Phoenix Park and Hyundai Songgu, South Korea

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park in Gangwon-Do Province is a fully-equipped holiday town with quality runs and golf courses. Perhaps this is one of the most respectable ski resorts in the country. There is a lot of snow consistently, there are trails for both beginners and “advanced”, as well as an area for snowboarders: half-pipe, table-pipe, round quarter, rails and much more.

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How to get to Phoenix Park

Flight to Seoul, then bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal East to Changpyeong, then shuttle bus to the resort.

Phoenix Park Hotels

Compared to other ski resorts in the country, where there are literally a few hotels, Phoenix Park boasts a very extensive hotel base. There is a quality Phoenix Park 4 * hotel, luxurious villas and even one hostel.

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Entertainment and attractions of Phoenix Park

Swimming pool, bowling, lucodrome, billiards, shooting gallery, Korean and Chinese restaurants, karaoke club, children’s playground, aromatherapy center. The Herb Nara Herb Farm, the Edison and Chamsori Gramophone Museum, and the interesting Odesan National Park are just a short distance from the resort.

Hyundai Songgu

Hyeonde Song-gu is located 135 km east of Seoul, in the province of Gangwon-do. Its main advantages are snowy winters and as many as 20 different tracks for all types of skiing, including wave, mogul and luge. For snowboarders, there is a separate track with a half-pipe, where the World Championship was held in 2009.

Despite the fact that our compatriots do not associate South Korea with a full-fledged ski vacation, more and more ski tourists are vacationing here every year. There are several reasons for this – and the Alps raise prices almost to the height of Mont Blanc. And the “Land of the Rising Sun” has so many exotics that it will be like two vacations from emotions. And the infrastructure here is at the level, both in relation to the tracks and to entertainment.

How to get to Hyundai Song-gu

Getting to the resort is very simple: fortunately, South Korea is a small country, so the most difficult thing is to fly to Seoul. We will make a many-hour and slightly tiring flight, tourists need to get to the Seoul Express terminal or to the Cheongryangni railway station. The easiest way to do this is by taxi, but you can also use public transport if you wish.

Further – easier. From the Seoul Express, you need to take the Wonju Bus Station, where you can transfer to the free shuttle to the Hyundai Songgu Resort. “Minibuses” to the slopes go only in season, but depart quite often, the schedule is approximately as follows: 07:30, 09:50, 10:50, 13:50 and 19:50.

The second option is to take the train from Cheongryangni Station in Seoul to Wonju Station, from where again take the same free shuttle bus to the resort.

It is better to check the exact transfer schedule in advance, it may change slightly from season to season: 033-340-3000, 02-523-7111 (English).

Weather in Hyeondae Song-gu

Despite the fact that Hyundai Songgu is located in the north of the country, the climate here is temperate monsoon, and the temperature is comfortable even in the dead of winter. In winter, the thermometer of the thermometer will show from -1 to -5 ° C, and in summer it will not exceed +25 ° C. There is usually enough snow, but if there is sufficient cover, snow cannons can support it.


As mentioned above, the resort has 20 trails, both for beginners and experienced pros. In addition, there is a track for the mogul and for sledges. All slopes are served by seven chairs and one bottom gondola. Of course, a ski school and equipment rental are open.

Attractions and attractions in Hyundai Songgu

Not only snow: in order to diversify the leisure of skiers, Hyundai Songu has an indoor pool and sauna, a shooting range and golf, a gym and a playground for kids, billiards and bowling, as well as a nightclub, a bar and, uh, karaoke.

Not only snow: in order to diversify the leisure of skiers, Hyundai Songu has an indoor pool and sauna, a shooting range and golf, as well as a nightclub, a bar and, uh, karaoke.

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Hyundai Songgu, South Korea