Port Antonio, Jamaica

Port Antonio is a quiet town where the wealthy part of the country’s population lives. The resort is very calm, completely devoid of fuss; it is surrounded by virgin jungle, home to exotic birds and butterflies. Also, the surroundings of Port Antonio are famous for their beautiful waterfalls, many of which fall directly into the sea. The waters of the ocean off the coast have been declared a marine reserve, and the world-famous film of the same name is filmed in the famous Blue Lagoon of Port Antonio.

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How to get to Port Antonio

The nearest airport to Port Antonio is located in the capital – Kingston – this is the Norman Manley International Airport. From it, as well as from Montego Bay, where charters from Russia arrive, Port Antonio can be reached by domestic flight to the Ken Jones airfield (on the way from 40 minutes to an hour). Airlines flying Intl. Air Link, TimAir and others.

In addition, the resort can be reached by a rented car. From Montego Bay, the journey will take about 4.5 hours, from Kingston – 2.5 hours.

ATMs and credit cards

The resort has three ATMs: two on Harbor Street – RBTT Bank and Scotia Bank, and First Caribbean Bank ATM at the intersection of West and Harbor streets.

Most hotels and restaurants in Port Antonio accept credit cards, including American Express, Visa and Master Card. There will be no problems with travel checks either.

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Transport Port Antonio

The best way to get around the resort is on foot or by bike. If you wish, you can, of course, use a taxi, public or hotel transport or rent a car.

It is better to use a taxi that has a red license with the mysterious letters “pp” – they are the most reliable and safe.

It is better to use a taxi that has a red license with the mysterious letters “pp” – they are the most reliable and safe. However, the fare in any case should be negotiated in advance, before boarding.

Port Antonio Hotels

In the resort you can find high-quality hotels, cozy villas, and even family pensions. For example, you can stay in one of the most luxurious hotels in all of Jamaica – the Art-Gallery Jamaica Palace. Or in the family hotel Fern Hill Club, where there are only 30 rooms, which means that nothing will disturb the peace and privacy of tourists.

Those who prefer to stay in one of the luxurious villas of Port Antonio will obviously not be offended. Their chic, intimate atmosphere is ideal for honeymooners and family travellers. Belmont Villa has three bedrooms and breathtaking views of the Blue Mountains. Blue Lagoon – one of the best on the coast, offers four bedrooms. But Ocean Shell Villa & Spa has its own beach. An excellent economical option would be the Goblin Hill villas, which are located on a picturesque hill, have one or two bedrooms and a “hostess” who cooks and takes care of the guests.

Car rental

Renting a car in Port Antonio is not cheap. In addition, most car rental companies do not offer “complete insurance” that would cover any scratches, dents or damage to the car in general. If you are not planning a full tour of the island, but only one-time trips to nearby waterfalls and attractions, it will be cheaper and more convenient to hire a car with a driver-guide (in search of such a universal assistant, contact the reception of your hotel).

Jamaican roads, alas, do not have good coverage and it is rare here when there are night light reflectors. Therefore, traveling by car in the dark is a dubious pleasure.


Perhaps the best place for a hearty lunch or dinner in Port Antonio is the beach. There are more than enough of all kinds of restaurants and cafes with excellent sea views. For example, on the Boston Bay beach at the Jerk Center, in the Chill Out cafe or Cool Runnings on the Long Bay beach. On Winifred Beach, there is also a place to look – to the Cynthia and Painter restaurant. The locals are very respectful (and not in vain) of the following establishments:

  • Anna Bananas offers an authentic Jamaican breakfast (how, you don’t know what that is?), as well as lunch and dinner. There are also two billiard tables to pass the evening.
  • CC’s Bakery and Coronation Bakery offer the best bread on the coast. Try hard-dough bread or holey bulla (something like our native donut), all of which can be taken to the beach with you.
  • Sista P’s Lioness (address: 10 Mathews avenue), located at the end of Mannings Street, is one of Port Antonio’s hidden gems. Here you can taste amazing vegetarian dishes served on banana leaves. Lunch must be ordered a day in advance. Phone: 876-715-3529.
  • Jamaican cuisine can be sampled at two cafes: Dicky’s Best Kept Secret on Bryan’s Bay Beach and Woody’s Low Bridge at Drapers. Great prices, cozy atmosphere and delicious food.
  • On the way to rafting and back, many people prefer to stop at Miss Betty’s cafe on the coast of Rio Grande – the best place for a hearty lunch.
  • Mille Fleurs is a new Caribbean cuisine, a very romantic place with candles, a picturesque terrace and breathtaking views of the coast. The restaurant is located at the Mocking Bird Hill Hotel; serving vegetarian dishes; for large groups, it is worth booking a table in advance: 876-993-7267, 876-993-7134.
  • Norma’s Restaurant, located in Port Antonio Marina, offers an eclectic mix of modern and traditional Jamaican cuisine with stunning views of the marina. Tel: 876-993-9510
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Shopping and shopping in Port Antonio

The resort has many souvenir shops where you can buy authentic handmade souvenirs. For example, handmade paper at The Lioness at 10 Matthews Avenue. Or paintings by local artist Mr. Stewart, which can be purchased in the studio on Turtle Crawl.

A large selection of sculptures and paintings is also on display at the Carriacou Gallery. In addition, there are souvenir shops in a large shopping center in the city (in the building of St. George). The authorities also promise to open a duty-free shop in the port soon.

Musgrave Market, built during the “banana boom”, is one of the most colorful and original on the entire coast. Here you can buy fresh vegetables, meat, fish, clothes and souvenirs made by the skillful hands of the Jamaicans. Musgrave is open almost all week, but the main market day is Saturday, when the market is seething and flooded with a crowd of smiling and hospitable locals. The market is closed on Sundays.

Port Antonio, Jamaica