Oman Area Code

+968 is the dialing code for Oman.

The Sultanate of Oman is located in the southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula. The country, which is mainly desert, is an absolute monarchy and has been governed by the Al Said family since the 18th century. Large oil resources have contributed to rapid development, but the economy is more varied than in several of the neighboring countries. Tourism is the fastest growing industry.

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Geography and climate

Oman Area Code

As one of countries that start with O, Oman is located on the Arabian Peninsula and has a long coast towards the Indian Ocean in the east and towards the Oman Bay in the north. Two areas belonging to Oman are separated from the rest of the country by the United Arab Emirates.

One of the two areas is the mountainous outermost tip of the Musandam Peninsula, which extends into the strategically important Strait of Hormuz. The other is a small enclave, Wadi Madha, which lies further into the same peninsula.

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The landscape comprises four-fifths of the inhospitable desert. The inland is dominated by a barren mountain and highland area, which is intersected by dried-up river valleys. The most important mountain range is the Hajar Mountains, which run parallel to the coast from the Musandam Peninsula along the Oman Bay. The strip of land between the mountains and the coast is called al-Batina and is the most densely populated area in Oman. The coast is lowland and relatively fertile. The difference between coast and inland has characterized the country’s history.

Country Facts


Cultivated land 4.7 %
Land area 309500 km 2

Population and health

Population development 2.07 ‰
Urban population (Urbanization) 77.6 %
Death rate 3.36 per 1000 residents
Life expectancy: Women 77.23 years
Life expectancy: Men 73.29 years
Birth rate 24.44 births per 1000 residents
HDI index 0.793
Population 3286936
Infant mortality 13.55 deaths / 1000 births

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Electricity, production 23770 million kWh
Energy consumption per resident 7423.8 kg. oil per resident
Natural gas, production 31920 million cubic meters
Crude oil, production 47 million tons


Internet users 65.8 per 100 residents
Mobile subscriptions 192 per 100 residents
Passenger cars 215 per 1000 residents

Business and economics

Unemployment 15% of the workforce
GDP 44600 per resident
Primary occupations %
Secondary profession %
Tertiary professions %

The border with Saudi Arabia in the west goes through the almost uninhabited sand desert al-Rub al-Khali. The province of Dhofar in the south is separated from the rest of the country by the desert and a wooded mountain range. The country also includes the Kuria-Muria Islands and the island of Masira.

The climate in Oman is subtropical with hot, dry summers and mild winters with rain. On the coast it is very hot and humid between April and September, while the winter season has a more pleasant climate.

Precipitation, which the southwest monsoon brings, falls mainly on the coast and in the southern province of Dhofar. The highland part of the hinterland also receives some rain.


212,500 km2 (2018)


Swedish + 3 hours

Adjacent country (s)

United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen

Capital with number of residents

Musqat (125,000 residents)

Other major cities

Salala, al-Seeb, Mutrah, Suhar

Highest mountain

Jabal shams (3,018 m asl)



Choice for the lower house

Elections are held for the consultative lower house.


Journalists receive imprisonment for insult

In September, two journalists are sentenced to five months in prison for insulting the country’s Minister of Justice. Two newspapers are forced to close for a month to have published articles accusing the Justice Department of corruption.


Demonstrator is shot to death

A demonstrator is shot to death by police in connection with protest actions in favor of incarcerated activists.


The wave of protest rings off

When the protests ended, the Sultan issued 40 different decrees to meet the protesters’ demands.

Increased powers for the police

The Sultan gives the police greater powers, among other things, to make it easier to arrest suspects.

The police go into tent camps

15th of May

Police disband a tent camp outside the parliament building in Musqat and 15-20 activists are arrested.


Clash in Suhar

April 1st

A demonstrator is killed and eight injured in clashes with police in the city of Suhar. Over 50 protesters are arrested.


Oman is promised financial support

Oman is promised $ 10 billion in financial support from the other five GCC members. The support will go to the government to create jobs, build housing and improve infrastructure, in response to protesters’ demands.

The protest wave continues

As the protests continue despite the Sultan’s promises, he responds by carrying out the largest government reform in 40 years. The response from the protesters is overwhelmingly positive, even though they require more ministers to resign.


Protest scales meet with government promises

The wave of protests in the Arab world, which has undergone authoritarian regimes in North Africa on a fall, also reaches Oman. At least one protester (according to some sources six people) has been killed since police opened fire in connection with protests in the port city of Suhar. Protests are also being conducted in Salala and Musqat. The government responds with promises of new jobs, an increase in the minimum wage for Omani and increased unemployment benefits. The Sultan is also trying to appease the protesters by replacing two ministers in the government and promising to explore the possibilities of giving the lower house greater influence.


Spy networks are revealed

Omani authorities reveal a spy network that is said to work for the United Arab Emirates. The neighboring country, with which Oman normally has good relations, denies all charges of espionage.