Pirtleville, Arizona Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to aviationopedia, Pirtleville, Arizona is a small town located in the far southwest corner of Arizona, just north of the Mexican border. It is bordered by other small towns such as Douglas, Bisbee, and Tombstone, as well as unincorporated communities such as Miracle Valley and Palominas. The area surrounding Pirtleville is generally rural and sparsely populated.

Douglas is located about 25 miles southeast of Pirtleville. It is the second-largest city in Cochise County with a population of around 17,000 people. Douglas was founded in 1901 by cattle rancher James Douglas and has since grown into an important economic center for the region. It is home to a variety of industries including copper mining, cattle ranching, farming, manufacturing, retail trade, and tourism.

Bisbee is located about 40 miles southeast of Pirtleville on the banks of the San Pedro River. This former mining town was founded in 1880 and has since become an important cultural center for southeastern Arizona. It boasts several historic sites including its old mining district which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. Bisbee also offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking trails and camping sites at nearby Chiricahua National Monument and Coronado National Forest.

Tombstone lies about 45 miles northwest of Pirtleville near the Dragoon Mountains. This Wild West town was founded in 1877 by Ed Schieffelin who discovered silver deposits while prospecting for ore deposits in nearby hillsides. Although it no longer has any active mines or smelters, it still remains an iconic destination for tourists with its many historical attractions such as Boot Hill Cemetery and O K Corral gunfight site.

Miracle Valley lies just north of Pirtleville near the Mexican border with a population estimated at around 400 people according to 2010 census data. This unincorporated community was established by evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson who came to this area during the 1930s to preach her Pentecostal faith beliefs among local Native American tribespeople living there at that time period. Today, Miracle Valley serves primarily as a spiritual retreat center for various Christian denominations throughout southern Arizona with its numerous churches dotting its landscape throughout this peaceful oasis in the desert southwest region of Arizona state.

Pirtleville, Arizona

Population of Pirtleville, Arizona

According to etaizhou, Pirtleville, Arizona is a small town located in Cochise County in the southwestern part of the state. According to the 2010 census, Pirtleville has a population of 1,892 people. This makes it the smallest incorporated municipality in Cochise County, and one of the smallest towns in Arizona. The population is largely made up of Latino Americans, who account for more than 80% of the population.

The median age for residents of Pirtleville is 32.3 years old, which is lower than both the national and state average. The median household income is $24,746 per year, compared to $53,482 for Arizona as a whole. The poverty rate for Pirtleville is also higher than both state and national averages at 33%.

The majority of Pirtleville residents (83%) are U.S.-born citizens while 17% are foreign-born immigrants from countries such as Mexico (36%), El Salvador (17%), Guatemala (8%), Honduras (6%) and Nicaragua (5%). Most households are headed by single parents with children under 18 years old representing more than 40% of all households in town.

The majority of residents work outside of town either at nearby Douglas or Tombstone or commute to cities such as Tucson or Phoenix for work. Agriculture continues to be an important industry in Pirtleville with many locals working on farms or ranches throughout Cochise County. There are also several small businesses located in town offering services such as auto repair shops and restaurants that provide employment opportunities for some residents as well.

Schools and education of Pirtleville, Arizona

Pirtleville, Arizona is served by the Pirtleville Elementary School District. The district includes one elementary school (grades K-6) and one middle school (grades 7-8). The district is overseen by a five member board of trustees and is funded through a combination of local taxes, state grants, and federal funds.

The elementary school in Pirtleville has an enrollment of around 200 students with a student to teacher ratio of 16 to 1. The school offers core academic classes such as math, science, language arts, and social studies as well as art, music, physical education and health classes. Additionally, the school offers an after-school program for students that provides homework help and enrichment activities such as sports leagues.

The middle school in Pirtleville has an enrollment of around 150 students with a student to teacher ratio of 13 to 1. As with the elementary school, the middle school offers core academic classes as well as physical education and health classes. Additionally, there are several extracurricular activities available for students such as band or choir programs, chess club or robotics teams.

The high school students in Pirtleville attend Douglas High School which is part of the Douglas Unified School District located about 20 miles away in Douglas AZ. Douglas High School has an enrollment of over 2200 students with a student to teacher ratio of 21 to 1. Students have access to both college preparatory courses and career technical education courses that provide hands on learning experiences in various fields such as automotive repair or culinary arts.

Pirtleville Elementary School District also provides access to special education services for children who qualify based on their individual needs. These services are available at both the elementary and middle schools through specially trained staff members who work with these children on a daily basis to ensure their educational needs are met.

Landmarks in Pirtleville, Arizona

Pirtleville, Arizona is a small town located in Cochise County, close to the US-Mexico border. This quaint desert town has plenty of attractions and landmarks for visitors and locals alike to enjoy.

The most recognizable landmark in Pirtleville is Old Town Pirtleville. This historic area of the town dates back to the early 1900s when it was first established as a hub for trading and commerce. It is now home to several unique shops, restaurants, and galleries that are sure to delight any visitor.

Another popular landmark in Pirtleville is the San Pedro River. This stunning river runs through the center of town and provides an excellent spot for fishing, swimming, or simply taking a leisurely stroll along its banks. Along with being a great outdoor activity spot, it also serves as an important habitat for many species of wildlife that can be seen throughout the year.

One of the most iconic sights in Pirtleville is The Grand Hotel. Built in 1920, this hotel has been meticulously maintained over the years and stands as one of the oldest buildings in town. It now serves as a museum that showcases artifacts from Pirtleville’s past and offers guided tours throughout its many rooms.

The Pirtleville Museum is another noteworthy landmark located in town. This museum houses a variety of artifacts from both local and international history such as Native American pottery, old photographs, tools used by pioneers during settlement days, and much more. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re looking to learn more about this small desert town’s rich past.

Finally, visitors should also take some time to explore some of Pirtleville’s natural beauty spots such as Ramsey Canyon or Chiricahua National Monument which are both located within easy driving distance from town. Both locations provide stunning views of Arizona’s landscapes along with plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking trails or bird watching opportunities.

All these landmarks make Pirtleville an ideal destination for anyone looking for an authentic desert experience away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.