Male Grain Sunglasses:Tips and Models for Your Face

Male Grain Sunglasses:Tips and Models for Your Face

And now, how do you choose the ideal men’s grade eyewear frame? Of necessity for modern accessory, the degree goggles is no longer indicated only for men who have some vision problem to be inserted in the style of young people who just want a nice frame to match the look and leave it more alternative.

Male Grain Sunglasses:Tips and Models for Your Face

But on the other hand, we can not fail to point out the fact that many people really need glasses to see. So, it’s important to choose a cool model to end this problem and get the coolest style . Next, look at male grade glasses frame tips and how to choose the right model for your face!

It was the time when wearing glasses degree was associated only with nerds and intellectuals boys. Nowadays, it has become a style and synonym of cool, falling in thanks even of men who do not have vision problems.

Tips for Choosing the Right Frame

The first thing when choosing the ideal men’s grade glasses frame is to consider the face shape, to function as a complement and to leave everything more balanced without causing no strangeness.

Since degree goggles need to be a complement to your style, it is ideal that you try out various models and choose a comfortable fit and fit to the face. No one deserves glasses too tight or falling.

Round face

For round-shaped faces, glasses with thick rods and square or rectangular-shaped lenses are indicated to disguise the chin and forehead and soften the contour of the face.Bet on thin models and lighter color and gradient colors that camouflage the volume above and below the line of the glasses line.

Square face

If you have a square face, betting on frames of the same type is a mistake.The ideal in this case is to choose glasses with rounded, oval-shaped lenses in light colors to enlarge the eye area and sharpen the face.

Triangular face

As this face is longer and flatter, with a broad forehead and a thin chin, narrow, square frames fit well to make everything balanced.Avoid very large glasses to not cover the apple of the face.

Oval face

The oval face is very versatile, so guys do not have much secrecy when it comes to choosing the perfect men’s grade eyewear frame.The types of round shape are very good, but it is worth trying the others to see if it fits well.The colors can also be varied, matching according to the skin tone.

Those who have an oval face need only be careful not to choose very small glasses, since they can leave the face very big. Prefer the most prominent models.

Rectangular face

The rectangular face is long, so ask for more decorated stems in more contrasting colors, with a frame that accentuates the width more than the height of the face.

Heart face

In the case of the heart face, it is necessary to bet on the ‘middle ground’, that is, no glasses with square or round lenses too.A frame of the same width or a little narrower than the forehead, with lower stems, is good.

Another nice tip before buying this accessory is to know that lighter and thinner frames are more comfortable and adjusted to the face. You can use them and sometimes even realize that you are using them. The large frames, although they are more detachable, are heavier and need to be dimensioned in the face not to be very loose.

As for the material, it is good to choose some type of metal, titanium, plastic and components based on nylon or zylonite – the popular zyl – which is quite light and flexible.

Always prefer to buy your frame from male grade glasses in a specialized lens. Shopper models or some online stores are cheaper, but almost always made of nickel – which can cause allergy – or aluminum, little tough and durable.

Models of frames of men’s degree glasses


The aviator model, also known as sportsman, is a classic, inspired by the war pilots of the 1930s. It gives an interesting contrast to a dashing air in a more traditional style.


Also known as wayfarer, the classic became popular in the 50’s and 60’s through several celebrities, both with dark lenses and with degree.Nowadays, he has come back to be one of the young people’s darlings, in the ‘clear lenses’ style to make the look more geek and modern.


The frame of square male degree glasses is that of executive type, always compared to a more serious, discreet and mysterious visual.It is quite versatile and should not be used only in everyday activities, but on several occasions.For those who are more alternative and want to draw attention, the square is not indicated.

So, did you like the tips? Do not forget in addition to going to a good optics to choose the frame of men’s glasses ideal for your style following SunglassesWill, visit your ophthalmologist frequently. No more, it’s alright! (I.e.

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