Mogilev, Belarus

If we hold competitions in population density among the cities of Belarus, then the bronze medal for the honorable third place will officially go to Mogilev. This large regional center, the capital of the region of the same name, dates back to the 13th century. At different times, the number of its inhabitants either decreased after wars, or increased when adversity receded. And in our time, the number of people on the streets of Mogilev is increasing on weekends, holidays and during the holiday season due to tourists traveling to this Belarusian city on four rivers.

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How to get there

Getting here is quite simple, but flying, alas, may not work out yet. The city’s airport is in a deplorable state, and in 2010 it was forced to rent out some halls to various enterprises. However, airport employees look to the future with great optimism and hope that passenger communication with the capital of Belarus and other states will be established in the near future.

By train

With trains, but full order. You can get to Mogilev directly from Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Lithuania and, of course, from many cities and towns in Belarus.

By bus

Buses are an alternative to trains. They operate flights throughout the country and even abroad: there are direct routes to Russia, Latvia, Ukraine. It must be said that the decent condition of Belarusian roads makes it possible to travel to Mogilev by private transport or by long-distance taxi.

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Transport in the city

Public transport of the city is represented by trolleybuses, buses and fixed-route taxis. Travel by bus and trolleybus will cost you 0.70 BYN.

In doubtful cases, do not hesitate to ask the locals for directions: they all speak Russian and are friendly towards tourists. You can also buy a map of Mogilev or a city guide at print kiosks.

Cuisine and restaurants of Mogilev

The first thing to say about food in Mogilev is that there is no McDonald’s in the city. Moreover, the city authorities declare their categorical refusal to build it in the near future. Hamburger lovers will undoubtedly be upset, but hardly for long, because here you can have a delicious and inexpensive lunch in many cafes, restaurants, pizzerias and pastry shops.

You can drink coffee with sweets, donuts and other pastries in the cafe “Buffet” (Komsomolskaya St., 5), rumored to be not too inferior to the famous Starbucks, in “Da Vinci”, “Blindage”, “Star Square”, “Intrigue ” etc.

Hearty and delicious food is served in pancake houses: “Pancake Smetanyche” (Schmidt Ave., 28) and “Pancake Country” (Pervomayskaya St., 32). Pizzerias “Grand”, “Bravo”, “Pan-Pizza” and “Parmesan” offer a huge selection of Italian dishes (40 types of one pizza!). Taverns “Gurman”, “At Maxim” and restaurants “Dnepr”, “Korchma”, “Izba” and others feed mainly European and national cuisine.

Shopping and stores

The choice of goods in Mogilev is the same as in the whole of Belarus. Here you can buy wonderful Belarusian knitwear and linen products, excellent quality cosmetics with natural ingredients and souvenirs in the national style. Of course, not counting clothes, shoes and equipment. You can shop both in boutiques and company stores (Areola, Season, Milavitsa) and in shopping centers. These include “Magnet” on the street. Pervomaiskoy, 34/a, City Center (Pozharny per., 19), Preston, Panorama (Krylenko str., 10), Present at Schmidt Ave., 27, and many others.

Entertainment and attractions of Mogilev

Despite its dense population, Mogilev is a very cozy city. Here you can simply walk along the pedestrian Leninskaya Street and the restored embankment, or wander through the parks and city streets, admiring the numerous sculptures. Of course, do not forget to see the local attractions, which include the Church of St. Stanislaus, the chapel of St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, the beautiful Nikolsky Cathedral and other religious and historical buildings (for example, the city hall).

Visit the Museum. Maslennikov, located in the historic building of the former peasant land bank, the Byalynitsky-Biruli Museum, the Museum of Local Lore and others. Or maybe you want to visit Mogilev during the days when the annual festival of sacred music “Mighty God”, “Golden hit” or the animation festival “Animaevka” are held there?

If your children (or yourself) suddenly get bored of such an educational program, go for a walk to the local zoo or go to the ethnographic village – an open-air museum located just 2 km from the city.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit the Square of the Stars! Not only in order to see the “stars” of prominent citizens, but in order to firmly grasp the finger of the astrologer statue (below, on the leg, it already noticeably differs in color from the rest), sitting near the telescope, and make a wish. Now it will come true for sure!

The prices on the page are for June 2021.

Mogilev, Belarus