Menan, Idaho Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to act-test-centers, Menan, Idaho is a small town located in the southeastern corner of the state, bordering the cities of Rigby and Rexburg. The town itself is situated in a valley surrounded by rolling hills and farmland. It is home to a population of just over 2,000 people and has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1885.

The city of Rigby is located just 15 miles north of Menan and serves as the county seat for Jefferson County. Established in 1884, it also has a long history as an agricultural center with many farms still dotting the landscape today. It has an estimated population of 7,000 people and offers a variety of recreational activities such as golfing, fishing, skiing, camping and more.

Rexburg sits directly east of Menan across the Snake River Valley and is home to Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-Idaho). With an estimated population of 25,000 people it serves as the educational center for southeastern Idaho offering many cultural activities such as museums, art galleries and theaters.

The small towns surrounding Menan are equally as charming with each having its own unique character. To the north lies Ririe with its picturesque views overlooking Ririe Reservoir along with nearby Roberts which boasts a beautiful park on the banks of Henry’s Fork River. To the east lies Salem with its quaint main street lined with historic buildings while nearby Ucon offers visitors opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking trails at Teton Pass or camping at Snake River Canyon National Wildlife Refuge. Finally, to the south lies Lewisville where visitors can explore historical sites such as Fort Hall Indian Reservation or visit local wineries like Lewisville Vineyards & Winery or Sawtooth Winery & Vineyard.

No matter what your interests may be there’s something for everyone in Menan and its surrounding towns. From historical sites to outdoor recreation activities, there’s no shortage of things to do when visiting this small but vibrant corner of Idaho.

Population of Menan, Idaho

According to andyeducation, Menan, Idaho is a small rural community located in the south-eastern corner of the state, bordering the cities of Rigby and Rexburg. It has a population of just over 2,000 people and has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1885. The town itself is situated in a valley surrounded by rolling hills and farmland.

The majority of Menan’s population is made up of white non-Hispanic individuals, accounting for 93% of the total population. This is followed by Hispanic individuals at 5%, Asian individuals at 1%, African American individuals at 0.5%, Native American individuals at 0.3%, Pacific Islander individuals at 0.1% and other races making up the remaining 0.1%. The median age for residents is 33 years old with an average household size being 3 people per household.

The majority of Menan’s population are employed either full-time or part-time in various industries such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, retail trade and health care services. The median household income for Menan residents is $44,474 per year which is lower than both the Idaho state average ($54,904) as well as the U.S national average ($57,652). Most households in Menan are headed by married couples with children (62%), followed by non-family households (20%), married couples without children (13%) and single parent households (5%).

Menan also has a high school graduation rate higher than both the state and national averages with 92% of adults over 25 having completed high school or higher education compared to 86% statewide and 84% nationally respectively. Additionally, 8% of adults have obtained bachelor degrees or higher education compared to 16% statewide and 30% nationally respectively.

Menan is a small rural community that offers its residents plenty of opportunities to work as well as access to quality education despite lower-than-average incomes when compared to both state and national averages. It also boasts plenty of recreational activities such as golfing, fishing, skiing camping etc., making it an ideal place for those looking to escape from busy city life while still taking advantage of all that modern amenities have to offer.

Menan, Idaho

Schools and Education of Menan, Idaho

Menan, Idaho is home to two public schools for children in grades kindergarten through 12th grade. The Menan Elementary School is a K-6 school with a student enrollment of around 200 students. The school has a highly experienced and dedicated staff who strive to provide the best education possible for their students. The school offers a wide range of courses from basic math and English to foreign language classes such as Spanish and French. Additionally, the school has an active PTA that organizes various community activities such as potluck dinners, book clubs, movie nights and more.

The Menan High School is a 7-12 institution with an enrollment of around 300 students. The high school offers a variety of academic courses such as math, science, English and social studies as well as electives including art, music, drama and physical education. Throughout the year the high school also hosts many extracurricular activities such as sports teams, debate teams, drama productions and more for its students to participate in.

In addition to the two public schools in Menan there are also several private schools located nearby for those looking for an alternative educational option. The closest private schools include St John’s Catholic School which offers pre-kindergarten through 8th grade classes as well as St Joseph’s Private School which provides pre-kindergarten through 12th grade classes. All three schools offer small class sizes which allow for more individualized instruction resulting in higher academic performance among their students.

Menan also has two postsecondary institutions located nearby: North Idaho College (NIC) located in Coeur d’Alene and Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC) located in Lewiston are both within driving distance of Menan making it easy for residents to pursue higher education without having to leave the area or commute long distances. Both NIC and LCSC offer associate degrees in various fields such as business administration, engineering technology and nursing along with numerous bachelor degree programs including accounting, finance and computer science among others.

Menan provides quality education options ranging from elementary school all the way up to postsecondary institutions making it an ideal location for those looking to pursue higher learning without having to relocate far away from home or commute long distances each day.

Landmarks in Menan, Idaho

Menan, Idaho is home to a variety of landmarks that are worth exploring. One of the most iconic landmarks in Menan is the Menan Butte, which stands at 8,000 feet and provides stunning views of the surrounding area. The butte is a popular spot for hikers and sightseers alike, as it offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Snake River Valley and beyond. Another interesting landmark in Menan is the Snake River Overlook, which provides stunning views of the nearby river and its many rapids. The overlook also offers great opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife viewing. Additionally, there are several historic buildings in Menan such as the Old Town Hall and several churches from different denominations that have been around since the town was founded in 1883. Finally, one of Menan’s most beloved landmarks is its quaint downtown area with its many shops, restaurants, cafes, and other attractions that make it a great place to spend an afternoon or evening out with friends and family.