Mozyr, Belarus

How many cities do you know whose streets are in deep ravines? Meet one of them – this is Mozyr. A small Belarusian city with the largest river port in the country. By the way, the birthplace of the famous TV presenter Dana Borisova. The local football team “Slavia-Mozyr” twice became the champion of Belarus. Other interesting facts about the city are listed below.

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How to get there

Mozyr is located 220 kilometers from Minsk and 133 kilometers from Gomel. These are the main cities that can become transit points. Mozyr can be reached by private car, bus, train or train. If you are in a hurry, you can, for example, hire a taxi in Minsk. A trip for four will cost about 250 BYN. These are very low prices compared to Russian tariffs.


The fare in city public transport is 0.75 BYN.

If the local authorities supported the port of Phow, then river transport could also be developed in the city. But what is not, is not.

Cuisine and restaurants

Mozyr has enough cafes and restaurants for a small town. There are ordinary establishments with, as they say, European food – here you can have a quick bite for about 150-200 RUB. There is a cafe with an interesting interior designed in the national spirit with appropriate cuisine and musical accompaniment.

Restaurants are ordinary, they are unlikely to surprise anyone with their menu and interior. But they are distinguished by fast service and reasonable prices. The average cost of dinner is from 450 RUB.

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The shops

Mozyr is a small city, but with a developed network of supermarkets. They are called Euroopt. There are also several chain stores where you can buy the necessary products.

As for souvenirs, it is not easy with them in Mozyr. There are several outlets in the city where you can buy folk art products, amulets with ancient Belarusian sacred symbols, and much more.

Hotels in Mozyr

There are three large hotels in Mozyr – “Pripyat”, “Dynamo” and “Ellada”, as well as a mini-hotel “Euro”. The largest hotel in the city – “Pripyat”, designed for 205 rooms, single and double. There is also a restaurant, a lobby bar, a restaurant and a banquet hall. The cost of accommodation in a double room is from 50 BYN.

The mini-hotel is not inferior in quality of service to large hotels. There are even suites and apartments. “Euro” is located 500 meters from the local ski resort. The cost of accommodation in a double room is from 30 BYN.

Ski complex “Mozyr”

The tracks of this complex are unlikely to please professionals, but for inexperienced lovers of skiing – that’s it. The length of the track is 300 meters, the length of the lift is 210 meters. But there is a system of artificial snow, as well as equipment and equipment rental – from skis to ATVs.

Beginners can take lessons in skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. One of the most exciting attractions of the complex is a toboggan sleigh ride. This is a useless sled with a bent limber used by the Indians of North America. Dangerous entertainment, given the fact that you can easily fly out of such a sleigh.

In summer, you can play tennis, football, badminton or go rollerblading on the territory of the complex. Excursion programs are very popular – traveling around the temples of the city, studying the history of Mozyr, as well as spending the night by the Pripyat River and fishing.

2 things to do in Mazyr

  1. See the port of Pkhov – not so long ago, the port of Mozyr was the largest in Belarus. However, for some time now the authorities of the country and the city do not care about river transport. There are 6 ships in the port, the equipment is under 30 years old. But the port still impresses with its inner strength.
  2. To get to the festival “Land under White Wings” is a fairly well-known festival in the region, created to promote Belarusian culture. It is not exported, but exclusively domestic, therefore, it is treated as something close and dear. The festival is attended by children who, from an early age, join the centuries-old traditions of their country.

Entertainment and attractions of Mozyr

Many sights of Mozyr tell about the most significant moments in the history of the city.

Mozyr castle

The first mention of the castle dates back to the beginning of the 16th century. There was a palace, outbuildings, a church, a well, defensive towers. The castle protected the territory from invaders.

Today it is part of the ancient city. This castle is a real gem of ancient architecture. Exhibitions of works of arts and crafts, painting are held here, expositions stylized as the Middle Ages are organized. On the territory of the castle there is a children’s town with turrets, stairs, wooden compositions, many fairy-tale characters.

Mozyr ravines

This reserve was created to preserve the Belarusian nature, to protect rare, endangered plants. The ravines, together with elevated plateau-like areas, form a unique landscape complex. The Mozyr Ridge rises above the city at a level of 30 meters. In the largest ravines, the depth of which reaches 40 meters, city streets are laid, and gardens grow on the slopes.

From a scientific point of view, the Mozyr ravines are a refuge for rare plant species, a kind of natural museum. You can not come here by car, as well as make fires.

Mound of Glory

Mozyr was in Nazi captivity for 875 days. The city was liberated in January 1944. In memory of the terrible days of the war, the memorial complex “Mound of Glory” was erected in the city.

It is a large-scale structure: a 45-meter stele, a cube on a granite pedestal with an old howitzer, as well as a burial place for soldiers of the Soviet army and partisans of the Polessky partisan unit.

Underground chapel

This underground chapel belongs to St. Michael’s Cathedral in the city. In Soviet times, the regional prison of the NKVD was located here. Underground rooms became a grave for many prisoners.

A forged iconostasis and a stone altar were installed in the chapel, a chapel-tomb for the remains of the killed and tortured was built. More than a hundred lamps are hung from the ceiling in honor of the innocent victims during the years of repression. On Mondays, Divine Liturgy is celebrated in the chapel.

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Mozyr, Belarus