Oklahoma Area Codes

Located in the south-central region of the United States, Oklahoma is the American state with the second largest Native American population in the country. The state is limited to the states of Colorado and Kansas to the north, Missouri and Arkansas to the east, Texas to the south, and Texas and New Mexico to the west.

The American bison is one of the symbols of the state of Oklahoma

Oklahoma became the 46th American state on November 16, 1907. Its name comes from the words “okla” and “humma”, which in the language of the Native American Croctaw mean “red people”. Although it has small mountain ranges, most of the state is marked by the presence of large prairies. Oklahoma has different types of habitats, a fact that allows great biodiversity to exist.

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The state economy is one of the most growing and promising in the entire country. In fact, it is based on the extraction of natural gas and oil, on the production of industrialized foods and on the telecommunications and biotechnology sectors. Oklahoma’s largest ethnic groups are German, American, English, Irish and Native American. ยด

Map of Area Codes in Oklahoma

Area Code Map of Oklahoma

Oklahoma consists of the following area codes. Click on the area code to show the cities in that area code.

Oklahoma Area Codes by County

The area code of 405 is used in the following 17 counties:

  1. Blaine, OK
  2. Caddo, OK
  3. Canadian, OK
  4. Cleveland, OK
  5. Garvin, OK
  6. Grady, OK
  7. Hughes, OK
  8. Kingfisher, OK
  9. Lincoln, OK
  10. Logan, OK
  11. Mcclain, OK
  12. Okfuskee, OK
  13. Oklahoma, OK
  14. Payne, OK
  15. Pottawatomie, OK
  16. Seminole, OK
  17. Washita, OK

The area code of 539 is used in the following 25 counties:

  1. Adair, OK
  2. Cherokee, OK
  3. Craig, OK
  4. Creek, OK
  5. Delaware, OK
  6. Haskell, OK
  7. Hughes, OK
  8. Latimer, OK
  9. Le Flore, OK
  10. Lincoln, OK
  11. Mayes, OK
  12. Mcintosh, OK
  13. Muskogee, OK
  14. Okfuskee, OK
  15. Okmulgee, OK
  16. Osage, OK
  17. Ottawa, OK
  18. Pawnee, OK
  19. Payne, OK
  20. Pittsburg, OK
  21. Rogers, OK
  22. Sequoyah, OK
  23. Tulsa, OK
  24. Wagoner, OK
  25. Washington, OK

The area code of 580 is used in the following 50 counties:

  1. Alfalfa, OK
  2. Atoka, OK
  3. Beaver, OK
  4. Beckham, OK
  5. Blaine, OK
  6. Bryan, OK
  7. Caddo, OK
  8. Carter, OK
  9. Choctaw, OK
  10. Cimarron, OK
  11. Coal, OK
  12. Comanche, OK
  13. Cotton, OK
  14. Custer, OK
  15. Dewey, OK
  16. Ellis, OK
  17. Garfield, OK
  18. Garvin, OK
  19. Grady, OK
  20. Grant, OK
  21. Greer, OK
  22. Harmon, OK
  23. Harper, OK
  24. Hughes, OK
  25. Jackson, OK
  26. Jefferson, OK
  27. Johnston, OK
  28. Kay, OK
  29. Kiowa, OK
  30. Le Flore, OK
  31. Logan, OK
  32. Love, OK
  33. Major, OK
  34. Marshall, OK
  35. Mccurtain, OK
  36. Murray, OK
  37. Noble, OK
  38. Oklahoma, OK
  39. Osage, OK
  40. Payne, OK
  41. Pontotoc, OK
  42. Pushmataha, OK
  43. Roger Mills, OK
  44. Seminole, OK
  45. Stephens, OK
  46. Texas, OK
  47. Tillman, OK
  48. Washita, OK
  49. Woods, OK
  50. Woodward, OK

The area code of 918 is used in the following 29 counties:

  1. Adair, OK
  2. Cherokee, OK
  3. Craig, OK
  4. Creek, OK
  5. Delaware, OK
  6. Haskell, OK
  7. Hughes, OK
  8. Kay, OK
  9. Latimer, OK
  10. Le Flore, OK
  11. Lincoln, OK
  12. Mayes, OK
  13. Mccurtain, OK
  14. Mcintosh, OK
  15. Muskogee, OK
  16. Nowata, OK
  17. Okfuskee, OK
  18. Okmulgee, OK
  19. Osage, OK
  20. Ottawa, OK
  21. Pawnee, OK
  22. Payne, OK
  23. Pittsburg, OK
  24. Pushmataha, OK
  25. Rogers, OK
  26. Sequoyah, OK
  27. Tulsa, OK
  28. Wagoner, OK
  29. Washington, OK