Missouri Area Codes

Located in the Midwest region of the United States, Missouri is one of fifty states in the United States. The state is limited to Iowa to the north; Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee to the east; Arkansas to the south; and Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska to the east. Missouri is known as “The Show Me State”. This nickname originated in 1899, through the speech of Willard Duncan Vendiver, a representative of the State in the United States House of Representatives, who said: “Simple eloquence does not convince or satisfy me. I am from Missouri. You have to prove me. ”

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The first explorers of the territory were the French, however, they were not interested in populating the region. After the end of the Franco-Indigenous War in 1763, Missouri came under Spanish rule, having been controlled by France again in 1800. The United States acquired such territory in the so-called Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Due to the rapid growth population in the region, the American government created the State of Missouri on August 10, 1821.

Its geographical location, right in the center of North America, and the presence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, made the State an important transport hub. Along with Tennessee, Missouri is the state with the most neighboring states. About 30% of its territory is covered by forest; most of its lakes were created through the construction of dams.

Missouri has a temperate climate, with average temperatures of -2ºC in winter and 26ºC in summer. The State, whose economy was already totally based on agriculture, started to diversify its economy from 1890. Today, the manufacturing industry, the provision of financial and real estate services and tourism are the main sources of wealth for the state.

Map of Area Codes in Missouri

Area Code Map of Missouri

Missouri consists of the following area codes. Click on the area code to show the cities in that area code.

Missouri Area Codes by County

The area code of 314 is used in the following 3 counties:

  1. Saint Charles, MO
  2. Saint Louis, MO
  3. Saint Louis City, MO

The area code of 417 is used in the following 28 counties:

  1. Barry, MO
  2. Barton, MO
  3. Bates, MO
  4. Cedar, MO
  5. Christian, MO
  6. Dade, MO
  7. Dallas, MO
  8. Douglas, MO
  9. Greene, MO
  10. Hickory, MO
  11. Howell, MO
  12. Jasper, MO
  13. Laclede, MO
  14. Lawrence, MO
  15. Mcdonald, MO
  16. Newton, MO
  17. Oregon, MO
  18. Ozark, MO
  19. Polk, MO
  20. Ripley, MO
  21. Saint Clair, MO
  22. Shannon, MO
  23. Stone, MO
  24. Taney, MO
  25. Texas, MO
  26. Vernon, MO
  27. Webster, MO
  28. Wright, MO

The area code of 573 is used in the following 50 counties:

  1. Audrain, MO
  2. Benton, MO
  3. Bollinger, MO
  4. Boone, MO
  5. Butler, MO
  6. Callaway, MO
  7. Camden, MO
  8. Cape Girardeau, MO
  9. Carter, MO
  10. Cole, MO
  11. Crawford, MO
  12. Dent, MO
  13. Dunklin, MO
  14. Franklin, MO
  15. Gasconade, MO
  16. Hickory, MO
  17. Iron, MO
  18. Lewis, MO
  19. Lincoln, MO
  20. Madison, MO
  21. Maries, MO
  22. Marion, MO
  23. Miller, MO
  24. Mississippi, MO
  25. Moniteau, MO
  26. Monroe, MO
  27. Montgomery, MO
  28. Morgan, MO
  29. New Madrid, MO
  30. Osage, MO
  31. Pemiscot, MO
  32. Perry, MO
  33. Pettis, MO
  34. Phelps, MO
  35. Pike, MO
  36. Pulaski, MO
  37. Ralls, MO
  38. Randolph, MO
  39. Reynolds, MO
  40. Ripley, MO
  41. Saint Francois, MO
  42. Sainte Genevieve, MO
  43. Scott, MO
  44. Shannon, MO
  45. Shelby, MO
  46. Stoddard, MO
  47. Texas, MO
  48. Warren, MO
  49. Washington, MO
  50. Wayne, MO

The area code of 636 is used in the following 8 counties:

  1. Franklin, MO
  2. Jefferson, MO
  3. Lincoln, MO
  4. Montgomery, MO
  5. Saint Charles, MO
  6. Saint Francois, MO
  7. Saint Louis, MO
  8. Warren, MO

The area code of 660 is used in the following 43 counties:

  1. Adair, MO
  2. Atchison, MO
  3. Bates, MO
  4. Benton, MO
  5. Caldwell, MO
  6. Carroll, MO
  7. Chariton, MO
  8. Clark, MO
  9. Cole, MO
  10. Cooper, MO
  11. Daviess, MO
  12. Gentry, MO
  13. Grundy, MO
  14. Harrison, MO
  15. Henry, MO
  16. Holt, MO
  17. Howard, MO
  18. Jackson, MO
  19. Johnson, MO
  20. Knox, MO
  21. Lafayette, MO
  22. Lewis, MO
  23. Linn, MO
  24. Livingston, MO
  25. Macon, MO
  26. Mercer, MO
  27. Miller, MO
  28. Moniteau, MO
  29. Monroe, MO
  30. Morgan, MO
  31. Nodaway, MO
  32. Pettis, MO
  33. Putnam, MO
  34. Randolph, MO
  35. Ray, MO
  36. Saint Clair, MO
  37. Saline, MO
  38. Schuyler, MO
  39. Scotland, MO
  40. Shelby, MO
  41. Sullivan, MO
  42. Vernon, MO
  43. Worth, MO

The area code of 816 is used in the following 15 counties:

  1. Andrew, MO
  2. Bates, MO
  3. Buchanan, MO
  4. Caldwell, MO
  5. Cass, MO
  6. Clay, MO
  7. Clinton, MO
  8. Daviess, MO
  9. Dekalb, MO
  10. Henry, MO
  11. Jackson, MO
  12. Johnson, MO
  13. Lafayette, MO
  14. Platte, MO
  15. Ray, MO