Panama Area Code

+507 is the dialing code for Panama.

Panama forms the southernmost part of the land tongue that binds North and South America together. The country is characterized by the Panama Canal, the strategically important waterway between the Atlantic and the Pacific. For a long time, Panama consisted of two units: the country itself and the channel zone controlled by the United States. Since 2000, Panama also has full control over the channel, which is the backbone of the country’s economy. Ship traffic through the canal generates large revenue.

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Geography and climate

Panama Area Code

The Republic of Panama is the southeastern and narrowest part of the nose that connects North America with South America. The country, which is slightly smaller than Svealand, has long coasts to the Caribbean in the north and the Pacific in the south. There are many islands on both sides.

Panama is mountainous, with lowland on the coasts. Towards Costa Rica to the west, there are single volcanoes, even active ones, at just over 3,000 meters altitude. Earthquakes are not uncommon. In the middle of the country there is a low land corridor between the mountains. Here, in 1914, the Panama Canal was opened between the two seas.

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Although pastures and crops have displaced large parts of the tropical rainforest, forests still cover almost half of the total land area. The rain forest in the border regions against Colombia in the east, Darién, is known for a variety of animal and plant species.

The climate is tropical, warm and humid, with insignificant temperature variations throughout the year. Most of the precipitation falls during the rainy season from April to December.

Country Facts


Cultivated land 30.5 %
Land area 75420 km 2

Population and health

Population development 1.32 m
Urban population (Urbanization) 66.6 %
Death rate 4.81 per 1000 residents
Life expectancy: Women 81.39 years
Life expectancy: Men 75.67 years
Birth rate 18.32 births per 1000 residents
HDI index 0.780
Population 3657024
Infant mortality 10.41 deaths / 1000 births

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Electricity, production 8361 million kWh
Energy consumption per resident 1109.1 kg. oil per resident
Natural gas, production million cubic meters
Crude oil, production million tons


Internet users 48.4 per 100 residents
Mobile subscriptions 172 per 100 residents
Passenger cars 132 per 1000 residents

Business and economics

Unemployment 4.5% of the workforce
GDP 21800 per resident
Primary occupations 17 %
Secondary profession 18.6 %
Tertiary professions 64.4 %



75 517 km2 (2018)


Swedish –6 hours

Adjacent country (s)

Colombia, Costa Rica

Capital with number of residents

Panama City about 1,300,000 (with suburbs)

Other major cities

Colón 220,000, David 145,000 (2013 estimate)

Highest mountain

Volcán Barú (3,475 m asl)

Important rivers


Average Precipitation / year

Panama City 1 700 mm, Colón 3 175 mm

Average / day

coastal areas 23–27 °C



Martinelli arrested in the United States

June 12

Police in the US state of Florida seize Ricardo Martinelli. The former president has sought asylum in the United States but is now being placed in a federal prison. He is suspected of corruption and spying on political opponents.

Panama breaks with Taiwan

June 12

The government announces that Panama only recognizes “a China” and that Taiwan is part of it. As a result, Panama follows China’s line and breaks with Taiwan to establish diplomatic relations with Beijing instead. The change was expected, not least as China has invested heavily in Panama in recent years.


Noriega dead

May 29th

Former dictator Manuel Noriega dies, 83 years old. Noriega was moved from prison to house arrest in January ahead of a planned operation to remove a brain tumor.

New arrest warrant for Martinelli

May 23

Interpol issues a new arrest warrant for ex-president Ricardo Martinelli, now on charges of $ 59 million in bribes that must have been paid by Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht during his presidency (see also June 2016). Martinelli’s two sons are also wanted for receiving bribes from Odebrecht. The construction company has acknowledged that bribes have been paid in Panama and nine other Latin American countries.


Demonstration against corruption

February 16th

Thousands of people take part in a protest against corruption, after revelations that Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht paid millions for public contracts in Panama. Odebrecht has admitted before a US court that it has paid $ 788 million in bribes in twelve countries. The company will pay $ 3.5 billion in damages for the record.