Popular Malaga

Anyone who loves sunbathing, swimming and at the same time wants to enjoy the cultural life should definitely travel to Malaga. The small port city located on the southern coast of Spain feels like it has a really genuine atmosphere and the tourism here is not on an enormous scale. Malaga is so far less touristy than many other places in Southern Europe. An authentic Spanish feel permeates the city. The port of Malaga is an important part of the city’s tourism industry and is a famous place for its rich business life.

Malaga is bursting with cultural history. This city was Picasso’s home and there are two major art museums to visit. A large culture house has also been built in modern times.
At the art museums, paintings by both Picasso and Flamencon can be viewed.

What makes Malaga such a popular destination can be due to the weather and climate, among other things. In Malaga, the weather usually offers pleasant spring and summer heat that many Scandinavians lack during the dark seasons. The city is protected by mountains all around which also contributes to the weather being usually warm all year round.

In Malaga there are traces of history everywhere. One can discern the Moors’ past in the city that has left an impression on the formatting of buildings, the language and the culture.
The name of the city was first Malaka.

This beautiful city has many historical sights and one of them is an ancient fortress called Alcazaba. It is located on the outskirts of Malaga. The fortress is originally from the era when Arabs ruled the city.

The fortress has been renovated a lot over the years, and here tourists can enjoy beautiful fountains in beautiful gardens and an incredibly beautiful view from the top. The fortress is definitely worth a visit.

In Malaga you can also enjoy the proximity to the sea. The city has a lot to offer when it comes to excursions at sea. You can, for example, go on a mini cruise with tours of the entire Mediterranean. It is very affordable and as a tourist you get to experience and see a lot of different places in a short time without it becoming too crowded schedule. It is also possible to go on excursions with smaller boats for swimming, and those who dare to go further out have the opportunity to dive with dolphins. It is a very popular tourist activity that many remember for the rest of their lives.

You can also make an excursion in the form of a walk up the river Chilla in Nerja. It is a very fun and interesting experience for all tourists. For many Spaniards, this has become an annual tradition in the summer where everyone can participate to some extent. But when the water gets colder and deeper, some have to stop and interrupt the “river walk”.

Malaga is definitely a city worth visiting. It includes so much of the authentic Spanish cultural life, but also invites to sunbathing and swimming with its nice long and beautiful beaches. In Taden there are also tourist buses for which you can easily buy tickets. These buses are so-called hop-on hop-off buses which means that you can hop on and off anywhere in the city. In this way you get the opportunity to experience and see many different places.

Popular Malaga