Oregon Area Codes

Oregon is one of fifty American states. It is located in the Pacific States region, bordering Washington States to the north, California and Nevada to the south, Idaho to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Oregon is known for its natural beauty; its abundant forests cover about half of its territory.

Oregon sun stone

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The first to land in the State were the Spanish, however the first to explore the region in detail was the British James Cook, in 1778. The Americans arrived in the region only in 1788. The territory was disputed between the two countries, until in 1846, the United States and the United Kingdom reached an agreement, in which the region passed to the definitive control of the Americans. It was elevated to the status of State on February 14, 1859.

Oregon has a lot of rivers and lakes, like Crater, the deepest lake in the United States. The rugged terrain of the state leads to the formation of many waterfalls. Due to the proximity of the Pacific Ocean, Oregon has relatively high temperatures, considering the temperatures that a northern state like this normally has. In summer, the average temperature is 23ºC; in winter, 0ºC.

The manufacture of industrialized products, such as electronic equipment, accounts for a significant part of its GDP. However, it is the tertiary sector that generates most of the state’s wealth. Oregon has the second highest unemployment rate in the United States, behind Alaska. Its largest city is Portland, which has an estimated population of 562,690 residents.

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

Located in northwestern Oregon, Fort Vancouver served as a base for fur traders in the 19th century. They went along the Columbia River on long journeys to Hudson Bay, where the Hudson’s Bay Company was based. The fort standing on the north bank of the Columbia River was named after Captain George Vancouver. It is currently open to the public, but for the most part it is just a replica of the original fortress with its internal structures.

The fort was founded in 1824, when the region was called the District of Columbia and belonged to Great Britain. Later it fell to the Americans and they renamed it Oregon Country. The British were primarily interested in the Hudson’s Bay Company, which had exclusive trading rights to most of the land that now belongs to western Canada. To protect their interests, the British created another headquarters north of the Columbia River, Fort Astoria, which replaced Fort Vancouver and served as a hub for fur trading in the Pacific Northwest.

Because of its great importance in connection with American history, Fort Vancouver was declared a national monument in 1948, and in 1961 it was renamed a national historic monument. In 1996, 1.48 km2 of land around the fortress was added to this monument. Kanaka Village and Columbia Barracks stand on these lands, for example. The banks of the river have been declared a Vancouver National Historic Site under the auspices of the National Park Service.

Map of Area Codes in Oregon

Area Code Map of Oregon

Oregon consists of the following area codes. Click on the area code to show the cities in that area code.

Oregon Area Codes by County

The area code of 458 is used in the following 20 counties:

  1. Coos, OR
  2. Crook, OR
  3. Deschutes, OR
  4. Douglas, OR
  5. Hood River, OR
  6. Jackson, OR
  7. Jefferson, OR
  8. Josephine, OR
  9. Klamath, OR
  10. Lane, OR
  11. Lincoln, OR
  12. Linn, OR
  13. Malheur, OR
  14. Marion, OR
  15. Morrow, OR
  16. Sherman, OR
  17. Umatilla, OR
  18. Union, OR
  19. Wallowa, OR
  20. Wasco, OR

The area code of 503 is used in the following 10 counties:

  1. Clackamas, OR
  2. Clatsop, OR
  3. Columbia, OR
  4. Linn, OR
  5. Marion, OR
  6. Multnomah, OR
  7. Polk, OR
  8. Tillamook, OR
  9. Washington, OR
  10. Yamhill, OR

The area code of 541 is used in the following 28 counties:

  1. Baker, OR
  2. Benton, OR
  3. Coos, OR
  4. Crook, OR
  5. Curry, OR
  6. Deschutes, OR
  7. Douglas, OR
  8. Gilliam, OR
  9. Grant, OR
  10. Harney, OR
  11. Hood River, OR
  12. Jackson, OR
  13. Jefferson, OR
  14. Josephine, OR
  15. Klamath, OR
  16. Lake, OR
  17. Lane, OR
  18. Lincoln, OR
  19. Linn, OR
  20. Malheur, OR
  21. Marion, OR
  22. Morrow, OR
  23. Sherman, OR
  24. Umatilla, OR
  25. Union, OR
  26. Wallowa, OR
  27. Wasco, OR
  28. Wheeler, OR

The area code of 971 is used in the following 10 counties:

  1. Clackamas, OR
  2. Clatsop, OR
  3. Columbia, OR
  4. Linn, OR
  5. Marion, OR
  6. Multnomah, OR
  7. Polk, OR
  8. Tillamook, OR
  9. Washington, OR
  10. Yamhill, OR