Sarawak and Tioman, Malaysia


In the state of Sarawak (Sarawak) in the west of the island – dense jungle, good beaches, picturesque islands off the coast and the largest caves in the world. There are absolutely unimaginable animals found there: a doe the size of a cat, an owl 15 cm high and a butterfly with a wingspan of 30 cm.

The jungle covers two-thirds of Sarawak, and its 1.7 million people belong to 23 ethnic groups. The state is famous for its treasures of folk culture and nature, and the protected hornbill is considered its symbol.

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In addition, Sarawak, located in the northwest of the island of Kalimantan, is the largest state in Malaysia. It borders the state of Sabah, Indonesia, and the Sultanate of Brunei.

Kuching (Cat City), the capital of the state of Sarawak, is a quiet provincial town with many antique shops and tiny sampan boats parading along the river for hours. Of the attractions – the palace, fort, court and museum of Sarawak. From the village of Kampung Bako near Kuching, motorboats (40 RM for 1-8 people) go to Bako National Park (10 RM).

How to get to Sarawak

The state’s two international airports are located in Kuching and Miri. Domestic airports and runways are available at Sibu, Bintulu, Kapit, Belaga, Marudi and Limbang.

Malaysia Airlines fly to Kuching and Miri from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Kota Kinabalu. Royal Brunei Airlines flights land in Kuching three times a week.

Merpati Airlines flies through Pontianak in Indonesia.

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Weather in Sarawak

The climate of the state is equatorial, hot and humid. The air temperature all year round is +26…28 °C. Precipitation falls up to 4000 mm per year.

Sarawak hotels

Finding shelter in the main cities of the state is not a problem. More than 50 hotels await tourists in this tropical paradise, from unpretentious Chinese establishments to five-star hotels. The price range can be from 30 to 500 MYR.

Sarawak cuisine

In Sarawak, the cuisines of not only all local ethnic groups, but also the peoples of other countries are represented: Malay, Chinese (including Baba Nyonya), Indian, Japanese, Indonesian and Filipino.

Entertainment and attractions of Sarawak

Sights of Sarawak: ethnographic village or “living museum” – a huge village consisting of separate villages, each of which is built in its own style. Niah caves, the inner walls of which are decorated with drawings of ancient people, a crocodile farm with more than a thousand crocodiles of various species, the Samongok orangutan rehabilitation center, Mulu and Bako state reserves. In addition, you can take a sightseeing tour of the city of Kuching and a safari on the Skrang River.


Tioman is one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world. Here they relax on the beach, go in for diving and water sports (more about dive sites in the article ” Diving on Tioman “). Wealthy newlyweds spend their honeymoon here.

Several villages are scattered along the coast, the largest of which are Salang, Tekek, Genting, Paya and Juara. Each village has its own unique atmosphere.

Every week from Friday to Sunday, Tioman experiences an influx of Singaporeans who love to spend the weekend here. Because of this, there may be problems with diving and places in hotels. The island does not allow the sale of alcoholic beverages outside the hotel.

How to get there

Tioman is located 56 km from the coast of Pahang. The island can be reached by direct flight from Kuala Lumpur (45 minutes) or Singapore with Berjaya Air.

Or by speedboat from Mersing, Johor (1.5 hours). In addition, there is a daily ferry service from Singapore (Tanah Merah Station, 4.5 hours) and the town of Tanjung Gemuk (Pahang State).

The beaches of Tioman

The most popular beaches (and also the best places for snorkelling) are Salang and Air Batang. Other famous beaches are located near the villages of Gentings and Tekek. In the east of the island is the less popular Juara Beach. It is worth taking a boat and sailing to the islets of Mukita and Teluk Nipah, where there are also excellent beaches.

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Tioman Hotels

Tioman provides a wide range of accommodation options, from basic tourist accommodations to five-star hotels, as well as many lodges and chalets on the coast. Most of them are located on the western coast of the island.

Tiomane diving

The island is famous for its corals, abundance of marine life and clear water with visibility up to 33 meters.

People come here to swim side by side with whale sharks – by the way, they are completely safe for humans. The nearby islands of Tulay, Renggis and Sepoy (about an hour by boat) will also not leave indifferent explorers of the underwater depths.

Entertainment and attractions of Tioman

The natural landmark of Tioman is the Donkey Ears Mountain, located in the middle part of Pulau Tioman, overgrown with tropical forest.

Fans of long walks should take a picturesque route across the island from the village of Tekek on the west coast to the village of Dzhuara on the east and back. It is easy to complete in one day, with views of the jungle and beaches on both sides of Tioman along the way.

Granite formations of the island call for feats and rock climbers. The most desperate can try to overcome the sheer cliff of the legendary mountain Gunung-Nenek-Semukut, nicknamed the “Dragon Horns”.

Tioman, Malaysia