hotels Ivan 3 * (former Millenium Club), consisting of 6 pools with heated water (from +28 °C to +30 °C). Four pools – with sea water, and two – with fresh water. Medicinal muds are widely used in the center.

Entertainment and attractions of Sibenik

The Cathedral of St. James is a unique white-stone cathedral of the 15th century, built from solid stone blocks. Fortress of St. Nicholas, built in the 16th century on a small island to protect the city from the sea. Fortress of St. Anna on top of a hill above the city. The city hall building with beautiful arcades, the Franciscan monastery with the Museum of Medieval Prints, the Church of St. Barbara with a permanent exhibition of medieval church art, the Archbishop’s Palace and the Prince’s Palace (now the city museum). Built in the 16th century, the New Church is famous for its unique frescoes, which many tourists from all over the world come to admire.

In the ancient buildings of the city and its straight lines, a specialist will immediately see the influence of Venetian traditions and views on urban planning. Like most of the city of Dalmatia, Sibenik looks bright and elegant, the reason for this is the active use of the famous Brač stone for facing its buildings and streets. This stone is mined in the quarries of the Croatian island of Brac and is famous for its unique shade of white, which seems to be illuminated from within. As you know, it is with this stone that the White House in Washington is faced.


Resort life in Sibenik is rich and varied. First of all, it is filled with sports and activities. The remarkable position of the city – at the same time on the sea, river and lake – allows you to offer those who wish the whole range of water sports, from diving to rafting. Active beach activities are possible on all beaches of the area: water slides, parasailing, skiing are at the service of children and adults. Numerous volleyball courts and well-equipped tennis courts will impress fans of these sports. Such rather exotic entertainments as archery shooting ranges and various aviation programs are also offered to those who wish, which, for example, allow you to view the region from a helicopter.

Weather in Šibenik

As a resort, Sibenik is famous for its small-pebble, rather wide beaches, mild climate and rich diverse vegetation. It is attractive, first of all, for Russian tourists and tourists from European countries. This is understandable: in Sibenik, on average, there are 300 sunny days a year.

The warmest month here is August, at the same time the water warms up to the highest mark – 27 degrees. And the most daring open the swimming season in May, when the water temperature reaches 18 degrees. It is interesting to note that even in the coldest months of the year – in January and February – the water temperature does not drop below 15 degrees.

Sibenik, Croatia