Medicine to Paint New Homeopathy for Children

Since I have children, I am intensively thinking about school and alternative medicine. Especially the latter works amazingly well in children-and the fact that “antibiotic” literally means “against life” encourages me additionally. A few months ago, I began to study the new homeopathy according to Körbler-a method that is easy to learn. A new book is now available : Medicine for painting IV-New homeopathy for children: Gentle healing and development support from the infant to the schoolchild.

Medicine to Paint New Homeopathy for Children

In itself one is not so-a vaccination here, an antibiotic, there a painkiller there. At least I have used this for years and blindly trusted the doctors (aka gods in white) – with the conclusion that I am resistant to almost every antibiotic and the doctors on mine-partly life-threatening!-medical “incidents” could only answer with shoulder twitches: “medical gray area”. According to Oxfordastronomy, school medicine is not categorical to demonize – by no means. But since I have the responsibility for my two children, I begin to question the whole system critically. In addition, I know the research area and know: what is researched for what is Knete-and which pharmaceutical company is already financing critical questions about its own products? Quasi shot into the knee.

Medicine to Paint New Homeopathy for Children 1

And here I have landed – as probably many mothers and fathers – with homeopathy. But it was always a bit too complicated for me. And then the “New Homeopathy” strolled into my life. And with my children – but not only! – has always worked wonderfully. They are probably not yet so potted and block this method by their inner doubter because it is all humbug. … it is not! It is also very easy to learn and also completely free of side effects.

I already have the books I ( medicine to paint on – Healing through information transmission and New Homeopathy/ practical experience with the Körbler’schen characters ) and II ( medicine to paint on II – symbolic worlds and new homeopathy. Extra: Work tools and test lists for beginners and users! ) Read and have asked me already, what this book to the children now bring new. But: It really makes sense and is almost like a free houseapotheke for parents. Read! Or better: Buy! Because there is always something to look up.

Medicine to Paint New Homeopathy for Children 2

Short supplement, because many commentators think that here by negligence children were brought around the corner:

  1. The new homeopathy is not to be equated with classical homeopathy, which unfortunately is only an unfortunate name-similarity.I would rather associate them with acupuncture.
  2. The book says clearly on page 4:”Please respect the limits of self-treatment and look for an experienced doctor or medical practitioner in case of illness. The proposed therapy proposals are not intended to replace the visit to the appropriate specialist, but to supplement it. “
  3. The book gives recommendations, eg forrelief from teething, infant colic, breastfeeding problems, sleep disorders in the baby; Fears, bedwetting in infants and concentration difficulties, learning problems, stress and conflicts in school children-all of them to my knowledge, not life threatening. In the case of serious diseases caused, for example, by bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, suggestions are suggested only as a supplement to medical treatment.

Medicine to Paint New Homeopathy for Children 3

Amendment 2: I accept and respect the opinion of each of you and have, therefore, released all incoming comments so far. I do not expect anyone to share my opinion, but I expect a minimum of respect and courtesy – but unfortunately, the comments in their choice of words use increasingly deeper drawers. Please think about your choice, otherwise I will be forced to disable the possibility of comments.