Resorts and Attractions of Malta

The islands of Malta are a great place for active tourists and travelers. Yachtsman and windsurfer, diver and diver will find here truly ideal conditions for their favorite sport. Sunny Malta, surrounded by crystal clear waters, is a real paradise that will bring a lot of pleasure to others. For those who are more interested in the cultural and historical past of Malta, really big discoveries await here.

Medina – the city of aristocrats. Medina is an unusually beautiful old capital of Malta. Its history began over 4000 years ago. In its place, the Phoenicians built a powerful fortress. the Maltese nobility to our time lives in the family palaces of the Medina. Visiting the ancient capital, you will see the fortress bastions built in the 9th century. From the bastions on the island offers an excellent panoramic view.

One of the streets of Valletta stores perhaps the oldest theater in Europe, which still delights visitors with its creativity. It was built in 1731 in just one year. The Manoel Theater, whose second name is Manoel Malta, was built at his own expense by Grand Master Antonio Manuel de Vilena from Portugal. The theater is designed for 600 spectators.

In the northern part of the island of Malta is a small but amazingly beautiful town of St. Paul’s Bay. According to legend, the name of the city arose as a result of one incident that happened to the Apostle Paul. The ship on which he sailed from Caesarea to Rome was wrecked, but Paul and his companions managed to escape. It is believed that this happened just in Malta.

In the east of Malta, 5 km. north of Valletta lies Sliema. This is a populous city and at the same time one of the resort towns of Malta. Previously, Sliema was a small fishing village, and began to develop only in the 20th century. Now it is a resort for the rich from Valletta. Their country houses, stunning in their luxury, are located in quiet quarters of the city.

Located near Sliemaresort of St. Julias beckons with its unsurpassed beauty. In this fairly developed town, there are many bars and restaurants where comfort and harmony reign. Also, there were beaches lying on both sides of the Spinola Bay, which attracts attention with its picturesque view.

Among the oldest cities in Malta can be called Zurrik. The city is located in the southeast of the island, 10 km. from the capital. But such proximity to the metropolis does not affect the quiet life of the city, which is facilitated by the absence of a large number of tourists. Since ancient times, these lands have been inhabited, so in the city you can find ruins and monuments of the Bronze and Punic eras, the remains of the activities of the ancient Romans, noble knights and residents of Britain everywhere.

Interesting facts

The island has been inhabited since the 4th century. BC.

According to HEALTHINCLUDE, the main mode of transport is automobile. Movement is left-handed.

The main branch of Malta’s economy is tourism. The country is home to about 375 thousand inhabitants, mainly Maltese.

Alternating current with a voltage of 240 volts single-phase, 50 hertz. Three-pole plugs. The adapter can be bought in Malta. Telephone code: 356.

Prepare clothing suitable for all seasons, sports shoes to roam the rocks, as many beaches are difficult to access. Do not forget a small hat to protect yourself from the sun and sunglasses, sunblock.

There are no rivers or mountains in Malta. The terraced fields descending from the slopes of the hills, separated from each other by low stone walls, are the most characteristic feature of the Maltese landscape. The deeply indented coast of Malta forms numerous harbours, rocky bays and sandy beaches. The coastline of Malta is 137 km and Gozo is 43 km.

The main shopping is done around the main street of Republic St. The street passing through the market is called Merchant St.: there are shops selling clothes, mostly jeans from American firms, at very good prices.
South Street is a shopping street selling clothes, postcards, cameras, and books.
Santa Lucia is a street of jewelers. Here, the eyes simply run wide, as the jewelry items of the masters occupy almost all the showcases.
The Sunday market of Valletta is located near the inn of Castile. The Maltese call it Il-Monti. Here you can buy lace, clothes, plants, embroidery, antiques, newspapers. Open from 6.30 to 13.00.

Clothing and items for personal use are not subject to customs duty. Each adult can bring into the country 200 cigarettes, 1 liter of liquor and 1 liter of wine. Import of currency: up to 50 Maltese lira per person in banknotes or coins, foreign currency, including traveler’s and payment checks, can be imported unlimitedly. Persons permanently residing outside of Malta must declare the currency they are bringing in upon entry. Export of currency: up to 25 Maltese lira per person in banknotes or coins; persons permanently residing outside of Malta may take out unspent foreign currency declared upon entry. There are new Maltese gold and silver coins on official sale (gold coins worth 25, 50 and 100 lire in gold and silver coins worth 1, 2 and 5 lira). These coins are sold at a premium. For their export, an export permit is required, which can be obtained from the Central Bank of Malta.

Tipping is usually given in the amount of 5-10% of the cost of service, provided that you are well served.

The official languages ​​are Maltese and English. The Maltese language has many Arabic and Romance words in its lexicon. Many people understand Italian.

Attractions of Malta