Oregon: The Beaver State

Oregon is located in the western United States, in the Pacific Northwest region. The state stretches over 250,000 kmĀ² and is home to around 4.2 million people. According to ehuacom, the most densely populated is the northwest of the Beaver State, where the three most populous cities are located with Portland, Eugene and the capital Salem.

Oregonians like to believe in their state’s uniqueness, a stunning public coastline, majestic mountain peaks and world-class breweries. The economy is just as exceptional. In addition to a diverse manufacturing base, the areas of high-tech hardware, software development, food processing and outdoor gear can show significant growth.

Oregon Location Map


The general tax conditions are very attractive. Businesses face low taxes. The effective tax rate is 3.3 percent. It has thus been among the five lowest tax rates in the country in each of the past five years. There is no sales tax in Oregon and corporate income tax only applies to products sold within Oregon.

The state also offers competitive incentives such as property tax breaks or income tax credits. Companies should be encouraged to expand in this way.

Oregon also scores well when it comes to the cost of industrial electricity. At less than six cents per kilowatt hour, the price is less than half that in California. The low price is also made possible by the fact that the Beaver State can use hydroelectric power to generate energy.


Oregon’s diverse economy provides record employment, the second-best gross domestic product and personal income growth nationwide. The production base is complemented by a well-paid creative sector. Beaver State ranks sixth in the country in patents per worker and ninth in corporate spending on research and development.

Oregon is currently experiencing a tech boom, with both the hardware and software sectors growing strongly. The software industry is 2.5 times more concentrated in Oregon than in other states. Oregonians, for example, make silicon chips. The vibrant high-tech industry is anchored by Intel’s largest facility in the world.

The fast-growing aerospace and unmanned aerial systems industry is also on the rise, with leading companies such as Precision Castparts, Boeing and Cloudcap Technologies leading the way.

Oregon is a food processing leader with literally tons of native berries, hazelnuts and wheat processed into myriad products and shipped around the world by ConAgra, Amy’s Kitchen, Diamond Foods and hundreds of other food processing companies.

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Oregon’s ideal location on the Pacific Coast offers easy access between the US, Asian and European markets. Numerous and diverse transportation and logistics companies provide direct international cargo and passenger flights, container services, as well as intermodal rail and road transportation, warehousing, transhipment and related transportation services. Portland International Airport has been voted the best airport in the United States by Travel + Leisure four years in a row.

Cost structures are very competitive for companies, yet it’s often the perks like access to the Pacific, quality of the workforce and enviable quality of life that make the difference.


Oregon charges an income tax of 4.75 – 9.9% depending on income. In addition, federal income taxes are payable.


Oregon collects a 7.6% corporate income tax. In addition, federal corporation tax is payable.


There is no sales tax or Value Added Tax (VAT) in the USA based on the European model. Instead, in the United States, states, counties, and municipalities levy a local sales tax on the sale of products (but not services).

Sales Tax Rate in Oregon

There is no sales tax in Oregon.