Men Blisters Themselves Most with Mobile Games

Games for your phone is pretty popular, and a study shows that there is a difference between how men and women behave around these.

There are equal numbers of men and women who play games on their smartphones, but how the two sexes behave when it comes to mobile games are a different matter, according to a study.

Harris Interactive has examined the differences, and they have arrived at three main points: men are more competitive than women, men would rather share their victories on social media than women, and men are more willing to pay for games than women.

The differences are not sky know, when 53 percent of men feel competitive about mobile games, where in women is 45 percent. The same proportion of men would brag about their achievements on the social media, while it is 43 percent of the women, who would hit a new high score up on Facebook.

However, it is interesting that both men and women agree that the free games are the most popular. 84 percent of women prefer the free games, even if they have to put up with advertisements, where 77 percent of the men in the study.