Manokotak, Alaska

According to watchtutorials, Manokotak, Alaska is a small village located in the Dillingham Census Area of the U.S. state of Alaska. It is situated on the north shore of Naknek Lake, which is part of the larger Bristol Bay watershed. The population was estimated at 517 people in 2020, making it one of the smallest villages in Alaska.

The community has a rich cultural history that dates back thousands of years when Yup’ik Eskimos and Alutiiq Aleuts first settled in the area to take advantage of its abundant salmon runs and other natural resources. The traditional subsistence lifestyle has been passed down through generations and continues to be practiced today.

According to ablogtophone, Manokotak is home to a variety of different cultures and languages, including English, Yup’ik, and Sugpiaq dialects. The village has its own school system which provides education from pre-school to high school level for local children.

The village boasts spectacular scenery with stunning views over Naknek Lake, as well as nearby mountains and forests that are teeming with wildlife such as brown bears, moose, caribou, wolves, beavers and many species of birds. There are also numerous fishing spots throughout Manokotak where visitors can cast their lines for salmon or halibut from boats or from shorelines.

Manokotak offers an array of recreational activities such as hiking trails around Naknek Lake as well as nearby rivers and creeks where visitors can explore nature or enjoy some fishing or hunting opportunities during summer months. During winter months snowmobiling is popular among locals and visitors alike who want to explore the vast snow-covered landscape around Manokotak.

The economy in Manokotak is largely based on subsistence activities such as hunting and fishing which provide food sources for locals year-round while also providing revenue through commercial sales to outside markets. Other sources of income include jobs related to tourism such as guiding services for outdoor activities as well as jobs related to transportation services like charter boat operations or air taxi services that bring people from outside areas into Manokotak for business or pleasure trips.

Manokotak is a vibrant community with strong ties to its traditional culture that continues to thrive despite its remote location in Alaska’s wilderness areas thanks to its diverse population that values sustainability above all else while still embracing modern conveniences like internet access and modern medical care facilities located nearby in Dillingham city center only 40 miles away by road or air travel options available year-round from Manokotak airport located just outside town limits.

Population: 399. Estimated population in July 2020: 400 (+0.3% change)
Males: 215 (53.9%), Females: 184 (46.1%)

Zip code: 99628

Median resident age: 21.9 years
Median household income: $26,875
Median house value: $62,500

Races in Manokotak:

  • American Indian (94.7%)
  • White Non-Hispanic (4.8%)

Ancestries: .

Land area: 36.4 square miles

Manokotak, Alaska



For population 25 years and over in Manokotak

  • High school or higher: 62.5%
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: 10.8%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 3.4%
  • Unemployed: 13.7%
  • Mean travel time to work: 7.3 minutes

For population 15 years and over in Manokotak city

  • Never married: 39.7%
  • Now married: 53.6%
  • Separated: 2.2%
  • Widowed: 1.5%
  • Divorced: 3.0%

0.0% Foreign born

Population change in the 1990s: +11 (+2.8%).


Hospitals/medical centers near Manokotak:



Airports certified for carrier operations nearest to Manokotak:

  • DILLINGHAM (about 39 miles; DILLINGHAM, AK; Abbreviation: DLG)
  • KING SALMON (about 169 miles; KING SALMON, AK; Abbreviation: AKN)
  • BETHEL (about 228 miles; BETHEL, AK; Abbreviation: BET)

Other public-use airports nearest to Manokotak:

  • MANOKOTAK (about 2 miles; MANOKOTAK, AK; Abbreviation: 17Z)
  • SHANNONS POND (about 35 miles; DILLINGHAM, AK; Abbreviation: 0Z3)
  • ALEKNAGIK /NEW/ (about 37 miles; ALEKNAGIK, AK; Abbreviation: 5A8)

Colleges and Universities

Colleges/universities with over 2000 students nearest to Manokotak:

  • UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA ANCHORAGE (about 658 miles; ANCHORAGE, AK; Full-time enrollment: 9,453)
  • UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS (about 876 miles; FAIRBANKS, AK; Full-time enrollment: 5,034)
  • BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY-HAWAII CAMPUS (about 2567 miles; LAIE, HI; Full-time enrollment: 2,273)
  • PENINSULA COLLEGE (about 2577 miles; PORT ANGELES, WA; Full-time enrollment: 2,374)
  • LEEWARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE (about 2583 miles; PEARL CITY, HI; Full-time enrollment: 3,511)
  • HONOLULU COMMUNITY COLLEGE (about 2589 miles; HONOLULU, HI; Full-time enrollment: 2,787)
  • HAWAII PACIFIC UNIVERSITY (about 2590 miles; HONOLULU, HI; Full-time enrollment: 6,186)

Public primary/middle school in Manokotak:

  • MANOKOTAK SCHOOL (Students: 130; Location: PO BOX 30; Grades: KG – 12)