Rental of Toys on

Rental of Toys on

No shelves and cabinets overflowing with toys. Have you thought about giving the child your sense of fun with a different toy per month, without spending a lot of money and not run the risk of the infant items become part of the decor? Fun, economy, comfort, space and preservation. Why not rent toys instead of buying? This is the idea of PEREPEPE.COM, a virtual company of Campo Grande (MS) that puts at the disposal of dads, moms and kids a huge variety of toys that can be received at the door of your House and returned when leaving of interest to your child, avoiding spending and accumulation of space. And what’s even better, we all helped in the preservation of the environment. The goal is the practice of sustainable consumption through the rent of toys!

Rental of Toys on

This is an excellent alternative for parents who know that toys are expensive and have short shelf life as a result of the rapid development of children, besides the decrease of the mess with toys stored that are no longer used. The PEREPEPE.COM has several different models of products from the best brands, separated by age group, that meet in the 5 0 years. The entire process of hiring is done over the internet, on the website, where the interested can register and choose your subscription plan, with prices ranging from R $75.00 to R$179,00 per month. The payment is also made by internet, through PayPal, where you can choose to Bank, deposit or credit card. Then just wait for the toys arrive to your home, with free shipping. They can take up to 4 working days and on the eve of the delivery you will receive an email or sms confirming the sending of toys. Legal neh?! Ahhhh …. and the subscription plan does not win, it is renewed automatically every month and, if you wish, the cancellation is simple and fast! Excellent guess also for the aunties and grannies who receive only once in a while the children at home. The kids didn’t like the toys? They weren’t bored? Want news? Just get some new toys!

Advantages in renting toys:

  • Saving money – more variety of toys spending less;
  • Quality of toys-modern and safe toys that contribute to children’s development;
  • Gain of time – get and return the toys without leaving home;
  • Reduction of mess-avoid storing toys that are no longer used;
  • Preservation of nature – avoid waste and practise the conscientious consumption.

Muiiito cool, right? Super support this idea!

See some toys that can be rented at PEREPEPE.COM !!!

Suuuper guess also for those who want to give a child!

You can buy a gift certificate according to the packages offered by PEREPEPE.COM …

Choose your subscription plan, with prices ranging from R $75.00 to R$179,00 per month.

The PEREPEPE.COM offers a variety of options, this is just some of what we may find out there.

And ae moms, like the guess? Got interested?

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