Nebraska Area Codes

Nebraska is a state located in the central region of the United States, on wide strips of prairie called “Great Plains”. The state is bordered by South Dakota to the north, Iowa and Missouri to the east, Kansas to the south, and Wyoming to the west.

Scotts Bluff

The present Nebraska region was initially dominated by France. In 1803, after the Treaty of Paris, the territory was purchased by the United States, and in 1812, the American government created the Missouri Territory, which included Nebraska. The state was finally created in 1854 through the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

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Most of Nebraska is characterized by the presence of huge strips of grassland; three rivers cross the state from east to west: Platte, Niobrara and Republican. In it, the humid continental climate is predominant, with very uniform temperatures.

Nebraska has a population of 1,758,787 residents (2005); an increase of 8.4% in relation to the population of 1990. This population increase was caused mainly by immigration. The largest ethnic groups present in the state are the Germans (38.6%), Irish (12.4%), English (9.6%), Swedes (4.9%) and Czechs (4.9%).

Its economy is based on agriculture and the production of corn, soybeans and pork. Due to its strategic location in the central United States, Nebraska is an important hub for the distribution and transportation of products and parcels. In addition, many large companies are headquartered in the state, such as billionaire Warret Buffet’s insurer Berkshire Hathaway.

Map of Area Codes in Nebraska

Area Code Map of Nebraska

Nebraska consists of the following area codes. Click on the area code to show the cities in that area code.

Nebraska Area Codes by County

The area code of 308 is used in the following 49 counties:

  1. Arthur, NE
  2. Blaine, NE
  3. Boone, NE
  4. Box Butte, NE
  5. Buffalo, NE
  6. Chase, NE
  7. Cherry, NE
  8. Cheyenne, NE
  9. Custer, NE
  10. Dawes, NE
  11. Dawson, NE
  12. Deuel, NE
  13. Dundy, NE
  14. Franklin, NE
  15. Frontier, NE
  16. Furnas, NE
  17. Garden, NE
  18. Garfield, NE
  19. Gosper, NE
  20. Grant, NE
  21. Greeley, NE
  22. Hall, NE
  23. Hamilton, NE
  24. Harlan, NE
  25. Hayes, NE
  26. Hitchcock, NE
  27. Holt, NE
  28. Hooker, NE
  29. Howard, NE
  30. Kearney, NE
  31. Keith, NE
  32. Kimball, NE
  33. Lincoln, NE
  34. Logan, NE
  35. Loup, NE
  36. Mcpherson, NE
  37. Merrick, NE
  38. Morrill, NE
  39. Nance, NE
  40. Perkins, NE
  41. Phelps, NE
  42. Red Willow, NE
  43. Scotts Bluff, NE
  44. Sheridan, NE
  45. Sherman, NE
  46. Sioux, NE
  47. Thomas, NE
  48. Valley, NE
  49. Wheeler, NE

The area code of 402 is used in the following 49 counties:

  1. Adams, NE
  2. Antelope, NE
  3. Boone, NE
  4. Boyd, NE
  5. Brown, NE
  6. Burt, NE
  7. Butler, NE
  8. Cass, NE
  9. Cedar, NE
  10. Cherry, NE
  11. Clay, NE
  12. Colfax, NE
  13. Cuming, NE
  14. Dakota, NE
  15. Dixon, NE
  16. Dodge, NE
  17. Douglas, NE
  18. Fillmore, NE
  19. Gage, NE
  20. Hall, NE
  21. Hamilton, NE
  22. Holt, NE
  23. Jefferson, NE
  24. Johnson, NE
  25. Keya Paha, NE
  26. Knox, NE
  27. Lancaster, NE
  28. Madison, NE
  29. Nance, NE
  30. Nemaha, NE
  31. Nuckolls, NE
  32. Otoe, NE
  33. Pawnee, NE
  34. Pierce, NE
  35. Platte, NE
  36. Polk, NE
  37. Richardson, NE
  38. Rock, NE
  39. Saline, NE
  40. Sarpy, NE
  41. Saunders, NE
  42. Seward, NE
  43. Stanton, NE
  44. Thayer, NE
  45. Thurston, NE
  46. Washington, NE
  47. Wayne, NE
  48. Webster, NE
  49. York, NE

The area code of 531 is used in the following 32 counties:

  1. Adams, NE
  2. Boyd, NE
  3. Brown, NE
  4. Burt, NE
  5. Cass, NE
  6. Cedar, NE
  7. Clay, NE
  8. Colfax, NE
  9. Cuming, NE
  10. Dakota, NE
  11. Dixon, NE
  12. Dodge, NE
  13. Douglas, NE
  14. Gage, NE
  15. Holt, NE
  16. Lancaster, NE
  17. Madison, NE
  18. Nemaha, NE
  19. Nuckolls, NE
  20. Otoe, NE
  21. Pawnee, NE
  22. Platte, NE
  23. Richardson, NE
  24. Sarpy, NE
  25. Saunders, NE
  26. Seward, NE
  27. Stanton, NE
  28. Thayer, NE
  29. Thurston, NE
  30. Washington, NE
  31. Wayne, NE
  32. Webster, NE