Pinedale, Wyoming Population, Schools and Landmarks

Pinedale, Wyoming is a small mountain town located in the heart of Wyoming’s Wind River Range. It is bordered by the cities of Big Piney to the north, Boulder to the east, and Marbleton to the south. The town is home to around 1,800 people and serves as a gateway for visitors looking to explore the area’s vast wilderness.

Big Piney is a small town with a population of just over 500 people. It was first settled in 1887 and named after its abundance of evergreen trees. Today, it remains an agricultural hub with many farms and ranches located throughout the area. Visitors can visit Big Piney’s historic downtown district for shopping and dining or explore nearby attractions such as Fremont Lake or Whiskey Basin National Recreation Area.

Boulder is another small town located just outside of Pinedale. It was settled by prospectors in 1872 and has since grown into a popular tourist destination for hikers, hunters, fishermen, and other outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore the surrounding mountains and forests. Boulder also offers plenty of amenities such as restaurants, lodging options, museums, shops, galleries, and more for visitors to enjoy during their stay.

Marbleton is yet another small town bordering Pinedale located directly south of it on US Highway 189. This quaint community was originally established in 1881 by miners who were searching for gold but instead found marble deposits which led to its name being derived from “marble” plus “town.” Today, Marbleton remains largely agricultural with many farms and ranches operating throughout the area but also offers visitors plenty of amenities such as restaurants and lodging options as well as several museums dedicated to preserving its rich history.

Pinedale has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation opportunities or simply want to explore its neighboring towns – there’s plenty here to keep you busy during your stay. From fishing or hunting trips into nearby national forests or visiting local attractions such as Fremont Lake or Whiskey Basin National Recreation Area – you’ll be sure to find something that suits your needs while visiting Pinedale.

Pinedale, Wyoming

Population of Pinedale, Wyoming

According to anycountyprivateschools, Pinedale, Wyoming is a small town located in the southwestern corner of the state, nestled in the heart of the Wind River Mountains. With a population of 2,040 as of 2019, it is a quiet and peaceful community that has managed to retain its rural charm while still providing modern amenities.

The majority of Pinedale’s population is made up of Caucasians with around 94.7% being non-Hispanic whites. This is followed by Hispanics or Latinos at 1.8%, American Indians or Alaska Natives at 0.6%, and Asians at 0.5%. There are also smaller populations of African Americans, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders, and other races making up the remaining 2.4%.

In terms of age distribution, Pinedale has a relatively young population with an average age of 38 years old as compared to the national average which is 37 years old. The largest age group in Pinedale are those between 25-34 years old which make up 27% of the total population followed closely by those between 35-44 who make up 25%. The remaining 48% are divided between those under 18 (19%) and those over 45 (29%).

In terms of educational attainment, Pinedale’s population has an impressive level with 77% having some form of postsecondary education either in the form of a college degree or certification program. Of this 77%, 19% have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher while 58% have completed some college coursework but not received a degree yet. Those without any form of postsecondary education make up 23%.

Pinedale has remained largely unchanged for many decades but still manages to provide its residents with modern amenities such as access to healthcare services and educational opportunities while maintaining its rural charm that makes it such an attractive place to live for many people throughout Wyoming and beyond.

Schools and Education of Pinedale, Wyoming

Pinedale is served by the Sublette County School District #1 which operates one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school for the town’s students. All three of these schools are located within Pinedale itself and are well-maintained with modern amenities that provide an excellent learning environment for students.

At the elementary level, Pinedale Elementary School serves students from kindergarten to 5th grade. It has a current enrollment of around 260 students and offers a variety of programs such as music, art, physical education, gifted/talented classes, and more. The school also offers a full range of after-school activities such as band, robotics club, chess club, and more.

The middle school in Pinedale is called Pinedale Middle School and it serves grades 6-8 with an enrollment of around 300 students. Here too there are a variety of programs offered including music classes, art classes, language classes (English & Spanish), physical education classes, computer science courses (coding & programming), and more. After-school activities include sports teams such as basketball & volleyball as well as clubs like debate team & student government.

Finally, at the high school level there is Pinedale High School which currently enrolls around 450 students in grades 9-12. The school offers a wide range of courses including math & sciences (biology & chemistry), humanities (history & English literature), foreign languages (Spanish & French), computer science courses (programming & coding), business studies courses (accounting & finance) as well as arts courses such as music theory & dance. There are also many extracurricular activities available including sports teams like football or baseball along with clubs like robotics or drama club. Check toppharmacyschools for top earth sciences schools in Wyoming.

Pinedale provides its residents with excellent educational opportunities that meet all their needs from kindergarten through high school graduation.

Landmarks in Pinedale, Wyoming

Pinedale, Wyoming is a small town surrounded by the majestic Wind River Mountains and the vast Wyoming plains. The town is known for its outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, skiing, and more. In addition to its beautiful natural scenery, Pinedale also has several landmarks that are worth exploring.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Pinedale is the historic Sublette County Courthouse. Built in 1913, this two-story building features an impressive sandstone exterior with large wooden doors at the entrance. Inside there are several art deco murals depicting scenes from Pinedale’s past and present. The courthouse also houses a museum where visitors can learn about local history through interactive exhibits and displays.

Another landmark in Pinedale is the Fremont Lake Overlook which offers stunning views of Fremont Lake and the surrounding mountains. Located just outside of town, this popular spot makes for a great place to take in some fresh air and enjoy nature’s beauty. Nearby there is also an observation deck that allows visitors to get even closer to nature by taking in panoramic views of the lake and surrounding area from above.

For those looking to explore some culture, Pinedale offers several interesting museums such as the Museum of Westward Expansion which houses artifacts from early settlers who traveled westward between 1845-1890. Visitors can learn more about these brave pioneers through interactive displays and hands-on activities that bring history to life. Other museums include The Museum of Indian Arts & Culture which features artifacts from Native American tribes across North America as well as The Sublette County Historical Museum which tells stories about Pinedale’s past through photographs, documents, artifacts, and other items on display.

Finally, no trip to Pinedale would be complete without stopping by one of its many parks such as White Pine Park or Rendezvous Pointe Park where visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing or hiking while taking in beautiful views of the Wind River Mountains and other natural wonders that surround this charming town.

In conclusion, there are plenty of landmarks worth exploring in Pinedale including historic sites like the Sublette County Courthouse or cultural sites like various museums or parks with breathtaking views of nature’s beauty all around. Whether you’re looking for some outdoor adventure or just want to take in some local history during your visit -Pinedale has something for everyone.