Pitsunda, Abkhazia

Guide to Pitsunda: how to get there and where to stay, what to see and where to sunbathe. The most interesting in Pitsunda: fresh reviews and photos, places worth seeing, branded entertainment and beaches.

The ancient Greeks, founding their settlement on the Black Sea, did not think long about what name to give it. The ancient pine forest, intoxicating with its coniferous aroma, seems to have made an indelible impression on the conquerors accustomed to desert landscapes. Pitiunt or “pine” – this Greek name has passed through the centuries and transformed into the Abkhaz – Pitsunda. Everything is just as beautiful here: warm sea, bright sun, soft sand and, of course, pine trees.

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Pitsunda is not large – as a result of various political events, less than 4 thousand inhabitants remained in the city. Life here largely depends on resort activities, so vacationers are sincerely welcome and try to do everything to increase the flow of tourists to Pitsunda.

A bit of history

A characteristic quadrangular fortress with towers at the corners – the castella – was built by the Romans in the 2nd century AD. e. on the site of the present city of Pitsunda. Judging by the excavations, the command of one of the Roman garrisons was once located here. In later times, mentions of Pitsunda are found in many documents and testify to the important role of the city in the life of the region. Pitsunda survived more than one invasion, but this did not lead to desolation, the city was constantly reborn to life. Since the end of the 20th century, it has been part of the united Abkhazian-Georgian state.

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How to get to Pitsunda

The trip to Pitsunda is not a big problem, especially if the journey starts on the Black Sea coast of Russia. Border formalities do not take much time, and a large selection of transport at an affordable price allows you to get to the city quickly and comfortably. Buses run here, and there are also trains to Gagra, located 25 km away. Detailed information on how to get to Pitsunda is presented here.

Pitsunda Hotels

Popular boarding houses and sanatoriums of Pitsunda are combined into the so-called “Pitsunda Resort”, which includes 7 boarding houses. But tourists go not only here. 8 km south of Pitsunda is the famous boarding house “Mussera” named after. Lakoba, located in the Myusser Reserve on a picturesque hill.

Despite the fact that most vacationers are accommodated in boarding houses, Pitsunda has a fairly large selection of hotels. As a rule, these are small guest houses, where tourists are hosted by the owners themselves. There are also large hotels, for example, Boxwood Grove and Apsara.

The average cost of a night in Pitsunda hotels is 800-3500 RUB per day. The price depends on the season and location relative to the sea. Large boarding houses almost always include food in the price, in small hotels, as a rule, food is provided for an additional fee.


As such, there is no public transport in Pitsunda – this is due to the small size of the city and its compactness. Pitsunda and nearby settlements are connected by fixed-route taxis, which can take you to your destination within the city; the trip will cost 24-58 RUB. Minibuses run regularly, however, it is problematic to leave them at a later time – transport almost does not run after 19:00. If necessary, tourists can walk or take a taxi. The latter is represented exclusively by private traders, the price of the trip is from 100 RUB. Prices on the page are for March 2021.

Communication and Wi-Fi

Today, two local mobile operators operate in Abkhazia – A-Mobile and Aquafon. The coverage area of ​​these companies almost completely covers the territory of the country, providing good communication quality in all cities. In Abkhazia, roaming of the largest Russian mobile operators (MTS, Beeline, Megafon) operates at international call rates, so it is better to purchase a SIM card on the spot. In Pitsunda, this can be done at the Aquafon office on the street. Gitsba, in front of the temple. If the phone supports the 3G communication standard, local operators will provide services, including mobile Internet, at high speed. You can pay for mobile communication services at payment points using payment cards sold everywhere, and payment acceptance terminals.

The best way to access the Internet in Pitsunda is through a smartphone, via mobile Internet. You can use a computer in local boarding houses. Wi-Fi in Pitsunda is not very common, the worldwide network is accessed here mainly through LAN or mobile modems.

The beaches of Pitsunda

Beaches are exactly what people keep coming to Pitsunda for — the popular Black Sea resort is famous for its wide pebbly and sandy beaches. Pitsunda is located on a large promontory protruding into the sea, on which a forest of relic pines spreads, saturating everything around with a healing aroma.

Pitsunda beaches are an ideal place for a quiet family vacation. A harmonious mixture of mountain, coniferous and sea air creates a unique microclimate here. Sea water on the coast of Pitsunda is the cleanest and most transparent on the entire Black Sea coast. In the local bay, there are almost never storms or any major sea waves.

The symbol of Pitsunda is 7 skyscrapers located right on the seashore. It is they who appear before the eyes of a tourist when it comes to local beaches. In high-rise buildings there are boarding houses of the Pitsunda Resort complex. The promenade with numerous attractions, cafes and restaurants winds along the coast in a wide strip.


Despite the problems that the city authorities are now puzzled to solve, the flow of people wishing to relax in Pitsunda is slowly but surely growing. Local boarding houses and sanatoriums treat colds and allergic diseases, alleviate the symptoms of diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. The local conditions are also suitable for the improvement of children.

On the territory of the resort, sanatoriums and boarding houses have been built and operate, providing modern medical services. Association “Resort Pitsunda” is located in the center of the resort on the seashore, surrounded by a relict pine forest. These are 7 stationary 14-storey boarding houses, which are considered the symbol of Pitsunda.

There are no industries nearby, which provides an excellent ecological environment. The water in Pitsunda is so clean that you can see an object in it at a depth of 10 m.

Treatment in Pitsunda is recommended for people living in ecologically unfavorable areas or working at polluted enterprises.

Sea water at Cape Pitsunda and in the Ldzaa region is the cleanest and most transparent in the entire Black Sea.

What to bring

Pitsunda is a Caucasian town, so it is reasonable to bring something purely Caucasian from there. For example, seasonings. Like in many Abkhazian cities, there are many stalls in Pitsunda selling both individual spices (barberry, cloves, cilantro) and ready-made mixtures: for kharcho, for barbecue, for fish, etc.

If the way home is not very long, you can buy local suluguni cheese. If there is no desire to take risks with the delivery of fermented milk products, you should turn your attention to dried fruits and local canned sweets. An unusual gift will be Abkhaz honey of a rare variety: chestnut, eucalyptus, blackberry.

In Abkhazia in general and in Pitsunda in particular, there is a real cult of coffee. Every self-respecting tourist should try the local invigorating drink, and you can buy an original Turk as a keepsake.

Original clay products are in demand. Earrings and bracelets, pots and mugs are often brought from Pitsunda as souvenirs. The specific firing technology makes clay products very beautiful, but quite fragile. Souvenirs can be bought in many shops in Pitsunda, but it is best to do it directly from the artisans.

What to try

To visit Abkhazia and not try local cheeses is a real crime. Suluguni and Achayur, Achvadza and Akhacha – all of them are considered a real treasure. In Pitsunda, they are served in cafes and restaurants and sold by weight in markets and shops. Cheese is used in another local culinary attraction – the Abkhaz khachapur (that’s right, khachapur), or achasha. Khachapur is better to buy in local shops and eat on the go or sitting on the seashore.

Meat is traditionally very popular. Here, lamb, beef and pork are cooked, abundantly marinated in a mixture of Caucasian spices. The finished dish is always served with a spicy sauce based on tomatoes or, more often, cherry plums. It would be nice to order a bottle of local wine for meat. Good and inexpensive alcohol is a reality for Pitsunda. Fans of stronger drinks will love the local chacha. The scalding drink instantly warms up your appetite and opens up opportunities to try even more Abkhazian dishes. For example, local river trout on coals.

You can finish dinner with a dessert called “janjukha”. This is the Abkhaz analogue of churchkhela, which, unlike the Georgian relative, is made from hazelnuts – hazelnuts.

Cafes and restaurants in Pitsunda

The city is replete with various food facilities: restaurants, cafes, canteens, bars. It’s not a problem to choose a good cafe for both a light afternoon snack and a hearty dinner. Many establishments are located on the territory of the largest boarding houses, and some even on the roofs of local skyscrapers. Presented in Pitsunda is the traditional Abkhazian format of the catering facility – patskha, or apatskha. Here they serve hominy, smoked meat, cheese and, of course, they pour delicious wine and chacha. In general, Pitsunda patskhi is an ideal place to get acquainted with the rich Abkhazian cuisine.

In Pitsunda, you can afford to please your stomach without significant harm to your wallet – this resort has low prices, especially compared to Sochi. The average cost of dinner in a cafe: 300-500 RUB, in a restaurant: 500-800 RUB.

At the local Central Market, you can buy everything you need for self-cooking a Caucasian-style dinner.

Pitsunda, Abkhazia