Nabq, Egypt

According to Clothesbliss, the northeastern part of Sharm el-Sheikh is occupied by the Nabq region. All brochures note that this is the most dynamically developing part of the city, although the least exotic. However, you can always get oriental flavor in the Old City, from which Nabq is separated by 25 km. Just keep in mind that on the way back, getting into a blue and white taxi, ask to be taken to Nabq Bay. Most often, this area is called that way, although formally there is no bay or bay, in a word, there is nothing that can be called the word “bay” there. This is the sea coast opposite the island of Tiran (Tiran), in a couple of lines built up with new hotels. In them, as elsewhere in Sharm el-Sheikh, there is no end to tourists, because each area of ​​ this resort has its devoted fans.

Shopping and stores

Most pharmacies, cafes, pubs and restaurants, shops with souvenirs, groceries and a variety of goods that you may need on vacation are located on the main shopping and entertainment street Nabka La Strada. There you can find the shopping center of the same name La Strada, the large Al Khan center and the Metro store. You will not need business cards, everyone can shop there. In addition to this supermarket, Starbucks and McDonalds can be attributed to the signs of globalization located in the same place.

But don’t be discouraged, there are also enough authentic shops with noisy sellers and the need to bargain to the last on La Strada. By the way, with due skill, you can buy souvenirs cheaper than in Naama Bay. There, as well as in the Old Town, the market is easily accessible by taxi. Some hotels provide buses, free to La Strada, paid to Naama.

The beaches of Nabq

The main feature of this resort area can safely be called a microclimate. Since Nabq is not a bay, but a long strip of sea coast, it is windy here. And very, very much so. Because of this, the local beaches are often completely closed or swimming on them is limited. Vacationers are informed about this by the corresponding red or black flags, which are raised above the towers of local rescuers. Of course, some desperate tourists on such days still swim not in pools, but in the sea, but you need to very soberly assess your strength and not take unnecessary risks.

The fact is that the beaches of Nabq have another feature: they are very gentle. In order to find yourself at a depth where you can swim without scratching your knees, you need to go through shallow water for quite some time. At the same time, after a while, coral hills begin to meet in the water, so you need to choose the path very carefully. Naturally, during rough seas, it is problematic to enter the water without injury. Even in calm it is better to swim in special “coral” slippers. In order to make entering the waves as simple and convenient as possible, literally at every hotel there are long, sometimes up to 800 m, or high pontoons and piers. You can sunbathe on them, lying on the sunbeds placed there, from them you can dive into the sea, going down the stairs. If the waves are high, they can easily wash swimmers off the steps and onto the coral reefs – be extremely careful!

But for children, swimming here is very pleasant and safe: in calm weather, they spend hours splashing in the sandy shallow water, watching the completely harmless coastal marine life.

The third feature of swimming in Nabq is a pronounced change in the tides. In this case, pontoons also help out, along which you can “catch up” with the departed water.

The beaches themselves stretch along the entire coast in either a wide or narrow strip. In some places they descend to the sea in terraces, and the areas at sea level at some hotels are small and additionally occupied by stones. However, they are all equipped with parasols and awnings that protect from the sun, deck chairs and deck chairs. As elsewhere, you need to take the best places by the sea much in advance, getting up early in the morning or paying extra to beach workers to take a sunbed in advance. Free hotel buses carry to the beaches. The last flights are most often densely packed with people, and their schedule in a number of hotels leaves much to be desired: transport runs once an hour or less. All this does not matter, since from the most remote hotel to the beaches, go along an excellent path for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Entertainment and attractions Nabq

Young people prefer to go to have fun in Naama Bay. Those who prefer outdoor activities, especially kiting, consider Nabq to be more than suitable for relaxation. Windy, flat bottom: kitesurfers just flock here!

Nabq Reserve

Visitors who are interested in excursions should absolutely visit the Nabq National Park, which in 1992 became part of the famous Ras Mohammed. The abundance of birds nesting in the mangroves of the park and the richest underwater world of its coral reefs will not leave anyone indifferent. Entrance there will cost 5 US dollars, and the impressions will be priceless. You can buy a trip to the park at the hotel reception or from local guides. You can go there by bus or yacht, and it is better to choose a bus to walk around the park. On a yacht or boat, for $30 and more, it is better to recover to the island of Tiran shrouded in legends.

Diving in Nabq

Fans of snorkeling and diving love the coral groves of Nabq for the abundance of marine life, the variety of underwater landscapes and the fact that the reefs are extremely easy to get to. I got off the pontoon and you can snorkel along the pontoon, admiring the colorful fish. Or go scuba diving to the wreck: for this, too, just walk to the end of the pier at the Calimera Royal Albatros Moderna hotel. If you are not a guest of this institution, then prepare 5 US dollars for entry to the launch site. In addition, boats often moor to the piers and pontoons of any hotel, ready to take divers to the picturesque reefs of the reserve, Tiran Island and other coral jungles of Nabq.

Nabq, Egypt