Raton, New Mexico Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to sciencedict, Raton, New Mexico is a small city located in Colfax County near the border of Colorado and Oklahoma. It is bordered by several towns and cities including Clayton, Springer, Mosquero, Folsom, and Capulin. Clayton is located just 8 miles to the west of Raton and is the county seat of Union County. It’s home to a variety of historic buildings dating back to the late 1800s including a courthouse that has been standing since 1894.

Springer is located about 25 miles to the northwest of Raton and is known for its annual Springerfest celebration which takes place in June each year and celebrates the town’s German heritage with music, food, and festivities. Mosquero is about 15 miles to the south of Raton and offers visitors stunning views of red mesas as well as great fishing opportunities along its two local rivers – Canadian River and Cimarron River.

Folsom lies just 30 miles east of Raton on Highway 64 and features several historical sites such as Folsom Museum & Library as well as Folsom Historic District which contains over 50 buildings from the late 1800s including homes, businesses, churches, schools and more. Finally, Capulin lies about 40 miles northeast of Raton near Capulin Volcano National Monument where visitors can explore lava tubes or hike around an extinct volcano crater.

Raton provides visitors with easy access to a variety of towns that offer unique attractions such as historic sites, outdoor recreational activities or festivals celebrating local culture. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just want to explore some interesting places nearby – these neighboring towns are definitely worth exploring.

Population of Raton, New Mexico

Raton, New Mexico

According to eshaoxing, Raton, New Mexico is a small city located in Colfax County near the border of Colorado and Oklahoma. According to the most recent estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau, Raton has a population of 6,918 people. The population is predominantly Caucasian (71%), with Hispanics making up 24% of the population and African Americans accounting for 1%. The median age in Raton is 38 years old and the gender ratio is nearly even with females making up 50% of the population and males making up 49%.

The population of Raton has remained relatively steady over the past several decades with only minor fluctuations due to economic factors or migration trends. In terms of education, about 89% of adults in Raton have a high school diploma or higher while only 18% have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. Additionally, the average household income in Raton is $36,964 per year which is slightly below both state and national averages.

Raton is also home to a large number of veterans with 8% of its adult population having served in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Additionally, there are over 400 active duty military personnel living in Raton as well as over 800 military veterans from previous wars such as Vietnam or World War II.

Raton offers visitors an opportunity to experience small-town life while still being within close proximity to larger cities such as Albuquerque or Santa Fe for those looking for bigger city amenities. With its diverse population and unique cultural attractions, Raton can be an ideal destination for those looking to explore this corner of New Mexico.

Schools and education of Raton, New Mexico

Raton, New Mexico is home to a number of public and private schools that provide educational opportunities to the city’s residents. The Raton Municipal School District is the largest school district in Colfax County and serves students in grades pre-K through 12th grade. The district consists of six elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, one alternative education center, and one vocational-technical center. All of the schools are accredited by the New Mexico Public Education Department which ensures that students receive a quality education.

In addition to the public school system, there are also a number of private schools in Raton that provide an alternative education option for families. These include St. Patrick’s Catholic School and Raton Christian Academy which both offer programs for preschool through 8th grade students as well as high school options for those interested in continuing their education beyond 8th grade.

In terms of higher education opportunities, Raton is home to Northeastern Junior College which provides college courses and degree programs for both traditional and non-traditional students. Additionally, there are several universities located within a few hour’s drive from Raton such as University of New Mexico or Colorado State University-Pueblo which allow students to pursue four-year degrees while still living close to home.

Raton offers its residents a wide range of educational options from early childhood learning all the way up through college-level courses. With its variety of public and private schools as well as nearby universities, Raton provides an ideal setting for those interested in furthering their educational goals.

Landmarks in Raton, New Mexico

Raton, New Mexico is home to a number of attractions and landmarks that make it a great destination for both locals and visitors alike. One of the most popular landmarks in Raton is the historic Shuler Theater which was built in 1922. The theater is a classic example of the Spanish Colonial Revival style of architecture and has been restored to its original state with its ornate façade and interior details. The theater hosts regular plays, concerts, and other events throughout the year.

The Raton Museum is another popular landmark located in downtown Raton. Housed in the former Carnegie Library, the museum features exhibits on local history as well as artwork from local artists. Visitors can explore displays of Native American history and culture, early pioneers, and more while visiting this fascinating museum.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Raton is home to the Sugarite State Park which features over 2,000 acres of land with camping sites, fishing spots, and hiking trails. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of wildlife in the park including deer, elk, and beavers. The park is also home to some of the best bird watching opportunities in the area with over 80 species of birds that can be seen throughout the year.

The Raton Pass is another popular landmark in the area which provides stunning views of Raton and its surrounding region. The pass was originally used by Native Americans and later by Spanish settlers as a way to cross between New Mexico and Colorado. Today, visitors can take a drive along this historic path for incredible views of the surrounding landscape.

Finally, no visit to Raton would be complete without a visit to the Capulin Volcano National Monument. Located just a few miles outside of town, this dormant volcano offers visitors breathtaking vistas from its rim as well as trails that wind through its interior for those looking for more adventurous hikes.